SPJIMR (2016-18) GI Experiences

Puys, we can discuss and share our Group Interview experience here. 

Is any one done with their interview?...plz give an insight

WAT topic: Love is better than hate. First interview: ZERO people selected in my group of 7. Nothing to say.

Puys please share IM interview experiences....!

WAT topic : online learning more efficient than traditional learning. GI 1 : 5 persons, all for IM, interview was pretty standard, tell me about yourself, why IM,role in your company, role looking for post MBA, more grilling on what you do in your company, occasional questions about IT. 3 selected for next round GI 2 : interview was chill, started with views on LGBT,recent events regarding the issue, ethics vs morality-this was discussed for the major part, some decision making questions, pretty much that's it.

I have got call for ops. Have experience in oil and gas sector (process engineering). Can someone with a similar profile help me with the "why MBA in ops" qs?

Interview Exp: 5th Feb Bangalore Wat along with psychometric test (30mins): Can war be used to fight terror GI1(6ppl- 3IM, 2finance and 1marketing): Started with some discussion on gender diversity (since all 6 were boys and to ease of interview pressure) Then short background of each of us. Some discussion within group if anything interesting is said in short description (like one of us spoke about cricket and discussion went on to who should be Indian team captain) Why mba in particular domain (they are looking for genuine reasons.Just can't mention that you are interested so) From here discussion goes on what you speak. For GI2 3ppl got selected - 2 IM and 1 marketing GI2: Entirely behavioral interview More of discussion based then actual interview Started with discussion on inequality and then went on to reservations and then social responsibilities of businesses, pollution, etc. Both interviews went for around 1+hour..but it's discussions so no stress or nervousness felt. Also panelists are very chilled out if you answer them truthfully and specifically. All The Best!!!

Please post MArketing profile interview experience

Interview location: Delhi, Date: 9th Feb, Specialisation: Marketing and Slot: 12 noon

WAT and Psychometric:

Duration was 30 minutes. Both of them were combined. WAT Topic: " Batman, Superman or Spider man- which superhero do you relate yourself with the most?"

GI 1:

2 Panelists

A group of 6 members (1 from Operations, 1 from IM, 2 from Marketing and 2 from Finance; 3 freshers and 3 experienced).

Q1. Three points about yourself not mentioned in the form.

Q2. Difference between sales and marketing.

Q3. 7 Ps of marketing.

Q4. Give an example of recent advertisement that played a big role in the success of a product.

Q5. Create your own advertisement for the product.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to clear GI 1. None of the 6 people made it through to GI 2.

Hope this helps! Best of luck everyone! 😃

First and only interview this year. 6 people in Group: 1 IM, 1 Operations, 1 Marketing (Me), 3 Finance. I Got Eliminated in GI-1 and 2 from my Group made it. It started with 'What do you want others to see you as'? I said a good leader n blah blah. 2nd Question 'Why MBA?'. Be well versed with this question, as i peeked into the diary of a panelist taking note and she wrote 'excellent' for second last candidate for this question and he got selected. And they asked a question on 'Nationalization of Bank' whose article came in Newspaper on the day of interview and i was completely not aware of it. 

Please list a few basic concepts of marketing that have been asked in the interviews or from your experience which one should know.

Interview location - Delhi Date - 11th Feb 2016 Time - 2:00 PM WAT Topic - Wisdom is just a perception of looking at things. Do you agree that wisdom comes with age? Group Interview 1 2 Panelists - 1 male Nd 1 female 6 Candidates - 3 Finance (including me), 1 marketing and 2 information management 1. Asked us to quickly tell us abt ourselves in 30 seconds..if its not something on the form, better it is.! 2. Asked marketing guy abt his job profile and then directed him to the question why in marketing? Ur profile is better suited for Ops! :-P 3. Asked the other 2 ppl frm engineering background why finance? Grilled over it 4. Somewhere between this whole, fiscal deficit comes up and he asks me to explain the causes of fiscal deficit..!!! 🤔 "Sorry sir, I don't know" 😑 5. Asked me "Why did you chose to do graduation as correspondence! Don't u think u missed on the whole college life and the fun" 6. Why did you go to Mumbai for internship? (I had done a 3 years internship during my CA course in Mumbai. P.s. I am from Jaipur) 7. Have you followed stock markets closely? Answered 8. What are the factors that are causing the downfall in the markets? Answered 9. So do u think India will continue to have a roaring future? I said yes 10. But just now u said that the global market is also falling...china, UK, US, Europe... Everyone is down..how do u say that India will be growing amidst all this.? That was GI 1. 4 of us got through. 2 other finance spec ppl were rejected. Group interview 2 2 Panelists again A member of Adcom also sitting in the room. GI 2 was very chilled. No current affairs, nothing abt work experience.. Just few case studies, the stand u take, and reasons to justify the same. More of a discussion with faculties and enjoyed it highly.. :-) P.S. they also discussed abt AIB Roast (Ranveer singh and Arjun Kapoor one) 🤓 Just one suggestion guys...be urself during the interview. And it'll be good. Hope this helps.. All the best. :-D

Interview slot: 3 p.m , 10-2-16

Interview location: most polluted city in the world

Specialization: Finance


1. Introduction

2. Versatility

3. Financing of e-comm companies

4. Economy of India

5. Upcoming union budget expectations

2/5 qualified


1. What are you expecting

2. About responses in psychometric test

3. Decision making based question

4. Future of Indian economy

5. China 

Got the pen drive :-D

Any specific operations related question??I am an engineer.

Can someone from Information Management share his/her interview experience? 

Interview slot 10am @ Mumbai  

1st round was WAT(General topic) + Psychometric Evaluation

G1 : 2 Males ( 1 alumni) and 1 female.

There were 5 ppl in the group. All were asked to introduce ourselves and why SPJIMR.  Then questions were based on recent events like JNU, Make in India and 1 or 2 questions pertaining to the domain they had opted for. Lasted for 45mins.

All 5 through to G2.

G2: 2 males(1 HR prof and 1 IB) and later joined by the Dean. Very chilled out. Basic HR questions and nothing about Psychometric or WAT or application form. Lasted for 20-30 mins.

Got PD at the end of the process. 

One of the best interview processes. Kudos to ADCOM team.

Keeping fingers crossed !! 

Can someone please tell me what were the three slots for Mumbai interviews. I cant remember by timing and cant access it on the portal either. @The_Machine @The_Darthvader 

What time to reach for 2pm slot?

SPJIMR interview experience 

8th Feb 2016.

WAT= How has Information technology impacted work practices


1) Tell us 3 things that are not in your CV which let us know more about you guys

2) Why operations domain?

3) What is gemba kaizen?

4) What is TPM?

5) What is lean manufacturing?

6) What do you do at your company?

7) If selected, what is one thing that you will bring to the table

Round 2

1) Tell me one value that you will not let go under any circumstance

2) What is the most important trait of a leader

3) What is the kind of leader you are?

4) Tell us something about your formative which have made you the person you are

5) Give names of Indian crickets who debuted in the recent india - aus t20 series

6) Today is t20 match between which teams?

Final verdict: Rejected