Summer cometh to IIMC!!!

Hi everyone, It’s Summer at IIM Calcutta, in the midst of a Kolkata autumn! Yup, u all know what I am talking abt, Summer Placements :: And, it’s been a blazing summer so far… We have just had three days over, and wat a 3 days, it’s been. …

Hi everyone,
It's Summer at IIM Calcutta, in the midst of a Kolkata autumn! Yup, u all know what I am talking abt, Summer Placements And, it's been a blazing summer so far...
We have just had three days over, and wat a 3 days, it's been. :crazyeye:

Day One: I-Banks only plzzz.... This is when the Investment Banks come down, the dream of every B-school student. This time we had nearly ten, with some new ones. The regular big shots were here..Lehman, DB, HSBC, J P Morgan Chase, J M Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, ... along with newbies like International Finance Corporation, Bank Am and many more. Lotsa guys placed, and with whopping stipends which run into the lakhs.Lyndon is one of those with a spot in Lehman. :oha: Urs truely managed a shortlist there, but got booted in the first round!!

Day Two : We had the big Indian banks like ICICI, StanC,ABN Amro, HSBC and so on along with FMCG giants P & G and HLL, as well as Int'l firms like Olam, IBM, HP, Accenture, Hewitt et al. in the fray Also TAS and GSK. In the end, there were jobs galore, for about 70 ppl and abt 110 offers!! Urs truely managed to get offers from IBM, ICICI and P & G. Finally accepted P & G. Bharath turns out to be an arch-rival in HLL!! :argue:

Day Three: The BIG slot! 21 co.s coming down. Marketing, Finance, Consults, HR..and wat not. Some of the prominent ones being DRL, Ranbaxy, ITC, Wipro, CTS, J & J, Merill Lynch, Coke, Pepsi...and so on.
Again large numbers placed, and we crossed the half way mark in terms of the batch.

Coming soon: Today, National Kidney Foundation., Singapore is on campus. In this week we have another 8-10 companies trickling in while on Nov 23, the next real round begins, with another 20 companies coming in! :wow:

The last few days have been hectic!!! First appearing for the companies and then working as a volunteer over the next day. Not to mention the bumps received for getting placed.

Will keep u posted on whatz happening here. By the next weekend we should have finished up almost all of the placement process. It pays to be in an IIM, look at the list of co.s coming down. And then, the prople who take the interviews, my P & G interview was with a Country Head! Bharath must have been talking to the Number 2 of Retailing in HLL! The list goes on .....

Here's wishing for more summer days!! :smilecol:


congrats ajay! it definitely pays to be in an IIM..


congrats ajay..... big time cracking... 3 offers on a platter.. that is sthg...
hope u get PPOs from all 3 too..:-)

i can say this is one hell of a inspiration stuff for an aspirant like me

smart_brain Says
sooo many comapnies >

you dint know that ??

Inspiration It definitley Is! By the Way Ajay what was the criteria used for shortlisting candidates and then subsequently the summer placements? did ppl with work exp have an edge? were ur first semester grades used? anyway congrats on getting three offers...Rakesh what abt placements at IIM-A??

summers have not started here..... actually 2morrow they start... will let u know the details after this weekend...

Hi everyone,
Hope you guys had a great CAT! 😃 Sorry that i cudn't post a All the Best :thumbsup: message, slot 4 of the Summer Placements were going on. I was in the Infra team of placements , so was a tiring (but satisfying) full day job!
Anyways, at the end of slot 4, which was this Friday, our count is about 195 placed, with close to 50 companies having come. We are following a semi-rolling system in the next week since the Institute is strict abt not disturbing classes! On Monday we are having another 6-8 co.s coming, including 3 int'l ones. Nokia, Philips, Reebok and the RBI are some of the other co.s coming on this day.

So, now it's the home stretch here and we should have things wrapped up with the fifth slot. :wink:

It is often asked why IIM C doesn't do the "rush hour: approach to summers? For one, we like to have the best companies coming down and they often have scheduling problems. Quality of summers, not their quantity or speed is the watchward! Despite nearly 200 getting placed, we still have Int'l companies coming down( ie, MNCs without Indian subsidiaries) even now. That is the quality we are targeting and getting. Secondly, the institute's PGP regulations do no allow for suspension of class even for placement. The faculty believe that placements are a part of the curriculum and not the other way round! For better or worse, that is adhered to.

A closing comment to this report from IIM C, we DO NOT consider anything other than I-banks as Slot Zero placements! By that count we only consider Lehman, Deutsche, JP Morgan Chase, IFC, HSBC - London, Principal Assets etc as Slot Zero - which are at 16 so far. We are expecting 2-3 more foreign placers to come down, including one which is gonna pay $1500 a month in India!! :crazyeye: We also had NKF, Singapore , P & G (Int'l) and Olam which together made some 12 offers, which are counted among Slot One! Else, urs truely, who is in P & G would also be a Slot Zero denizen! :sly:

Thatz it for now junta. Tell us how CAT went. Gautam Duggad , who occasionally appears on PG, got placed in Aviva! 😛 😁 Take care guys. BBye.


dude, the slotting is the same across the iims a, b and c
so i dunno why ure harping on nkf,p&g; and olam being slot 1
they are slot 1 in all three


lets not get confused between international and slot 1 placements

for the aam junta (including me)
slot 0 placements need not be international(tho they generally are)
e.g IFC( financing arm of world bank) will place the interns picked from IIMA and IIMC at delhi ..but it still came in slot 0 along with Lehman Brothers and other I-banks

and as kunal and ajay have pointed,
olam,p&g; and nkfs are companies which come beyond slot 0 n yet post interns abroad
incidentally,kunal, nkfs is a slot 4 company at IIMC while other 2 are slot 1


hi all,
Just to emphasis on what Lyndon was saying. Here at IIM C, we generally call Investment Bank slot as Slot Zero.
Slot One includes the top Indian banks and top FMCGs. And even though companies like P & G and Olam do give placements abroad, we do not call them as "Slot Zero" by any stretch of the imagination. The same is the case with NKF, which comes down in Slot Four.

So, in short, when IIM C talks about its slot zero placements we only refer to the I-banks which placed 15 people this time. The others P & G, Olam et al placed another 8 people. So, thatz a total of atleast 23 in that sense. 😃

Latest news is that we have placed 200 people(over 250 offers) with just 63 companies. Due to our staggered system of placements and the end terms of the seniors, we will not be having more consolidated slots.

Anyways, we should be finished in another two weeks of companies dribbling in, as the intake per company has gone up in the recent days. Thatz abt it for now.Tk care and have fun.


Just to wind this up, I am posting a copy of our Summer Placement report.

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta closed its summer placement program on the 28th of January after successfully placing the entire batch. As in the past many years, IIM Calcutta has the largest batch of students across all business schools in the country and placing all of them successfully reinforces the strong recruiter perception that IIM Calcutta has traditionally enjoyed.

Some facts and figures about Summers 2004:

1st year batch: 250 students

A total of 93 firms participated in the process and made a total of 290 offers.

A total of 20 foreign offers were made.

These included firms that have usually recruited from campus such as ABN Amro, Accenture, American Express, Anand Bazaar Patrika, Asian Paints, Ashok Leyland, AV Birla Group, Bharat Petroleum, Bank of America, Cadbury, Castrol, Citibank, Coca Cola, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Covansys, Credit Capital Research, CRISIL, Deutsche Bank, Dr. Reddys, Direm, DSP Merrill Lynch, Exide, Gillette, Glaxo SmithKline, GVFL, HSBC (Investment and Commercial Banking), H&R; Johnson, IBM, ICICI, Infosys, ITC, Indian Oil, JM Morgan Stanley, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Kotak, Lafarge, Lehman Brothers, Madura Coats, Marico, Murugappa Group, National Kidney Foundation (Singapore), Nokia, Olam International, Patni, Pepsico, Philips, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Procter & Gamble, Ranbaxy, Reckitt Benckiser, Satyam, Sify, Standard Chartered, TAS, TATA Motors, Tata Consultancy Services, Unilever, UTI Bank, Wipro, WeP, and Wockhardt, Zee Turner among others.

A number of new firms participated as well. To name a few: Action Aid, Agrotech, Aviva, C&K; Management, Dabur, Darashaw, Edelweiss Capital, Eicher GoodEarth, Escorts Mutual Fund, EXL Services, Fritolay, Hewlett Packard, ICICI Prudential, International Finance Corporation (of the World Bank Group), ING Vyasa Bank , ISRO, Jubilant Organosys, Principal Asset Management, Prodex Technologies, Progeon, Reliance Mutual Funds, State Bank of India, SBI Capital Markets, Skytech, TATA AIG, TATA Elxsi, Verve Consultancy and Whirlpool

The sectoral break-up of summer internships is as follows:
oFinance: 34%
oFMCG: 17%
oIT and ITES: 17%
oOperations and SCM: 12%
oConsulting: 6%

Insurance firms and NGOs that made their first foray into campus recruitment last year were back this year as well, suggesting that their participation last year was not an one-off but an indication of changing market trends. Sectors, which made strong comebacks after having a relatively quiet couple of years, included Investment Banking, Automobile, IT Consulting and Manufacturing.

Particularly noteworthy is the participation of global investment banks that saw a significant increase over last year with the return of JP Morgan Chase and the first foray of International Finance Corporation into recruiting at IIM Calcutta. This was in addition to Deutsche Bank, HSBC and Lehman Brothers who have been regulars at IIM Calcutta over the last few years. This not only reinforces IIM Calcuttas presence in high-end global recruitment but also augurs well for the forthcoming permanent placement in March 2004.

Looking forward, as we enter the home stretch for Permanent Placements 2004, our performance in summers and the upturn in the economy gives us a sense of quiet optimism about what we might expect. The summer internship programme 2004 reiterated for us our traditionally strong recruitment perception and therefore our ability to attract the best jobs in the market. Strong recruiter perception is not only a function of the fact that IIMC remains a leader a management education but also a result of our extensive alumni network and broad based industry participation n our curricular programmes. Firms like HLL, PwC, and Wipro conduct courses that are a part of the PGP programme. Many others like Asian Paints, Citibank, Nestle, CRISIL and Deutsche Bank conduct workshops or talks in areas like LSCM, Risk Analysis and the like. This is yet another feature of IIMCs curriculum which makes it a favorite with recruiters.

Prof. Mritiunjoy Mohanty
Placements Committee
Indian Institute of Management Calcutta

The Final Placement season starts on March 13th and should be over by the fourth slot of companies despite a batch size of 250. There have been about 60 lateral offers (for abt 35 eligible students) and more than 25 PPOs, so far. So, it promises to be one hell of a ride, especially with the job market looking brighter and a bunch of new recruiters queueing up and vying for IIM Cians.
Stay tuned!! 😃