St. Xaviers College - Autonomous, Mumbai (BMS/BMM Entrance Test)

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THE PAPER PATTERN The college website mentions that the exam will consist of General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Data Interpretation and Basic Mathematics, Language skills, Reasoning, Critical Analysis & Creative Thinking. The paper is extremely comprehensive and ensures that each of these aspects is covered-while GK, Current Affairs, Basic Mathematics, Data Interpretation questions are generally objective, Language Skills, CR and Creative Thinking questions are subjective. How should one prepare? It entirely depends upon the person. For instance, among students in our batch I find there were three broad approaches adopted- students who did not prepare at all, students who did a bit of self studying, and students who enrolled themselves in formal coaching classes. Conduct a self-evaluation. Ask yourself what is best and go for it. Personally, I never prepared for the examination. Though I believe the things that helped me immensely were: Level of General Awareness-which you can easily improve by reading the newspaper Quick calculations-they come in very hand while solving the DI questions. If that's your weakness, keep practising sums regularly during the time available. Writing skills- write two essays a week if they're not upto the mark. Understand how to structure an essay.