Static GA for Banking Exams

All static GA topics related to Banking Exams can be discussed. Make use of the thread guys ! All the best !


Static GA important topics :  


1. Capitals and currencies

2. Dams/rivers

3. Nuclear/Atomic/Thermal/Hydel projects

4. Important dates and themes

5. National parks and WLS

6. HQ taglines and MDs of PSBs+ Private banks + Foreign banks + Payment banks+ Small finance banks + Subsidiaries + Mergers list


7. Union Cabinet Ministers, MoS (IC) -- portfolios and constituencies

8. CMs and Governors list of Indian states +  PM/Presidents of important countries

9. Important Govt diplomats/bureaucrats/Ambassadors/High Commissioners

10. Various Constitutional/statutory/advisory bodies of India-- their heads names + HQs

11. PSUs, National Org, Int. Org, Research Inst, Private companies -- HQs+Heads+Estd years for Imp

12. Important lakes, seas' in India and abroad - locations

13. Important mountain peaks' locations and tourist resorts located around.

14. Important temples/cities -- location with rivers -- nicknames


15. Central banks' names + Parliaments' names + Stock exchanges' names of important countries

16. Dances -- classical & folk -- States

17. Books and Authors ( Sahitya akademi, Vyas Samman, Saraswati samman, Man booker, Jnanpith etc all literary awards included ) 

18. Int and national sports stadiums -- Locations

19. Major seaports and airports -- States/locations

20. Important paralles or boundaries dividing nations


21. 2011 census

22. Various revolutions -- Agriculture and allied sectors

23. Rank of India in various sectors / production of minerals like Coal, steel etc and production of tea, coffee, sugar etc (important)

24. Various food festivals in various nations + regional cultural festivals in India - states

25. Various games and sports - related terminology


26. Union budget 2018-19 and Economic Survey

27. Govt schemes -- related details

28. Int. Org GDP growth forecasts' for India + India ranks/ indexes in various economic or growth prospects among the nations

29. Padma awards  + Gallantry awards + others important awards ( like Nobel/Bharat Ratna/Oscar/Films related awards)

30. All sports events -- Venues/host countries -- winners/runners -- Gold/Silver/Bronze medals



Yeldari dam --- Purna   

Ujani dam --- Bhima   

Pawna dam ---- Maval   

Bhatsa dam ---- Bhatsa   

Wilson dam ---- Pravara   

Tansa dam ---- Tansa

All the important dams -- completed 😊 

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" Static GA for Banking Exams "

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Aajka topic hi " Books and Authors ".   Jitne sare hain sab cover kar lete hum sab milke.

Sham ko discuss karenge friends aaram se....8pm se 10pm tak ! plz do join....

A journey towards self-reliance’ :::: First ever coffee table book on the Department of Defence Production (DDP)

Kal ka topic 

Classical dances/folk dances in India

Tomorrow... capitals of European + North American + South American countries

and balance of folk dances 👍 

Please share group with your friends..... very less are participating.....

or if any other active group is there plz let me know.. I too join there... efforts wouldnt go in vain then....

Goodnight friends..

All capital right😎

Roamed entire Europe Successfully 😉  :p   Sham ko South America & North America trip and we do folk dances too 😂 🎉 👍 

thank you so much @arbind71293 @Mithi217 @Irisssh for the Quiz 😊 👍

will do North and South America -- capitals and currencies now 👍 

Done with Europe, North and South American Capitals and currencies friends !

Tomorrow's topic is Asian, African and Oceania Capitals & currencies 👍 


Additional topic is Governors of Indian states 😊 

African countries - capital currencies will be posted by @arbind71293 bhai

and Governors of Indian states by @Mithi217

I do post Asian countries capital and currencies now 👍 

I will post sport & it's related award or trophy, also literary awards n honours. Today

Kal national parks karenge 👍 👍

All WLS   from   [   MP  Bihar  CH  JH WB ] 5 states +  [ JK   PJ  HR   UK  RJ   GJ   UP  HP ] - 8 states 

I am going to cover by tomorrow... 

Over from my side... WLS  😊 

Enjoy friends 👍 and share the group link to your near and dear.

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Goodnight everyone.... :))

Kal ka topic hi... private sector /public sector banks -  MDs HQs and taglines. 👍 

and foreign banks/small payment banks HQs

Sir and mam I will post budget related 3 Pm

Operation green has been launched to boost production of Tomato 🍅 , Onions , Potatoes Rs 500 crore has been allocated for it..this operation is modelled on basis of operation Flood. Operation Flood was related to which field

  • dairy products
  • irritation fr drougt regn
  • organic seeds for agri
  • GMO seeds for agri

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