SPJain bombay v/s FMS v/s iitb-- ne idea??

hey guys…can u compare the 3 and let me know ur views

hey guys...can u compare the 3 and let me know ur views

FMS > Spjain > IIT-b

Discliamer :- my opinion

Hi ,


The views expressed below are my own and you are free to agree/disagree with my views

I have got an admission from FMS.Cleared all the rounds of SP Jain but didnt apply for JMET.
Reason for the ranking

All these institutes guarantee you 100% placements in a good year .However the nature of companies and nature of jobs coming to each of these institutes may vary .
My opinion is based on placements in 2002 , when economy was under recession.In that year 100% campus placements was obtained by IIMs A,B,C,L , XLRI and FMS.(Based on outlook survey for B-Schools in 2002).Placements in a recession year from campus was an excellent yardstick to see how corporates view the institute profile.Similarly the placements from campus for SP Jain was greater than IIT B.

Alumni Strength

FMS -oldest B -School in India -Started in 1954-Alumni strength is excellent
SP Jain- 20 years Old-Very good alumni - Good
IIT B- Relatively new comer- Cant comment-IIT Brand Name may help

Quality of Faculty
FMS-All Faculties are Phds(As per their prospectus)-Has huge experience under their belt-Too good as per friends studying there -
SP Jain- Very Good Faculty as per sources -
IIT B - No idea :

Location Advantage
New Delhi or Mumbai doesnt make much differnce eventhough we can give 99% to FMS and 100% to SP Jain and IIT B.But that 1% doesnt matter much ;-D

Course Fee
FMS with its 20,000 bucks for two years clearly scores over the other two. .No need to take loan etcc..if u r doing M B A from FMS.
SP Jain-4.5 lakhs (approx)

FMS has a pretty decent infrastructure.I asked the same questions to students when I went there for interview Well the repky was "We have got a good internet connection, nice computers and classrooms what else do u need to study ?"Last year the students body in FMS networked the whole campus as per Career launcher Magazine.But Infrastructure vis-a-vis fees is very good .

But SP Jain and IIT B are slightly better than FMS as per rankings in infrastructure.:!: :idea:

Any thing more
Lots of other intangible advantages from Delhi University Milieu :wink: in FMS.Here too FMS outweigh SP Jain 😃 which is relatively better than IIT B .IIT B (Well , I dont know much abt IIT B fairer sex ).But no time for all that as per friends studyng there .How will we survive? 😞

😁 I hope I have started with a nice beginning for institute wars .
anybody else wanna add , please contribute


congrats dude u'got so much to choose frm.

my views :-

fms is a typical DU college for professional degrees ( i am in one of the others ) .

this would mean less hardwork as compared to other inst. ( read SPJ ) and a better pay as compared to them

also, ( word of mouth thing ) .... mgmt studies better in spj as far as teaching is concerned.

iitb ...

hope u make the best choice ..

thanks...for ur suggestions...its gonna b a tough decision between spjain & fms

must begin by saying u r in a privilleged dilemma.............(god give me one like that too! )

i think its a no contest in favour of FMS if its an FMCG that u wanna enter............otherwise.SP JAIN is as good,,,,,,,,dont even think of IITB


SP Jain has Better IT placements and the IM course as such is very good.FMS is slightly behind SP on the systems front.Mark/Fin fms would definetly beat SP Jain.So it depends on the course you want.Since u have already choosen your spec. in SP it should not be much of a problem . If you have got in IM go to SP Jain. But if it is Mark/Fin then I guess FMS would be better.