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Hello pusy! I am going to make a whats app group for all excise inspectors. Pls watsap me on 09974438327.

sse in railway or excise

Any one from Odisha selected as CEx Ins?

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namaste bhaiyon.. sab ko badhayian. my contact no. 9888647995. Do add me on whatsapp grp if any

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Can anyone provide the link of excise inspectors rank list category wise

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Can anyone provide the link of excise inspectors rank list category wise

FB Group for Excise 2015-

Chest 81 cms. (fully expanded with a minimum expansion of 5 cms.)????

Is it 81+5 or 76+5????..

Can any1 pls let me know that wht are the pros and cons in joining Excise inspector?

Important things you should know before you join your Cex Inspector


1. Don't think about that seniors will pressurise you for any wrong work, one or two seniors may be there in every Region.

2. You can work there like a Superintendent if u have good knowledge of work compare to your supdt, If u don't interest to learn work, U can get a worse section where u will not find your desired work.

3. Sometimes u will work like Sepoy or Peon, Example- File search in godown, Xerox, Transfer files one place to another.

4. You have good salary so u can live very happily.

5. If u married a job girls, U can get transfer after 2 Years easily. So still u have chance to get homestate by this step.

6. Home state posting in excise is BEST compare to any other post of ssc as per my experience. 

7. Now a days this job is risky , Last week on superintendent was arrested in Bangalore customs for bribe.

8. Just start to read English books/ Magzines to improve your english writing, If u are from hindi medium.

9. Don't think much about physical & Medical, No one will be reject except color blindness.

10. In this department, dont expect that u will get a work as per your graduation stream like Engg, Mba, Llb.

11. One important thing that U will get a chance to deal with Big companies, Which u read in newspapers or watch on tv and they will respect u n vice versa.

12. We can hope that in future, Promotions process will be fast.

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