Suffering from Writer's Cramp

Hi friends, I am here at the doorsteps of this forum in the hope of finding some answers to some questions that I have. Friends, I wish to purse an MBA degree. Currently I am working as a software engineer with an experience of 2+ years. I have …

Hi friends, I am here at the doorsteps of this forum in the hope of finding some answers to some questions that I have. Friends, I wish to purse an MBA degree. Currently I am working as a software engineer with an experience of 2+ years.
I have a medical condition - writer's cramp or focal dystonia. This is an inability to write or to hold a pen. I am suffering from this since past 5 years. I got this in my engineering days and henceforth it became extremely difficult for me to study due to this inability to write. Now I wish to pursue an MBA to take my career to the next level but since i am unable to write/hold a pen, I am confused as to how do i study or get further education.
1) As I find it difficult to write, in examinations it would be difficult to score and even to complete the paper in the specified time.
2) In the event of failing the above i would be putting a lot more things at jeopardy - as further education would require quitting current job, financial planning etc.

What i seek is could anyone let me know if anyone knows or has some idea or information about MBA colleges in India or abroad who would consider this condition of mine and provide me with any writing assistance so I do not loose or fall back at the time of examinations. Also would there be any sort of writing assistance provided in lecture halls. Any sort of help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you for reading through..

@abhimukh19 @visionIIM-ACL @grondmaster @pagalguy @anshul_mechie @manish_harodia @spectramind07 @ravihanda .. One of these guys can answer you better!!

Good Luck! :)

Thank You do i drop them a personal mesage?

@laj any idea?
@mba1402 dude these are some of the best minds and some of the nicest people around , they surely wont mind talking to you about it.. you can PM them if you wish to :)
@pagalguy Will find out in half an hour

If there is a medical contingency, like in your case, then there are options available, you can check - they are university & institute specific.

In written exams, you can get a writer the same way a differently abled person can.
In online exams where extensive usage of mouse and keyboard is required, I believe there are options to allow use of special devices suitable to your needs which at the same time do not give you an added advantage over general candidates.

As far as lectures go, all schools now allow using laptops in class, and if you get permission you can also use audio recorders to note points.

Of course, this is all dependent on your getting a medical certificate from a recognised government hospital stating your condition in detail - this is because India being a bureaucratic country, such notifications are mandatory.

@mba1402 Moreover, there is a different cut off for differently-able aspirants. I had a student couple of years who had partial blindness due to high sugar level in his body. He managed around 90 percentile and was invited by BLACKI. Converted all of them and is now at IIM Ahmedabad. So, hope is not lost. You may want to check the cut off for the colleges. These is generally a relaxation here. Moreover, many companies, also allow special privilege for students/employees who have had some misfortune but are willing to put in the extra mile. When I was with HSBC, way back in 2008, we infact hired a person for the post of telephone operator at the corporate office who was totally blind. Imagine, transferring calls, connecting to the right desk et al seamlessly would have been a challenge. But, when taken sportingly and in the right spirit, I am sure you can overcome the situation. Wish you luck. Feel free to write in for any issues.
@manish_harodia I'm not sure if @mba1402 qualifies for the differently-abled quotas, and may have to apply in general category. If he does, well and good.

For that matter, we can
even look at @rajat_nda for inspiration. This guy is the king - just look him up on PG, I'm not saying anything more.
@mba1402 Hi. Have sent your query to a couple of different institutes. The initial talks with them suggest that there is no one rule in such situations and it is always a case-to-case probability. Some disabilities are critical in theory but the candidate is quite adept, sometimes vice-versa. Once replies come in, will let you know. Till then, no harm in starting the process.
@manish_harodia .. thank you for writing back. I think i would not fall under the category you are referring to. I was going through some posts over the internet about some guy who after an accident lost his fingers and was applying for the category but he was declined. In my case my hand and fingers are perfectly functional but i am just not able to write. Do you think this would be considered as differently-able?
@laj thank you so so much friend.. thanks a lot. I also tried inquiring in few Indian colleges but all efforts in vain. As for my case they would have to tweak their examination laws and rules so it would be somewhat not possible for them to allow any sort of help or writing aid. Do you have any info about any government or other colleges who would consider my case

@grondmaster : Thanks for the kind words :)... 'm coming back after a long time...

@mba1402 : Nothing is lost buddy, and you can still do wonders and aim for higher education...

[Quick background: Army-lost right shoulder-left the 'olive greens'-started writing with left-CAT/GMAT-IIMA 2007-09]

-For the exams- I'm not sure if assistance is allowed for most of the key written MBA exams but let's talk about this (will pm you my number separately)- how about trying to write with the other hand? It's not easy for sure, but just a food for thought; Life goes on !

-For the classes- Instructors are typically understanding from this aspect. At A, I used to scribble my notes with left hand, and was also allowed to use a laptop to take notes as required. Nowadays I'm sure they allow Galaxy Notes and the likes (which are significantly smaller and less of a distraction to the class ). I'm not sure if Audio recording is allowed in all B schools, as you're then dealing with IP issues. Nevertheless, I'm sure arrangements can be made when it comes to that; so it shouldn't be a deterrent.

Wish you ATB and do call me if you want to discuss !

@rajat_nda hats off ...... you are a true inspiration. I would love to get in touch with you, thank you so much for sharing your contact details with me. I did try start writing up with my left hand, but i was told by the doctor- the numerological department head my case was referred to - that this is something controlled by the nervous system - nuero disease - so it would eventually end up in my left hand, so i quit that. But i think i can definitely give it a try again- as i did quit because i lacked the determination.
@rajat_nda hello i am not able to see my messages on pagalguy could you please email me your contact no. on Thank you so much :)

@mba1402 -hey , did you get any luck with your dreams.i am suffering from same terrible disorder. can fellow puys come to rescue and pour-in their suggestions. with almost all govt exams also having subjective exams pattern in their tier-2, is there any hope?

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