SPJIMR PGDSM MIT 2007-2009 Experiences

Guys, Start posting your SPJIMR PGDSM MIT experiences!! Do mention the city(interview locn)/Date nd Time/ur profile. Request u all to contribute!:slight_smile: PS: mine is scheduled for 25th Feb, 5.30 PM. All the best :: ::

Guys, Start posting your SPJIMR PGDSM MIT experiences!!

Do mention the city(interview locn)/Date nd Time/ur profile.

Request u all to contribute!:)

PS: mine is scheduled for 25th Feb, 5.30 PM.

All the best

@abhinav_kishore: copying your experience from the original thread:

GI center : Bangalore, 8 a.m.
XAT %ile - 97
Co-curriculars : Good
Work-ex : 7 months (Oracle)
Calls : PGDBM (Marketing) n PGDSM-MIT

First thing : "Reporting time" is the actual time at which you are supposed to reach the center. They take some time for registration and you start approximately after an hour with the GI.

All registration formalities are being carried my SPJ students who, in my opinion, are doing a swell job ! Let them know any issues you have.. they will take care of it.

For people like me, who got 2 calls : Please carry an extra photograph

Apparently, some Questionnaire forms could have been misplaced or not available for some reason. They asked some people to submit a hard copy on the spot. Make sure you are carrying one

I was supposed to start at 9 but due to some delays we started at 9.30. After we went in and sat, the panelists realized that they needed some time to go through our SOPs. We were asked to wait outside.

While we waited (a group of 6, 4 guys - 2 girls), a reallly nice n affable girl from SPJ gave us company. (Something wrong with me... don't remember any names.. neither seniors nor panelists... !!). We bombarded her with questions about the institute, the interview process, Dubai/Singapore center, difference between PGDSM-MIT and IM (PGDBM) etc... and she patiently answered everything !

A piece of info she disclosed: Tthe reason behind a one month's gap between the GI rounds is that SPJ wanted specialization specific people to be on the second round panel. Again, she said that we don't need to have in-depth knowledge about the specialization we chose, but we have to justify our choice.

Results of first round expected after 7 days (approx)

The GI started with the panelists introducing themselves. SPJ decided to give us a good time by sending a reaaaallly chilled out bunch of people on the panel. I don't remember the names, but there was a nice lady (NL) and a really nice gentleman (RNG). There was also one of SPJ students on the panel.

NL : So.. you all are scared ? Nervous ?

Group : A little..

NL : Don't worry.. this is a casual chit-chat.. just normal discussion )

NL : Start by introducing yourself.. please don't tell me whatever is already written in your forms. A person is best known by what he/she does in his/her leisure time. Tell me about that.. about your hobbies..

Group Member 1 (A fresher girl from Pilani.. doing her internship at Sun) : Gave her schooling background (some time in Singapore)... told about her co-curricular activities. At all times, she was mentioning whatever she has LEARNT from her activities.. was very articulate.. hobbies : Carnatic music.

Group Member 2 : Don't remember much.. but amazingly he didn't have much to say.. said about his school and college and then stopped. I was slightly shocked... arrey yaar.. 1 minute ka time diya hai.. keep talking.. so RNG just said.. "next"

Group Member 3 : Dont' remember much again.. told about his work with some NGO... said that it made him learn a lot.

Group member 4 : Working at Oracle.. told about his job profile.. college etc.

Me : Told about my job at oracle. quick trip through the different cities I've stayed in. A bit about different schools I've attended. Hobbies..

Group Member 6 : Another girl.. fresher.. explained about her interest in carnatic music. Wasn't very articulate in expressing herself. Told about her work for Tsunami struck people.

Next question by RNG : Suppose you are working.. you have a deadline at office.. you child asks you to attend a function at his school.. he'll be disappointed if you and your wife dont go... what will you do ?

Group : Gyaan.. send wife only.. take kid for treat.. etx etc.. I somehow missed answering this question. So did no. 6.

Please remember that the question was thrown open to the group. Anyone can start answering. You have to make sure that you don't cut someone else's answer and at the same time you have to ensure that you put in your answer before the panel shoots the next question.

Next question.. Explain any other such conflicts that you might face / have faced..

Group : someone talked about work-leisure (RNG said ileaisure can be sacrificed).. I told him about a real incident that I faced..

RNG : Ok.. what will be your parameters for deciding such conflicts...

Asked the ques to no.6 : She didn't have a clear answer. And no one would have. I politely interfered that it was too subjective and parameters wil depend on the type of conflicting situations.

RNG : Ok..explain with examples then..

Group : Some people talked of Commitment, Consequences etc. Again.. I missed this one. I had thought of commitment.. someone took my point before me

RNG : No. 1 and No.6 .. both of you are trained carnatic singers. sing something for us. No. 1 sang... looong time.. No. 6 sang... even longer time... Boys stared at both the girl like dumbos

NL (after a prolonged hibernation) applauds them. Asked them their favourite raagas.

RNG (to the boys in the group..) : Don't worry.. if you dont know Carnatic music it won't go against you !!

Then NL and RNG asked the student panelist to ask questions.

He shot the first one at me : IT industry... software is also your hobby.. why opted for Marketing ?

Me : Explained about wider career choice.. IT and marketing also possible together.. IT companies need to sell their products etc etc..

He was pretty satisfied (anyways.. he wasn't cross questioning anyone !)

He moved on to other people : Was specifically asking about the 'adversity' part in their form. No. 4 (Oracle guy) had mentioned that he had a hairline fracture and still stood first in class. NL came in : But that wasn't an adversity as such... there's difference between adversity and inconvenience ! No. 4 was kinda stunned.. didn't have much to say.. said that he hadn't faced any financial adversity ever !

RNG came in : Yeah.. that way we are lucky. We hope that you don't face any adversity ever ! (Very sweet of him to say that !)

Student panelist : Asked girls (No. 1 and No. 6 ) about specific incidents in their forms. Both had some typical senior-junior issues in colleges. It was regarding that.

Finally.. thank you all.. and we left.

Came out and was promptly escorted by another senior ( don't remember name !!! What is wrong with me !!!) regarding my PGDSM call.

Took me to a small room. Just the two of us. Introduced himself. Asked about my college, job. He was my senior in college (and me didn't know him !). Gave me a brief intro about the PGDSM course. Told me to shoot any questions I had. Asked him about IM v/s PGDSM, technical subjects covered and Track-I and Track-II. Answered everything satisfactorily.

Asked me about the work I do... my responsibilities... whether I was directly involved with coding/implementation (Yes.. I said..). Was extremely friendly. Said that we'll know the shortlists soon. I said thanks and left !

All n all .. a chilled out experience. Be thorough with your questionnaire forms. Be prepared to answer at least some basic stuff on why you chose a particular specialization.

All the best PUYS !!


25th Feb
5.30 PM

GI Started half an hour late i.e 6.00 PM; finished by 7.00 PM

Was quite cool and different from other GI's I guess coz I read other's experiences and mine was quite strange.
Very few personal questions
Almost 4-5 GD's inbetween if i m nt wrong

4 members in the panel
two lecturers and 2 students; 1 just came by to see the proceedings but then started taking part in GD's and asking questions.

c1 working with mindtree for past 20 months
c2 me working with hon for past 32 months
c3 a slient guy -----
c4 fresher the only female
c5 another guy
c6 heading a software company himself somewhere in Raipur

Here we go
Started with everybody introducing oneself
panel took more interest in C6 but he couldnt justify his wants and needs properly hence got messed up. poor comunication skills i guess.
c1 gave a very good intro; panel was impressed

next a GD on why women crickiters are not that famous?
cool discussion, except c6 everybody contributed
talked about demi gods in cricket (all male), male chauvinism, 1983 world cup, womens interest to really play this game, blah blah

next discussion - give one such budget requirement from ur side directed towards IT.
yours truly talked about extension of tax holiday; rest couldnt contribute much

next discussion - in this era of fast life with 16 hours a day work style, what about time for onself and ones family?
cool discussion and everybody contributed except c2 and c6

next disussion - what abt companies exploting IT people? dont u guys wanna have some unions funda in IT sector too?? thinka bout the lower graded IT people--
cool discussion again, people contributing right from US legacy of it sector to RTI, maturity in it sector, more of contractors blah blah...

next discussion (kya bahi, form kab uthaoge?? wht abt personal questionss??? )
where should we invest now a days?? mutual funds or Fd or somethin else?
inflation came in to the picture... repo came, CRR came.. discussion happened.. yours truly ended with some proper definition and panel seemed satisfied

aur bhi tha.,.. yaad nahin aa raha..

overall, it was a good one atleast for me... i guess. could contribute quite well and could impress the panel too. thats what i feel...
nahin to waise bhi 1st march door nahin!

all the best. just one small piece of advice, just be urself and defend what u say... thats it. njy!

25th Feb.

We were a group of 6

C1 : opted for OR was working for some ferromagnetic company had to leave the company for some health reasons
C2 : me opted for pgsm workin with infy 8 mnths
C3 : opted for pgsm workin with cts 1yr
C4 : pgsm 2yrs hp
C5 : opted for finance fresher
C6 : opted for marketing working with l&t;

Panel (P) : 3 faculties one senior

P : good morning you need to answer four questions abt urselft, hobbies, work ex, some situation in life where you performed extremely well or you learnt something abt urself

C1: told abt his accident and how he had to leave him.. I dnt know why but I felt the panelists were doubting it finally got convinced I guess. He missed on answering the last question.

C2: I was very nervous dnt know why first time I guess did not do well I two missed on the last answer presuming we would have another round (tragedy begins )

C3: answered well first person to answer the last question.

C4: she gave a good intro explaining all the work they did

C5: I dnt remember his answer

C6: he too was nervous got some water from the panelists and also a quick boost up

Throughout this round the panelists were keeping note of the hobbies few cross questions later.

People were asked to sing. Recite poems, shayari ( as mentioned in hobby)

Not very interesting interview I would say however that was it.

one important tip have some very good hobies and connect it to your work... as in how it helps you improve your performance @work

Hi All
Her comes my MIT experience.
My profile:
CAT: 98.39
Acads: decent
Degree- poymer science and chemical technology from DCE.
Work ex - 33 months in Infosys

We six were called for the interview

Panel - Prof Lakshmi (P1), a gentleman, came in when only 2 minutes were left for interview, another lady prof (P2), student Anumitra (might be spelling differ) S1.

C1: Guy with work ex in TCS
C2: Girl working with TCS for last 18 months in banking domain
c3: guy working with Infosys for 9 months
c4: a guy working with infosys, 41 months
moi: working with infosys 33 months
c6: working with Satyam 18 mnths

Anumitra has experience both in TCS and Infosys, so he was asked the first question:satisfie: . Do he know any one of us as at SPJain, it is the rule that student should not know any candidate in advance

P1: Introduce yourself.
C1: Interst in yoga
c2: banking domain expert
c3: quiz champion, even fought against IIMC
c4: interest in philosphy
moi: retail domain expert, atleast think so:)
c6: want to open his own company in systems

P2 to C1: tell me about different type of yogas
P2 to C2: asked about banking in detail
p2 to c3: Which type of quizes you have participated in and what is your role at infosys
p1 to moi: what type of clients you have and how come your interst came in retail domain
p2 to C4: you are interested in philosphy and waht is karma yoga and so
p2 to c6:you want to do MBA in system. why do you have any experience

now major bouncers from student in panel S1

S1 to C6: what do you think about your company and again some system management related stuff.
s1 to moi: you want to be a project manager, but in infosys you will become project manager with in 3 years, then why you will be wasting your two years

S1 asked some quizzing questions to our quizzard and then asked questions related to domain to other three.
Questions were related to basically work ex as all of us were working.

Then they had a rapid fire round and asked to answer in one word and why?
questions were like.
* Which color you like most
* which movie you like most
* you like ocean, lake or a beach
* which flower you ike most etc.

and with this interview was over.

Not as good as expected. I could speak much more:neutral: .
Keeping my fingers crossed.
All the best to you all for the results.