Strange but very important help needed :(

Whenever I read, my mind starts wandering. I have to return back to the part I missed and inadvertently even skip it. When I realized about it I searched over internet about the possible remedies. I tried meditation, with earplugs on, studyi…

Whenever I read, my mind starts wandering. I have to return back to the part I missed and inadvertently even skip it.

When I realized about it I searched over internet about the possible remedies. I tried meditation, with earplugs on, studying in White Noise, be here now technique.

yaa.. this is very true.. i am expercing the same thing.. try going in for morning yoga u will feel the difference.. i am doing it and it has helped. But rem to have patience it will take time as ur mind is being moved out of its comfort zone ( i.e of thoughts )....

Wat kind of yoga? can u please name the asanas?

Just close your eyes and try to sit without thinking anything for 30s,then 45s and then 1min. Continue this 3 times with a small break of 1-2min in between. For RC , I also had this problem before, start practicing Speed Reading.If you face problems in reading from the comp screen directly , you can start from books and gradually move to comp screen. But never allot yourself more than 2-2.5 min for 650words passage.
Hope this helps

Do meditation once in a day for 0.5 an hr....

Refer to Shri Shri Ravishankargi's art of liveng camp...

it will help u for sure.......

Hey Puy,

Urs is a typical attention deficit issue. Cannot be solved with a magic wand. But over a span of time, its easy to overcome ur problem. I do not know which form of meditation u have practised, but try transcendental meditation. U can get initiated easily as it is pretty popular. Just check the internet for contact details in your place. And also I used to do something of my own - Just close your eyes and make sure our position is upright(so that u dont snooze off ) and imagine a big red dot. Just keep focussing on it and will it to become bigger. In the process if u have any other thoughts dont fight it, just let it come, but when u realise u r having them, get back to focussing on the dot.

@Vignamatra.... thanx..... sounds good.. will try it out...

Also... is speed reading of any help?

See what are you are experiencing is the basic tendency of mind. It keeps on oscillating to past and future and thereby depriving itself of living in the moment i.e. now. See as you are reading this you would observe that your mind has again started the dialogue. It might be agreeing or disagreeing to what I am saying : ) But you see the dialogue.

Few minutes of meditation helps you get established in the moment and also helps you focus and relax at the same time. Amazing it is I tell you..

As far as I am concerned, Sudarshan Kriya (a breathing technique taught in the Art of Living workshop) does wonders. Just 20-25 minutes every morning and you would start seeing the change happening.

Meditation is de-concentration, but the after effects are increased concentration.

Act wise and relax.

You can always PM me 😃

snehans Says ur post...altho m no Trained-Pundit at this....but...wt i cn tell you (not really advise u) is dt dnt let ur mind bog u down...wt i cn feel frm ur post is dt u hv already xeptd it and it will hardly make ne diff ( even if u do asanas n all) until n unless u let ur mind kno dt itz nothing big an issue and dt u are gud at wteva u r at ryt now...most importantly i juz wanna ask u 1 questn ...weder u feel d same prblm wheneva u do things dt u luv..lyk may b watching ur fav movies,serials...playing games...spending tym with ur frnds..(specially gf...)..i think d ans is a nut-shell things in which u aint very interstd n focusd u tend 2 lose interest in dm and as a result hv dis prblem of "retracking".....i think u must hv gt d ans....njoy and bring out d intrst in wteva u r solving n m sure ds prblem (altho fr me it doznt sound lyk 1)wud b a story of history for u....god blez u...aur haan bhai CHAKK DE PHATTE!!! fr ur xams...BREAK A LEG!!!!

@ snehans :: Just what i wanted to tell him, its not a big issue. First thing is not to think about it a lot & really considering it a problem. Do what you like, go n try yoga, meditation but only continue it if you are liking it, its not imposed on your mind because you want to solve this problem.

Besides, as far as reading is concerned, start with your topic of interest & with short stories (highly recommended), cartoons will also do, Khushwant singh, jane austen (may be a lil later). I do not know your interests, so cant comment specifically but the point is to find what you will like as an interest area, what excites you, take simple shorter & interesting reading material and am sure you will get involved in it. Do this for some time & then gradually move forward.

As far as what books are to be read while you are graduation, we have a solution right here @ PG ::

P.S. - It is not a problem, best you can do is to not make it one.