SSC CGL 2015 post preference order (grade pay, cut offs, promotions, postings, free time, age limit, risk)

Hello everyone lets arrive at a preference order for various SSC CGL posts based on these factors individually and combined so we can set preference according to our likes/needs. If you know anyone who has good knowledge about these things or is already working on such posts please request them to give their views/suggestions here so all of us can be benefited .

1. Grade pay- I guess all of us would like to have posts with higher grade pay higher in preference order.

1. Grade pay- I guess all of us would like to have posts with higher grade pay higher in preference order

2. Higher cut offs- There is no point in keeping higher cut off posts later in our preference order for example: if we put preference order that looks like CSS/IB/asst. in railways>ITI/preventive officer, we will almost certainly not get ITI/PO posts even if we score good as they have higher cut offs than CSS/IB/asst. in railways etc. So lets have a preference order according to cut offs too.

3. Promotions- If we don't have any particular liking for some posts we would like to choose the one in which promotions are faster. for example CSS and Examiner can become equal to IAS and IRS in about a decade.

4. Free Time: for study/UPSC or just enjoying life

5. Postings: posts for which postings will be Delhi only or other metro cities can be kept higher in our preference order.

6. Age Limit: We (atleast I) would like to keep those posts higher which have age limit of 25-27 than those that have age limit 30-32 years.

7. Risk: If there is risk of life/reputation/too much stress in any post, some of us would like to keep that lower in preference order.

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when does the email comes after registration of application ?Ā 

Plz help

I am applying for ssc cgl.

My eyesight is -4.5

Which post i should not fill.

There is no info about eyesight in notification.

Plz answer

Can anybody recommend a blog work of every job profile of cgl is explained. Mentioning what work is done in respective jobs.

I can recomend one site but it doesn't metions all the job profiles.

hey, can anybody explain or post a link explaining the tier system of examination and the detailed syllabus for ssc-cgl 2015.

guys i filled the tier-1 form and forgot to note the registration number

didnt receive any mail/msg regarding successful registration

what to do guys please help

If a candidate gets rejected from interview post , will he be considered for non interview post ?

puys i have filled the form once . but now i have to fix some mistake in the form . could i fll the form again.??

Guys..plz help i am unable to fill the application form ....during part1 registration when i submit the page where we give our preference nothing is generated...all the fields are blank..plz helpĀ 

SSC CGL Age Limit 2015 Increased, Registration Dates Also Extended:

Ā  More info and detailed notification here:

guys,i have already done part 1 registration, but this recent amendment on age now make me eligible for all posts. so can I do registration again.

secondly, is their any change in eligibility for Assistant in CSS.

In part2 registration if smone fill wrong date of fee reciept , how can it be reectified? Pls help

which one is better css or excise??

Is information given in this link is reliable??

can any one verify this ?

Hi everyone,

I have applied for CGL 2015, when i applied, i was eligible only for four post because my date of birth is 10/07/88. But after the amendment in age now i eligible for all the post except one post. So i just want to know 'Shall i apply again or what should i do?' If i should apply again then i have to submit fees again. Please reply as soon as possible. Waiting for your reply. Please reply before 5 june.


I registered for CGL 2015 on 29 May, and I also got the confirmation mail for the same.

But today when I tried to access my applicationĀ on SSC website, it showed invalid registration ID. I checked on some other threads also and few other ppl are also facing same problem.Ā 

Is there nothing to worry about or should I worry, in latter case how can it be resolved.Ā  Will be great if some one can help me out.

what is dĀ tentative xam date of ssc cgl 2015

Hi friends iam new to ssc cgl can any one clear my doubts..?