SSC CGL 2016 Tier 2 and above

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when tier 1 results come

 Anyone having an idea how to prepare for Finance & Accounts for AAO? 

 Question 17.If South-East is changed to North and North-East to West and so on, then what will come in place of South?

यदि दक्षिण - पूर्व को उत्तर में परिवर्तित कर दिया जाए, और उत्तर-पूर्व को पश्चिम में और इसी प्रकार आगे और भी किया जाए तो दक्षिण के स्थान पर क्या आएगा ?Options:
1) South-West
दक्षिण - पश्चिम
2) North-East
उत्तर - पूर्व
3) South-East
दक्षिण - पूर्व
4) North-West
उत्तर - पश्चिमCorrect Answer: North-East
उत्तर - पूर्वCandidate Answer: North-West
उत्तर - पश्चिम 

 Please suggest me 2 good books for "General Studies (Finance and Economics) Tier2". And a test series 

1st sept, 3rd shift, any representations?

Puys pls suggest a good online mock test platform for T2...