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Established in 1898 the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (Igor Sikorsky KPI) – is one of the oldest technical university of Ukraine, Europe and world.  At present, Igor Sikorsky KPI is a national autonomous state higher education institution of research type

•Igor Sikorsky KPI educates students in different areas of economics and social sphere, 118 specialties in general. •Igor Sikorsky KPI trains candidates (Ph.D.) and doctors (D.Sc.) in priority areas of: Energy, Engineering, Information Technology, Information Security, Electronics, Telecommunications, Space Systems, Chemical Technology, and Biotechnology. •The training process is carried out by experienced teachers and well-known NASU scientists. •Igor Sikorsky KPI comprised 19 faculties, 10 institutes, 152 departments. •More than 21 000 students, are training in the Igor Sikorsky KPI. •260 thousands of graduates were trained over its history of 117 years.

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