SPJIMR Shortlisted for PI -Students Profiles...

Hey frens !! As the SPJIMR results are expected to be out today, I would request all those guys who got the calls from them (particularly for Manufacturing), post in their following info so that we can benefit us and others to know what exact…

Hey frens !!

As the SPJIMR results are expected to be out today, I would request all those guys who got the calls from them (particularly for Manufacturing), post in their following info so that we can benefit us and others to know what exactly have they gone for this year.. this is imp as freshers faced real tuff time this year at SPJ...

For me :
Work ex: 18 months as on 31st DEc as asked by them
BTech from IIT
App for Manufacturing..
Acads OK, not bad...
Extra Curricular OK OK nothg bombastic

I think these were few parameters they looked into...

Need contribution from u all...



just now checked the SPJ site and was lucky enuff to find my application number giving a positive result...
i am selected for the IM course at SP Jain,,,

My CAT Percentile: 93.7
Work Ex: 26 Months
Acads: 80/78/72...ie 10th, 12th n BE resp...

wishing all of you best of LUCK!!!


hi Raman 1
congrats for the results and best of luck for the future !

Raman Congrats!

congrats raman...

But frens unfortunately i cudnt make thru and hav left all hopes for any chnace of my name in second list also...

i m left with nothg now.. almost...


hi all,
i got my courier today .. for the admissions

cat score : 84.57 percentile
acads : 73.8 / 74 / 73.2 10th,puc,be(mech)
applied for IT

good luck for the other

ps: but still in a delimma to join or not !!

Cheers to Raman & Adven on their positive results ! Way to go guys. Make SPJ proud

Thanks a ton to all you guys for the good wishes!!!

Adven, i am in the same boat as you are...totally in a fix if should be joining SP Jain or not..

At present, i have a few questions and the answers to these questions, would essentially dictate my decision.
Anyone having any answers/pointers to the following, please enlighten me..this will really be useful for me to take a wise decision..

1. What is avg salary for the IM course?
2. What is the min and max salary offered for the IM course?
3. Its said, FMS is good for Finance...wats spj known for?
4. Does a course from SPJ get international recognition?
5. Do they have student x-change programs?

I have also started a yahoo group with the purpose that all those who get calls from SP Jain can describe their profiles and can help each other take a descision.The details of this group are as follows:

Group name: spjain
Group home page: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/spjain
Group email: [email protected]

I would request you to pass this word around so that all those who get final calls from SPJ can join this.

Wishin the very best to guys in forum waiting for their results!


hey fren
does n e 1 has n e idea abt the second waitlist

1. how many r usually called in teh second
2. what is the converesion rate in second

i know this varies yr to yr but if n e 1 can provide last yr datas

congrats adven and raman

hey adven cud u pls write abt ur WORK EXP....??

hi group,
thank u guys for all the wishes

all my dilemma ends as on yday .. i faxed my letter of acceptance yday .. and gotta pay my first year fee by 31st march (1.4 lakhs)

i have spoken to lot of people
1. sopke to some industry people --> managers in IT industry and other industry too, HR guys from IT industry, so the industry perspective is " if u r not in IIM next best thing is spjain or some say spjain is in the second rung of schools, first rung consists of IIMs"
2. spoke to some of the alumni also .. same views next best to IIM
3. companies coming in --> wipro, hcl ect have been regular, ofcourse infosys ect have not been coming to spjain
4. infrastructure wise its is definetly not greath .. no huge campus as @ IIMS
5. decent salaries too --> 6 to 8lakhs, and a foriegn comp wud fetch more
6. some of the job profiles for IM --> program analyst, project manager, business analysts .. job profile and sal also depends on the prev exp
7. the faculty and course content have also got some good reviews
8. definetly the salalry packages offered by IIMs wud be far greater
9. u wud not have the IIM tag, it wud take 5-6 yrs for the diff to iron out once in the industry
10. top 1% of people get to join IIMs, top 2% to SPJ Jain and others in the same level
11. i was also looking at cat and gmat next year .. but for me lot of things go in .. so took this opportunity

so its basically u gotta be aware that u r getting into the second best institue and not the best .. if u can wait for one more year and if u have that 20% of luck on ur side then ur 80% of hardwork cud fetch u something better

so its very very personal choice ..

as for me .. no looking back from here !!

good luck for all of u !!


my work exp --> arround 5 months as design enginer in mech industry
2.4 months in IT industry as software engineer

I called up them to enquire abt the second list.. they said it wud atke another 8-10 days b4 the second and final list will be out.. I think they are waiting for the IIMs to clear thru... 😞

I too called SP Jain since my deadline to pay the fees for XIM-B is fast approaching, and to my dismay, the person whom I spoke to told me that there's no such second list!!! When I mentioned that it was so mentioned in their website, the person consulted someone else and told me to wait for 10 days..... Wonder what's going on at SP Jain?

Okay, here's a new twist to the tale of SPJIMR's 'second' list that should have been out by now according to their website. I called up SPJ and was told that there was no such 'second list' and that they were not aware of any such thing being mentioned in their website! So, it looks like I haven't made it to SP Jain after all. Unless of course, there is indeed a second list and my name is in it..... keeping fingers half-crossed!!! I wish b-schools were a bit more efficient in handling things mundane to them(not to us!) like admission process, announcement of results etc!


Actually i too asked them and got the reply that 3rd week.. the confusion is that u r asking second list which is indeed not there.. what all we r waiting for is better known as FIRST waiting list and NO SECONDS allowed... :-)

Hope this solves the querry and clears the ambiguos part.... One more list is definitely there and is there every yr...

so i m keeping my fingers 3 quarters crossed 😃

hmm.. i thought that the second list was a non-waiting list, because the interviews were still on when they came out with the first list

but it looks like u guys may b rite. cos SP seems to be waiting for the IIMS to come thru and then they'll know how many of the students leave

this sucks man! i thought i stood a pretty good chance cos I made it thru the first GI. in the second GI the other two ppl with me really screwed up badly, and i thought i was thru

guess what worked against me was the fact that im a B.Sc. and i opted for IM specialization...any comments guyz?

the confusion is that u r asking second list which is indeed not there.. what all we r waiting for is better known as FIRST waiting list and NO SECONDS allowed... :-)

Thanks for the reply arcade. However, what bugs me still is why hasn't the waiting list been released yet? Isn't that standard practice for other b-schools? To release a waiting list along with the list of selected folks? One more thing that bugs me is that I'm keeping in touch with 8 or so people who attended the interview with me(all with 3+ years work ex, and some with CAT scores enough to warrant them an IIM call) and none of them have been selected in the first list. One guy I met has a BTech from Anna Univ.(Chennai), MTech from IIT Mumbai and 8 years work ex as a manager in Madura Coats, and average CAT scores!!!! And he hasn't been selected either!!! So, does this mean that only the second batch of people to be interviewed(the ones who have great CAT scores) have been selected and possibly no one from the first batch of people to be interviewed(in Feb, ones with good work ex) haven't? Do u know anyone who was interviewed in Februrary who has been selected?

I'm still confused with the admission process of SP Jain. 😃

I donno n e 1 personally but came to know that there r several ppl who were intvd in feb and got thru

Hi frens.. what all i m gonna rite is not sounding very good.. i just called spjimr to enquire abt the second list..

To a great dismay, the lady said that the second list has been released and the concerned applicants hav been conatcted thru emails.. she furthur said that the new list wil not b put on the website...

She said that this whole stuff has been over now.. so i m out of the race for spjain now... :-(

Hope some of u atleast must hav got that new email from them