SUNY Buffalo MBA

Guys, New user here, any info regarding SUNY Buffalo MBA, ranking aint that good, but regional reputition is not bad either. Any info regarding placements and all.


New user here, any info regarding SUNY Buffalo MBA, ranking aint that good, but regional reputition is not bad either.

Any info regarding placements and all.

There is a prof called Dr.Arun Jain who is a kingkong in the field of marketing. Perhaps you can see how he is related (in terms of invovlement) in the Bschool.

Apart from that I would be really concerned on the ROI part i.e. getting a job in the US more than anything else.


I have ad admit to the SUNY Buffalo MBA for fall 08. But i am planning to defer it to next year.
SUNY Buffalo Pros n Cons
Pros :
1.Extrremely cheap. the overall tuition for 2 yrs comes to less than 28k new york state.
3.hence job huntin( especially for finance) is not that difficult. atleast the companies are there.
4.small town. i have hrd from a former student that living there is a pleasure
Cons :
1.Placement Record is not grreat AT ALL. the average salary for a 06 passout is just about 60k. so even though ROI is not abyssmal, still 60k after an MBA is not worth it.
2.its not a highly ranked school at all. in the present US economy scenario, its better to have an mba done from a univ which ppl know and appreciate, than to join some mba school in one corner of new york state. philosophy: we will do our mba only once in our lifetime( cos most Bschools wont allow u to do it a second time 😃 ).. hence i wld rather wait for a year, and try my luck again at better schools.

Hope i answered some of ur questions..


I want to pursue MBA in fall 2011 with specialization in operations/supply chain.

My profile 600/3+/103.

Please recommend me decent B school in this field in a good industrial/corporate hub.

How about Suny bufflo or syracuse? Which one is better in this regards?

anubody home??

I have applied for UB SOM's Full Time MBA fall 2011. Anyone else who applied for this school. Any alumni out here who can shed some light on the reputation of this school.

I am applying in a few days. Have you got a call from them?

which other unis. are your targeting?

If you dont mind, can u share your profile?

I have heard its a decent school . an hr and a half flight to NY..famous for finance I guess and relatively cheap as well...Even I have been trying to get in touch with some alumni..

Here goes my profile

GMAT 660/5.0
will have 3 yrs of workex by the time i join the school.
Good extra curriculars.

Have submitted my application in the first round and the application is under admission committee review.

Did you interact with any of the alumni from this school?

ok. yes I have a word with a current student. Even he suggested me finance is good and overall ROI is good. I shd apply to 5 to 6 other schools as wel and then weigh ur options.

Did you get an interview call ?

Hi ashrutthapar,

I had my interview yesterday. Interview was ok ok kind. Hoping for the best.
I have applied to Broad, Maryland, UIUC till now. How about you? whats your profile and which other universities did you apply for?


Hi ritesh,

All the best for the decisions. What questions did they ask?

My profile is 600/3 yrs/103. I am working as a plant head in manufacturing in automotive industry.

I have applied to katz, northeastern, Syracuse till now. I have send my CV and score to Broad as these guys are coming to india for interviews. Yet to hear from them 😞 ... Have you given your intv. for Broad?
Also, I am planning for thunderbird, bufflo and maybe Connecticut & UT dallas.

What are your reviews on the last 4 schools i have mentioned?


Hi Ashrut,

Though i didnt do that great in the interview,the question were the routine ones.
why mba? why at UB?
What are your plans after completing the MBA?
how do you perform in a team?

I have applied to Maryland - R1 - Yet to hear from them
Broad - R1 - No response from them till date
UC-Davis - No response from them
Buffalo - Done with the interview

Me too planning to apply for few other. But confused at this point. Thunderbird is a oneyear program.. Not sure about its reputation. I havent heard abt the rest.

You got some communication from Broad after submitting the application?

Thanks and Regards,

HEy there,

Following is my profile

BE from prestigious university, upto 5 years work ex till next Fall and GMAT 690/6.0 TOEFL 111. Have work ex in sales, and IT consulting as well as academic consulting.

Sent my UBuffalo MBA application two days back.

@Ashrut: guess I met you on the UT Dallas thread. Lets ask new posters on this thread which colleges they have applied and rope them in to discuss about those colleges which are common amongst us.
@ Ritish: Good profile whats your take on my chance at UIUC with my profile?


Seems like i got an Admit from UB SOM. My first admit

Though i didnt get any official mail from the school, my online application status shows accepted/admitted.

Anyone else whoz on board?


@mba.manish Manish, from what ever i have seen and read You have good chances of making it to UIUC. Even i have applied to that. Keeping my fingers crossed.

hey guys,

I got a reject from broad. i guess gmat was the major constraint..somwhere around 700 would be a good shot..

and congratulations ritish on UB. I think you got your result in 2 days...pretty quick...

@ritish, i am submitting my application this week at UB but they are asking me to mail them my transcripts from the college, which I dont have right now. What all documents had you send during your application?

@manish, yes you stand a good chance at UIUC.

what about case western and william and mary? Are they better schools than the schools I had already applied to?



Sorry to hear that you got a reject from Broad. When did you apply and when did you get the decision from them? Even i applied for Broad but haven't got any communication from them.

Regarding the documents i just mailed them my transcripts. Rest of the documents can be scanned and sent via mail.

Not sure about the other two dude 😃 Did you hear from any other univs..?

Hi All,
Can anyone evaluate my profile & let me know whether it would be worth applying to SUNY Buffalo for the Fall2011? What are my chances of getting an admit?
Below is my profile :
Gmat : 570 , AWA - 5
Toefl - 87
Work Exp : 4.3 yrs by the time I start for my MBA
Acads : Good
Extracurricula : V Good