SMU Cox (Dallas TX) Fall 2013

Hello All..Is there any thread going on for Fall 2013 SMU Cox applicants. I submitted to Round 1 today

I'm in....targeting R2 deadline.....request everyone looking to apply for SMU Cox MBA Class of 2013-15 to post their profile.

My profile is:
GMAT: 660 (Q49, V31, AWA-4, IR-8). Writing the exam again in a couple of weeks time
Work ex: 4 yrs (by the time of joining) with a Big4 in a corporate finance role
Acads: Poor (but graduated from a top tier college of Delhi University where admission rate is 1:100)
EC: Excellent
Comm service: None

Post MBA, I want to work in IB/PE or in a corporate finance role at an energy company.

Below is my profile

680 (Q46, V38, AWA-6, IR-7).
Work ex: More than 7 years with a major IT Firm
Acads: Excellent - Graduated from a Top Tier University with distinction
EC: None
Comm service: Decent

Hi ,

I applied in R1, had my interview yesterday in Mumbai.
Profile: 690 Q48 V 36 , 5.0 , 7.
IT consulting in Energy Sector(46 months till the time i matriculate)
EC are Good.
Best of luck to both of you !!
@pjgmat Can u plz share your interview experience?

The interviewer was a very nice lady ... the i/v was kind of conversational ... questions were more related to my profile and work experience ..

Any suggestions on applying with a 640. Some light about the post MBA career services of the B school

I had my interview 2 weeks back and did not hear back from them either..With only 10 days left..I hope they will start sending out decisions soon

@neverlate13 Hey...ny word from the adcom? Also, can you please guide me on the second essay - 'The Cox School of Business seeks students who desire to become leaders with purpose - those who will positively influence the global business community, whether in a small way or on a large scale. What have you done thus far in your academic or professional career to make a difference?' Make a difference in what terms? What are we expected to write in this essay?
@batiatus - No still have not heard back from adcom..In the leadership essay, you can write about any of your experiences where your actions brought a remarkable change (tangible result) in the team you are working on. (Highlight the problem, what your role was in that and how your actions contributed)


Can anyone suggest me to apply at score of 610 or not.

Quant: 50

Verbal: 23

Work Ex: 3 years completed.

@sid86_13 - Your GMAT score is lower than the school average. Adding to this we are in the competent pool of Indian students. I would suggest to retake GMAT to be above school average. (640 +). Having said that, there will always be other application components. So if you think you can compensate off your 610 score with essays and interview, you can always go ahead and apply

I'm in and super happy .. with $40,000 scholarship !!

@pjgmat Many congrats !! Did you apply for Dean's scholarship as well?
@batiatus no yaar .. past record says that u need a high GMAT for that !!
@pjgmat Alrite, but i guess high GMAT is only one of the requirements. You seem to have a strong overall profile.

Anyways, any chance of a full-rider if one doesn't apply for dean's scholarship. If not, any clue about the maximum amount of scholarship one can get ?
@batiatus full means dean's scholarship ..
maximum schol that i've heard other than dean's is of around 66k ..
hope this helps !!

@pjmat congratulations

I received my admit yesterday. Will be heading to cox.