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MSC Professional accounting (CPA) from australia holds value in India equally? 

Will I be eligible to work as a CA in India after this degree?

i need to know if i can do phd from USA ,i have done MA and PGDMM , completed in 2006 and my age is 43 .

Hi i am planning for mba in czech republic .Any reviews?


Hi All,

I am completely new to this group and new to this domain(MS) as well. Currently, I am working in Bank Of America as Senior Software Engineer with 4 years of work experience. I would like to pursue masters either exec MBA in India or MS in the USA. I am utterly confused because of the following 2 reason.

1) For Exec MBA, I can carry on with my job and complete masters which is good from job security perspective.

2) For MS, I have to leave job and go abraod. The risk factor is there and I am not sure about the job scenario in US.

So, can you guys please help me in deciding if the second option is worth taking the risk of leaving a good job with moderate package and what about the job scenario in the USA?

Thanks in Advance,


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