Sp jain online application filling for 2016-2018

Hi Puys, Share your ideas on how to fill the online application form for spjain admissions 2016 to 2018. Share your previous experiences or what do they expect from all those questions

Dear frnds,

I am an aspirant of sp jain mumbai. I want to fill the online application form. There are so many self analysis questions. Share how u have filled those and what do they expect out of it and how to fill it so that i get a profile based call.

Hi friends, I am working as a developer in a software company(2 years exp/). I wanted to give Information management as first preference. Can I give it as "relevant work experience"? 

Please respond

 In the application for the entrance details they have asked for the registration number. But for XAT the registration number comes in the form of XATxxxxx where xxxxx represent a number. But in the box we can't write alphabets. So do we need to put the xxxxx only or we would be provided some other number in the admit card?
My next question is for entrance details which details are to be filled now? since the details regarding the result can be known once the exam gets over and the result is out. 

I am applying to PGDM with the GMAT score. Please advice whether it is necessary to send the score report to SP JAIN. Will appreciate the help

can some body provide the preference order for pgdm program 

which one should be prefered in form filling for spjain

  • finance
  • operation
  • information management
  • marketing

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 I am confused with the preferences given in the sp jain form.I am not aware of the new preference known as information management.what is it?Can anyone please explain it?I have been working in cognizant for the last 2.8 years.Then what should be my preferences? 

cat O.A expected 90-95 Btech -67% 12th- 77% 10th- 87% Experience TCS-15 months should I apply???


i have submitted the application form and paid the fees....but i have made a typing mistake while adding maximum marks of 3rd year so what can be done? any help would be of great use and relief. thank you.


when will the call/offers be made for SPJAIN PGDM 2017-2019?

 Please help,urgently!For academic qualificatin, we have to select the subjects according to the limited options but there is a separate section to fill in the remaining subject details. However, those subjects aren't getting counted in the overall percentage and as a result my overall percentage is going down from 91.60 to 90.33. 

can someone provide me with the login page link.

it's not working for me.

when i click proceed for payment, the screen becomes grey. What to do? Please help!

Hi guys, what are you filling in the personal responsibility section in SP Jain form ? Please mention other than teaching siblings or organising weddings, they aren't applicable to me

Please suggest whether i should fill SP JAIN form of not as per my profilr.

10th - 82.33% (U.P. Board)

12th- 79% (CBSE)

B.Tech from one of NIT's -7.9/10

workex of 2 years and currently working in Infosys

my form status is showing in progress is there anything i can do now, as last date was 24th

guys plzz drop in a mail to sp jain to extend the last date to today

Information Management Waitlisted at 69... Any chance.... Plz repy....TIA

Hi I got 70% in 10 and 53% in12 did I eligible for spjain