SSC CGL 2018

For the preparation of CGL 2018.

Hello everyone,

I have created this group for all the aspirants of the SSC CGL 2018. A place where we can share and discuss about our problems, preparation plans, study materials etc.

Let's take it as a challange to clear it.

There's about eight months for the Tier-1 of CGL 2018 (considering the exam is taken in August). So there's sufficient time in our hands to ace it,

It would be really appreciative of the PG members who have cleared the exam earlier to share their preparation strategy, methods and study materials. 

I gave the CGL this time but couldn't clear it, I must this time.

Let's do it together. 😄 

 Rise!! Rise above your belief and expectations. 

Rise! Reach the pinnacle. :)

When will notification for CGL 2018 be out?

Hey guys... is this the official cgl 18 prep thread?? Or we hv to create one....

Hello everyone!!

As per the latest SSC exam schedule for the year 2018-2019, CGL exam will be conducted and the dates have been announced.

Date of advertisement: 21st April 2018

Date of starting of filling up of online application: 25th April 2018

Date of closing: 25th May 2018

Tier 1 exam dates: 25th July to 20th August 2018.

Let us not pay attention to any rumours and continue with our preparation and sincere efforts. 

Hey puyzz... Here z the complete list of books/material for every subject who z clueless how to start...I was a cgl 16 candidate selected as inspector in department of post... But simultaneously a cgl 2018 aspirant... as I couldn't get my dream post through cgl 2016 n failed by 6 marks ..ok let's start... 😀MATH😀 For basics u cn consider buying fast track arithmetic... for practice go for Rakesh yadav 7300.. e.g. if u start with percentage chapter... then clear the basics n then start practice percentage chapter from Rakesh yadav 7300.. in this way complete the all 24 chapters.. 😀ENGLISH😀 For grammar basics follow unacademy... download the app... follow bineesh soni's all grammar course... for vocab download pdf of all previous year papers(1997-2017) of antonym,synonym,oneword,Idiom,spelling mistakes from qmaths site...For practice solve previous year papers from Kiran publications....U r good 2 go.... 😀REASONING😀 First clear concepts from YouTube channel "Current affairs Funda "... then practice from previous years paper of Kiran publications .... 😀GK😀 Make notes from creators of Unacademy app... then practice from previous years papers of Kiran publications.... Last thing REVISION REVISION REVISION.... NO matter how good u were in ur clg... revise all the things ...I will b back on how to revise things... it was beneficial for me... I guess it would be helpful to u... ALL THE BEST....

Hey Puyzz....There is 155 days left for the most competitive exam of India SSC CGL 2018... Wake up...Turn on ur buckles ... Don't waste this previous time... Take it as a challenge... Start from today...For Working people,It doesn't matter how slowly u go as long as u don't stop..Will it b easy??? NO.... Worth it??? YES...Push through the pain... Imagine the tag of Inspector, CBI Officer... Imagine the tears in your parent's eyes when u will call them on the result day... That's the massive success... Don't think that u r alone... we all are here... Share this group link to everywhere as u cn see a lot of arbitrary 2018 group is here... Make this official... am starting from today... & U??

Started preparation? Puys?

Hello guys! Going by the review of Tier-II papers, the examination difficulty level has increased considerably. The questions are not being repeated, moreover, the questions have multi-concept application and it is lengthy too. Hence, we need to boost our preparation level too. Cause we need to be flexible and dynamic. That's the need of the hour. According to me, the best resources for preparation would be: Quantitative ability: Quantum CAT by Sarvesh K Verma. It consists of really good questions and typical ones as well. Fast Track Objective Arithmetic by Rajesh Verma won't be of any help this year onwards. (You can still choose it for concept building, but if I had to pick one, I'd pick Quantum CAT.) English: Objective General English by SP Bakshi/Plinth to Paramount by Neetu Singh. Now, for General Awareness and Reasoning you can follow @Heathledger200 advice. It was just my observation, hence thought of sharing with you all. Keep fighting until you win. :)

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Started preparing guys??

The Reality.... Take this as motivation... #No Feminism Funda

Hey puyzz... good morning... some friends are inboxing me about importance of GK in cgl...So just read it.. u will understand about it.... See if we think practically GK has a weigtage of 50/700 marks in whole cgl that is tier1(200)+tier2(400)+tier3(100) ... u can see it's merely 7%.. but it is actually a game changer ... see if u score far above than cut off in tier1 then u have an edge in tier 2... Take the example of ongoing cgl 17... cgl tier 2 this year is toughest among all .. so obviously score will descent down... but if one has scored even 30-40 marks in gk in tier 1 (Tier 1 cut off =126) imagine his/her chance in getting a 4600 gp post in cgl 17 despite a tough paper ... SO DON'T waste this time... U can easily score 40+ in gk IF U STUDIED ACCORDINGLY BY AVOIDING CRAP MATERIAL... The fact is most of the students read the whole subject like if they are doing their masters 😀😀... see the cgl 17 notifications... ssc completely stated that all the gk portion is of basic level ... So plan accordingly... I will come up with detailed chapter wise strategy in gk... ALL THE BEST...CGL IS OURS...

It's good to see people like @Heathledger200 and @ninja650 helping us... but there is 2 group showing... plz spread this group to everywhere... n also waiting for @Heathledger200 sir s GS strategy ...

 guys please help....preparing for cgl 2018.....what books should i refer for the jso exam....this is my first attempt 


Some less known facts / facts we have studied wrong.... 1--commercial capital of sri Lanka =Colombo Administrative capital of sri Lanka =Sri jayawardenapura kotta 2-- India has no National language (Hindi-English are the official language) 3-- India has no National sports (Hockey kabaddi are not national sports of India )

My english knowledge - Moderate ....

& have attempted and scored 120 in Tier 2 (English paper) at home.

But I want to make this 120 in 170.

Much problems in synonym, antonym, sentence correction, fillers, errors finding. So Please guide me what to do, which book to prefer, or some change in learning style. whatever please comment @Heathledger200