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Do the books - RBI Grade B Phase 1 Online Exam Solved Papers and RBI Grade B Phase 2 Online Exam Practice Workbook of Kiran Prakasan include the previous year question papers of ten years till date ?

Which are the most important topics among Close Test, Error Spotting, Phrase Replacement, Fill in the blanks, Common Errors, Inappropriate usage of words, Rearrangement of words in a sentence, Rearrangement of sentence in a paragraph, Sentence Reconstruction, Spelling Mistakes, Vocabulary based questions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Odd man out, Analogies, Phrasal Verbs, Sentence Completion, Paragraph Jumbles, Sentence Correction, Fact, Inference, Judgement, Critical Reasoning, Syllogisms, Verbal Reasoning based on Binary Logic, Logical Deductions for the preparation of English paper of phase 1 of RBI Grade B Exam ?

Which are the most important topics among Line Graphs, Mixed Graphs, Caselets, Radar/Web, Tables, Bar charts, Pie Charts, X-Y Charts for the preparation of Data Interpretation section included in the Quantitative Aptitude paper of phase 1 of RBI Grade B Exam?

Sir if possible plz provide mcq based on economic survey

Jaaib / Caiib which one to be prefer for numericals?

Can anybody send the pics of the content of these respective books of Kiran Prakasan - 1. RBI Grade B Officer Online Exam Phase 2 ( Including solved previous year question papers ) 2. RBI Grade B Officer Online Exam Phase 1 ( Including solved previous year question papers )

What type of preparations is required for rbi grade b can anybody suggest this to me

Rbi's move to ban lou was it a wise decision wat shud b done to alleviate its affect on import traders

sir if i buy your course now will it be valid till grade b exam 2019 and can i watch the videos on different devices?

Any insider info about notification?

Can anyone share prelims question paper of RBI GR-B DEPR economics?


Which IGNOU books to refer for economics ? Plz help
Is it necessary to read both IGNOU books and Ramesh Singh for economics?

Plain Vanilla Forward rate aggrements and Plain vanilla interest rate swap are a part of RBI Grade B syllabus or Not

Sir plz provide eco survey mcq PDF

please provide the link of Eco Survey pdf [Anuj Jindal sir]

When will the notification come out sir??? Will they give atleast 45 days like last year or just randomly take it out anytime?

 does anyone has theory notes for esi and ard either in the form of pdf or ppt, please give the link in the comments. 

 Hi...I have planned not to take the RBI Grade B exam this year, and will sell my oliveboard Grade B entire subscription for Phase 1 & 2 (mock test + section test + learning material) for Rs 1200 flat. Please PM me, if interested to buy.  

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