Soft skills - What do you think?

So I am trying to do some research for a project of mine on soft skills.

What I would want to know, by a quick show of opinion, is what does the Puys think about this topic. Do people even know what soft skills are? Does anybody feel that they lack in a particular soft skill? Would you want to take a training to improve your skills? etc. etc.

I don't have a set questionnaire in place yet. Just wanted to gauge out feel before I ask for a surveymonkey kind of help 😛

I am placing a short writeup below to familiarize junta with "Soft Skills". Would appreciate inputs from all!!!


Soft skills are:

- Personal traits or qualities

-Defines how we interact with others


-Acquired through concentrated effort

Soft skills are needed to:

- Allow for effective use of skills and knowledge

- Improve interaction with bosses, colleagues and clients

- Influence how others perceive us

- Match a laundry list of qualifications mentioned in job postings - Communication skills, Organizational skills, Team player etc.

You have a soft skill gap if you find yourself:

- Unable to manage your work?

- With no clear sense of direction from management?

- Unable to get your presence noticed?

- Ineffectual presentation skills?