Suggestions to Improve Mahips' visual guide to the Forum

great work, dude!!! :: just a suggestion …somehow this thread shud be added to ‘new to PG’ or maybe even Homepage … wud be perfectly placed…

great work, dude!!!!

just a suggestion ....somehow this thread shud be added to 'new to PG' or maybe even Homepage ....
wud be perfectly placed...

Great work Mahip. You rock. I have placed a link to this thread in my signature 'Mahip's visual help guide'


Fantastic work Mahip....Learnt quite a few things that I didnt know despite being a Hardore Pagal

Good work there. Sorry for the groan but the huge images (400KB) in each post are not warranted. A better way would have been to make a Flash movie and post the link to it on the homepage. Ping the multimedia developers at headquarters and ask them to do the same.

fantabulous job mahip !!!!!! really good .... kudos ... even I ll add a link to the thread in my signature ...

aap bade kamaal ke ho mahip bhai.....

great work Mahip green mod

Awesome work Mahip Bhai ...
Mahip for permanent Mod ...
Plz bum him up to the Blue MOD

P.S - dude .. serious so u actually work at *** ????
So much time .. and so much service ...
tussi great ho ....

Great Job Mahip. This thread gives a snapshot of all the gyaan in numerous Noobie threads.


after seeing the great work done by mahip bhai,his name can be expanded as
Making Awesome and Heartening posts in Interest of Pagalguys

Wonderful stuff, Mahipji :)


Amazing job , mahipji ... great to see you helping out everyone around .. keep up the goodjob regards shailesh P.S I have already recd a signature rule violation warning ,still would like to go ahead and add this to my signature

Mahip... Awesome...

Ab ek baat maan (nahi do)

1. thread lock kar de. Nahi toh hamare jaise aur bhi ayenge...
2. thread ka naam change kar de... Pictoral Guide to ya aisa kuch.


1. thread lock kar de. Nahi toh hamare jaise aur bhi ayenge...

Not locking it now.. Will add some more screens soon.

Will then get it renamed. Also will Lock it and make it Sticky

Great Piece of work Mahip :thumbsup:
Once you are done with all of it, we can prolly look at integrating this more closely with forum structure and new user induction(for lack of a better word). :)


Brilliant Job Mahip!!!

Kya SOP (Statement of Operating Procedure in BPO lingo!) banaya hai..!!


Mahip .. setting new standards

awesome dude .. rock on .... hope to see all these useless posts like mine deleted and this thread locked and made a sticky :)



Mahip Says

Mind showing an example of each mode?


Really good initiative