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@luvj @scrapper @abhinavrocker @vivek.singh.pb @hindubhaai @kulluoo789 Friends....Till Final Selection Tak Ka Thread Bana Diya Hai...CGL 15 wale pe last time kaafi issues hue the usko Dhyan Mein Rakhte Hue....I Hope You All Share The Questions And Answers With The Same Vigour You had been doing at cgl tier 1 thread.

If someone is going to appear in Paper-III (statistics) and Paper-IV (Finance and Economics) , plz tell some books for them ?

Tier 2 ke liye  maths chapterwise sahi rahega?

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sir yehi book hai naa a mirror of common errors

jo shayad se aap use karte hai

please suggest some good studying material for both maths and english in tier-2..

A rhombus of side 10cm has two angles of 60degree each.then length of the diagonals are??

I have decided to join online testseries . So guys just tell me which one would be better for both IBPS PO and SSC TIER 2??

  • KD Campus
  • Paramount
  • PracticeMock
  • Oliveboard

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which test series r u enrolling for?

i m confused...your views please?

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what would be the final cut off for ASO in CSS? Please give some link of previous year's if possible

cos 47 +cos 73 +cos x = 0

then x=?





11 sept, last shift: One ques was there on one word substitution- Something drawn for laughter on politics (something like this)... Anyone remembered the answer???

Difference bw invigilate and investigate??

Director,he said, would investigate/invigilate the matter. 

Does any one have expericence with the CSS Computer proficiency test? How long wold be the passage, ppwerpoint slides and excel data?

@vishwajeet5106 Bhai.. Thanks muje neend se jagane k liye.. Bahut chakkar lagaya 2015 Tier 2 discussion thread pe.. Koi aata hi ni...ab thoda help milega yha naye aspirants se to Tier 2 ki taiyari ho jayegi...

meaning of the idiom 'cut to pieces'

Pls tell some useful app for vocab....

anyone having ssc tier 2 oliverboard coupon code

Hi aspirants.. Share your Tier 1 scores as per the answer key..