Ssc cgl 2016 tier 2 Aao discussion

Ssc cgl discussion after results of keys...

Ur marks in aao

Kya cut off ho sakti hai AAO k liye

Ur total marks including aao

  • <500
  • 570-590
  • 500-570
  • 590-610
  • 610

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Guys please predict cut off for AAO out of 800.

Is there a chance of getting aao posting in the northern region?

Anyone with 490+ and AAO as first preference? I think majority of high scorers are after the usual coveted posts like ITI Examiner and MEA, so the vacancy of AAO won't affect their cutoff much.

Hi there ! How many wrong answers were there in the answer key ? Anyone filed  representations for them ? 

cutoff for AAO may be between 570-575 not less than 570

Plz invite more serious candidates to this aao poll so that we can make a idea about cutoff

Can we also discuss about the job profile, perks, work load and prospects of AAO her ?. So that we may be able to take informed decisions, if and when we get the opportunity.

Doston. Muje nahi Lagta 550+  bhut jyda bande honge...Jyda se jyda 500 Sanji cat Millakar ...Apki kya Raye 

Muje Lagta hai due to huge vacancies 1000+500(probable will be increase after finally collection based on a auditor statement posted Nagpur cag) andin 45274  xandidatcandidates only 17234 appeared for this 1000 post ..Cutt off should be 500-510 for gen cat for 1:4 or 1:5 in tier 3 ...What do u think about??

 Assistant Audit Officer – Work ProfileFinally, UPSC has asked SSC to conduct direct recruitment for AAOs in IA&AD under CAG after a break of 6 years and these six years have resulted in more than 25% vacant seats in the cadre of AAO. Well I have seen some posts regarding the same like AAO job profile etc and very little things have been shared in there. Here, I being a DR AAO ,previously known as section officer, going to share some insights on the same . Today, after around 3 and half months I am little feeling relaxed after closing FY for a major PSU. So first of all you please don’t believe on things like that there is very less workload here. And that work load is less in field posting than HQ, total wrong conception. I personally with my Sr AO has sit for 4 days in a row uptill 4 AM in morning including Saturday and Sunday to check the accounts as you just can’t put your signature blindly on their audit very important thing which you must be aware of is that during field posting you have only second saturday off that too if you are lucky enough as most of the time the time allotted to us for auditing is not sufficient enough so we have to come on Saturday and Sunday also.During auditing you find it quite difficult to understand the work nature of auditing firm etc and believe nobody is going to help you there in your work as all govt firms are of the opinion that they must keep a distance from the auditors and should not help us in our work. However they give a good treatment to us because of their own personal gains like we don’t point out their ill doings etc. But what would you do when you find a bill for tea and ladoos for 2 lacs rupees , would you still put your signature there. Anyways I asked them to make adjustments and arrange more fake bills to adjust the amount I mean bifurcate. This is how we work else you could be put in serious situation, you may face gundas type people.hahaaha.. Yeah auditor is the only nice post in CAG who don’t have any responsibility . The work pressure is primarily on AAO, AO and Sr AO and yes our seniors AG and Dag are there to intensify such pressure who just calling continuously make our lives hell. You would not believe but it is kind of target job that you will have to find out this much number of irregularities in their accounts where you have gone for audit. Do you guys know why so many vacancies are there because Auditors are happy till Sr auditor, intelligent one never take promotion to AAO looking at our conditions . Female candidates be aware, this job is not for you, your life could be make hell here you would not found yourself comfortable with your male counterparts during field audits which is inevitable. I don’t want to let you down but guys I just felt like sharing the truth which was not there in any post I found. Ultimately you people need job and salary . BT I would say if you are getting good marks in SSC and could get other job make that your option. My friends in CSS are very much satisfied from there job. Even I tried for the same but was not lucky enough. At last it’s your take. My work is done. Feeling more relaxed now after sharing insights..XYZ, hahahaa can’t tell u my name, you know why
AAOGuys this is what I found from a guy. I also have marked my first preference as AAO.. But this thing has made me think twice.. However I am not good at finance and economics.. Let’s see, the thing is I need a job. That’s it.. 


  • Economics
  • B.e/
  • B.a
  • Mba

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Whoever has given Aao exam.. Write ur marks out f 800 with category.

Hello friends,

whenn can we expecdt final joining for AAO???

Any ideas or guesses??

pls comment ur views.


Any chances for 540 obc this time or should i prepare for next exam

Increased vacancies in cgda around 2600 are Of

  • atleast 500 aao, 2kauditr
  • only auditors

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Hey puyz.... I just got through random YouTube videos... various websites... Many current AAO .. AO... Auditor in fb ... as I was not satisfied with this much info on AAO... I cn say u can also msg random people working on CAG... Trust me guyzz... u cn get ample info... so following doubts hv bn cleared from them... I guess it will b beneficial...

1-- u cn appear SAS when U will complete ur probation  I.e. 2 yrs... u  hv got 6 chances... exam conducted twice  a year...

2-- workload depends upon dept... less in railway more in commercial...

3- unilateral transfer stopped in civil dept... so if u get ur home state in civil... then SONE pe SUHAGA... u cn b there life time...transfr z possible only mutually...

4--- for non commerce graduate civil n telecommunications dept best... but u cn get commercial... bt it will hard for u to clear sas n also in probation...

5--- don't blv in myth that gp of all AAO will increase to 5400 after 4 yrs of service... this is impossible... bcoz these facts are recommendations in 7th pay which sadly z not accepted by yet..  n very low chance in future... cag aao n auditor will go on all india strike for this on March 1st week...

6.... u cn switch over to private companies but they need SAS exam certificate... then u cn earn in lakhs... bt work load will b enormous... 

7--- if u clear sas... first promotion to AO in minimum 7 years n maximum 14 years... then to senior AO in 3 yrs with gp of 5400 in pay band 3... Ahmedabad z best for commercial auditing in terms of promotion...