State Bank of Hyderabad 2015 Joinees

This group is for the selected candidates in SBH as POs. We can discuss about joining formalities and other information here.

When we can expect the joining date?

Welcome SBHians ūüėÉ ūüėÉ

I'm assembling an army to go to war with SBH. I'm going to take them in the rear... and then I'm gonna reach around, and I'm gonna take them again from the front! ūüėõ¬†


SBHians.. How you doing guyz?

Tell me, I am looking for an extension to do my preparation for IES (UPSC).

1. Can I join in next next year with next batch?

2. After joining. can I get leave without pay for an year or 10 months approx?

Please throw some light..

Hello all. First of all congratulations. Wish you all success for future endeavours.

Just out of curiosity, I am asking how long is the training period. 

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hey ppl...congragulations to u....i've alloted to bank of india and state bank of hyderabad... I'm thinking of preparing for CAT 2016... I cleared CAT 2014 but got kicked in the IIM interviews because of low work exp. My question ..which of the above 2 banks will give me more leverage in terms of study time (2 hrs a day will b enough for me)... And another big question... What is the inhand salary at SBH?..please excuse me coz I'm a novice in banking.. And please clear my doubts!

when can we expect call / joining letters for SBH ?

Wht abt salary in much one can expect. Thanks for answering

Working in BOB since june last SBH....don't know what to do a dilemma....Anyone with nay suggestions???

I hope to come across someone who has worked in SBH for sometime and is here on Pguy. Had a few qns to ask...

Puys, want to know about Leased Accommodation facility.

Easily mil jati hai kya sabko?? ya we may hv to pay d rent out of our pocket?

Any experienced guy may help.. 

join whatsapp grup for sbh PO 9764239797

guys perks and allowances for SBI associates is same as SBI or SBI people get more

One news about SBH. Details below:

State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) net profit jumped more than two-fold to Rs 334 crore for the third quarter ended December 2014.

SBH had opened 81 branches between April and December, 2014, taking the total to 1,775. This will make SBH is largest subsidiary in SBI's basket.

Branches count...state wise:

Telangana 716

Andhra Pradesh 398

Karnataka 192

Maharashtra 293

Tamilnadu 57

kerala 57

Total 1713....and Delhi 28

Hii guys.. did any one call the CRPD of SBH? what is the expected date of joining any idea as I need to provide one month notice period in my current organisation.. *confused*

Hello will be in hyderabad only na?????

Plz tell me if there z any kind of bond agreement in sbh or not????