St. Joseph's College of Business Administration

hello everyone… I got a call from this institute and i would want a lil help from u guys.So, if anybody know anything about this institute,please reply to this thread…

hello everyone...
I got a call from this institute and i would want a lil help from u guys.So, if anybody know anything about this institute,please reply to this thread..

hello everyone...
I got a call from this institute and i would want a lil help from u guys.So, if anybody know anything about this institute,please reply to this thread..

bas itna ki ye BANGLORE mein hai aur St jeusit catholic group/foundation run karti hai jo St joseph school bhi run karti hai... :-)

I also received this mail from them... they take XAT score....

thats it.... ask some one who is from Bnaglore...

and i think this thread wud breath its last breath soon... Plz refrain from opening a new thread for a single query... I SUGGEST U PUT THIS QUERY IN SHOUT BOX... OR CAN ASK ANYONE WHOS FROM BANGALORE..HERE.... BY PM....

Well hope some one from Banglore comes here to help u out really fast...before the thread wud be closed....

To get more info about this college and all the details of it I am attaching the mandatory disclosure please go thru for all the facts and figures.


I got selected for St. Joseph's college of business administration , bangalore..
Total fee is 7.6 lakhs for 2 yrs.(which include books , dreass and development fee)

Can anybody give feed back about this college..

Is this worth to join... @ 7.6 considering ROI



its not worth 7.5 lakhs at all.
but that would be a very vague way to tell. let me substantiate

why you should not join:
1. small campus: so if you are expecting a lively campus life with lots of activity and fun then find some other place
2. strict and illogical dress code: the appropriateness of the clothes you wear is decided by the watchman. so one has to dress up as per his "dressing sense", or else sent back home. i nearly missed my trimester exam bcoz of this.
3. the top brass are not dynamic, rigid and do not entertain any change no matter how good it is.
4. faculty is not good as per my experience. the senior staff namely RASHMI NAKRA MAAM, SURESH HERUR SIR, SHIVANANADAM SIR, MADHAVI MAAM etc.are exceptional. but others are not upto expectations.
5. lack of infrastructure: at 7.5 lakhs other colleges offer gymnasium, swimming pool, auditorium,sports facilities, huge campus, hostel etc... sjcba lacks on all these fronts.
6. placements: placements are in tune of 4 lpa. spending 7.5 to earn 4 lpa is not wise in anyway.(considering the dull college life).

josephs brand name.. (works in bangalore atleast)
a couple of good faculty
good students... we won the mount carmel fest and christ college fest recently.
severe lack of infrastructure
shortsighted management
lack of innovation by management.
high fees as compared to facilities. not value for money.

can scale new heights as arch rival chirst college is in controversy,
brand name of josephs can be marketed in a better way by bringing in some changes.

XIME is a potential threat.


St. Joseph's College of Business Administration has a strong reputation. Cannot deny that discipline is important on campus, but the same discipline helps when you are out in the corporate world.

Getting a central location in Bangalore is almost next to impossible , so the decision is whether you need fancy equipment and gala time or location at the heart of a central business district and resources to help you get to know more.

SJCBA has a strong reputation and brand.It is a good bet to join this college.The PGDM course is quiet comprehensive with very good faculty in terms of academics and industry experience.The placements are quiet decent with good cos coming in.The college is commited to discipline and building prof managers.However it lacks in terms of facilities and the fees structure may not be actually worth paying.

Reality Check.
This is not one of the best colleges out there.
The students who come here are not the
crme de la crme.
In house faculty has two exceptional names one in Finance(Herur) other in HR(Nakra).
The visiting faculty like Mr. Mohan Kuruvilla and Mr. Shivanand do give knowledge par excellence.

This is not the best college out there but,
it is the best for the underdogs of this world.

In this world of open education where webcasts of Harvard and CBS are easily available there lies no dearth of knowledge to obtain. That what is not available freely is the hunger to learn and the rigor to sustain the same.

What matters not is the roof we stand under but the heart that beats within.
And the hunger yes the hunger to win.


This college have students from diverse backgrounds which adds to the exposure.Around 90% of the faculty have good knowledge and industry experience.This college is a good option to join because of the brand value and value education it provides.The college is also improving in terms of facilities and placements year by year.

TIP:The underdogs should not be underestimated.They are the people who makes a name in the industry.

can anybody pls tell me abt d kinda essay topics asked for english essay in SJCBA??..
is it general type or current affairs??...n how wud d PI be??..

The topics will be general ones like should smokin be banned,tv as a means of advertising,etc.

The PI will test ur general knowledge on wat u have studied or on work ex if any.

okay..thank you!!
will there a 3rd admission phase be also conducted after this 2nd phase??
as i wanted 2 know...if they ll fill all the 120 seats by this phase itself or they'll take few only now..

am nt too sure.probably dis wil b the last as seats r almost filled.anyways all the best 4 admissions.

can anybody please lemme know if there is hostel facility in d college...???

Yes,there is hostel fact there are 2 hostels 4 girls which is quiet close to the college. coll hostel??..we gotta make hostel or pg arrangements on our own only??