Student-Teacher relationship in the changing scenario

The close interactions on one to one basis which were the base of teaching in Gurukuls have gradually reduced to E-Communication making, the gulf of communication wider and wider between the two very important sections of society, teachers and stu…

The close interactions on one to one basis which were the base of teaching in Gurukuls have gradually reduced to E-Communication making, the gulf of communication wider and wider between the two very important sections of society, teachers and students. This new scenario requires handling large number of students increasing teacher-student ratio to almost 40-60 at a time. This creates smaller group coming closer and larger groups of students becoming distinct to teachers there is a need to upside down the pyramid. The pyramid where the very good student who are few in number should be less favorites in the larger base number should be given more attention & importance for better relationships. This is also necessary since education is becoming commercialized and all students good or bad need to be turned into socially& economically accepted in society. It was stressed that there should be an attitudinal change both in teachers & student more time should be devoted to interactive sessions should be additional to syllabus so that there is better communication & lifetime relationship between student and teacher.

All the faculty members should have pre-notified office hours in which students could meet them on any academic or other issues. No dragging should be done on any account for giving grading. There should be fixed time so that students feel that there is no favoritism or discrimination in the minds of faculties.

Earlier the education was canning & learning today teachers should be mentors & learn from the students also, so that trust and understanding with students is developed.
Teachers are treated as monsters in the classrooms because they are all the time ordering, checking & discipling this creates distance & distrust. Teachers should be friendly but should not cross a line of respect they need to command. Building trust & becoming a role model should be the objective respect, trust & instructions should allow student scope to grow so that a positive relationship can be built, student should be given proper space and should not be bound by high level commands & instructions. A psychological study of each student to develop communication with them is necessary. Love is the base of respect in the changing scenario. We should try to bridge the communication gap by showing more love, trust & understanding for gaining their confidence & respect.

The biggest change in the present teachers when compared with past is that the passion is missing. Earlier for doing a job and deriving its results teachers worked with passion towards their profession but now it is commercial. Economic factor has over powered the respect part in teaching. This could be due to increasing ratio of teachers to students. There is a urgent need of changing the attitude of both the sides & balancing to be done for better relations. The major principles to be kept in this profession are Impress, Influence & Inform. Impress by body language & dress, Influence by nature & attitude. Inform by knowledge. A good teacher should be a blend of friend, philosopher & guide. This profession should not be taken as fun.70% of the relationship depends on seriousness of the teacher. He/ She should maintain there distance but should maintain a relationship of trust & friendliness.

In past Gurus were guides & highly respected. The Joint Family System taught students to show respect to elders & Gurus. These days parents have no time for interacting with their children. So they look for their own colleagues & teachers for sharing & guidance. This makes a teacher job highly responsible. Teachers are not able to maintain one to one relationship because of large number in classes. This brings in relationship problems. The scenario is changing constantly & the knowledge economy is expanding everyday. Teachers cannot provide the total knowledge they have to act as facilitators &guides.; They should allow free hand to the students to pick and choose the information they desire. It is necessary for a teacher to look into the total development of students built his character & not only concentrate on academic curriculum. The relation should be like parent- child relationship..

We should not judge the student by their Intelligent Quotient (IQ) since hardly 10% of the student come under this category the balance 90% are average student who need to be judged by their Emotional Quotient (EQ) as they have different backgrounds & scope of growth because of social system & family background , opportunities in their earlier lives. Education has totally commercialized each student has to be treated as a commodity which needs to be polished & made saleable in the market for becoming our Brand Identity. The commercialization of education has also led to the factor that it is quantity of student which an institute can train for acceptance in the market rather than a small number of highly qualified people. This needs greater responsibility foe teachers to develop relationship with larger no. of student than concertrating on limited students taking interest in studies.

Teacher-student relationship has acquired a very volatile turn in changing scenario, which requires constant vigil surveillance & human touch since this is a human based science.

Mrs. Nirmal Bhatnagar
Dean - Mass Communication

teachers play an important part in every students life. with the changing scenario, it is important that teachers identify the emotional needs of students and help them to groom their talents. a teacher can bring significant change to a student's personality.

Thanx for posting the resourceful content. Keep on posting the same.

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roshanivahora Says
Nice describe about of student and teacher relationship is change scenerio of teaching world.

Dear Roshani

There can be change in student techer relationship, teaching methods, teachers, teaching aid but one thing which cant be changed is Teaching World. Teaching World is a world of dedication, sincerity, passion, commitment and intellect to shape the future minds. Call it was in 1980s call it is in 2011 call it will be in 2050.


a teacher is lik a heavenly guide fr all students...respect fr each othr s d key !! 😃 i jus love my teachers...

"Management Education is all about team Work"

The first lesson of this quote start with the co-ordination between teachers & students during classes, presentations, project reports, industry study report and so on, here the teacher becomes a guardian for their students. And that is the best period to learn from them.

@[544869:swatidhingra] its really a nice article

The faculty members of GLA are very dynamic. Well qualified faculty at the university is an asset to its students. They not only teach students as their mentors but help them as friends too. This type of bonding is seen in only few Universities. In most of the Universities, students hesitate to interact with the faculties and hence their doubts remain uncleared. However, at GLA there is a perfect relation between the students and the faculty. Most of the teachers in the university are young hence students easily connect with them.