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Dear Prospective Students,This is an official blog of Smeal College Of Business at Pennsylvania State University.I am Vibhor Kharbanda. I’m a second year student and admissions department representative for Smeal College Of Business. I will be…

Dear Prospective Students,

This is an official blog of Smeal College Of Business at Pennsylvania State University.

I am Vibhor Kharbanda. I'm a second year student and admissions department representative for Smeal College Of Business. I will be available on this blog through the application process for MBA full time program 2014.

Please feel free to post your queries/doubts that you may have as you prepare to submit your application during the course of the year.

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Thanks for showing your interest in the Smeal MBA program.

All the best for your application process.

Smeal College Of Business

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Dear Prospective Students,

Below is a link to the student blogs at Smeal College of Business. This would give you a sneak peak into the internship experiences of the class of 2014, Exec Panel 2013 and other case competitions where students have made the school proud.

Meet the new Director of Student Services at the Penn State Smeal MBA Program.

Erik Orient

Hi Vibhor, as I was writing the second essay (looking to catch the early decision deadline) just stumbled across a section on the admissions page of Smeal on Plagiarism. Now I am confused and afraid .. is there any way to get my essays verified by some reliable source so that I am convinced that they are free from Plagiarism?

hi ,

this is teja ,can you tell the admission process and criteria necessary for candidates to apply for the b-school.[

submitted my application for Smeal Full time MBA. Now, hoping for something positive

Hi smealmba.

I have submitted my smeal application for Fall 2014. I have 2 questions to ask.
- I have attached the scanned copies of my transcripts. Is it required to send the official sealed packet now only as the website says that it is to be send only after admission is provided.
- I don't know if this is the correct thread to ask this qn but as yo are already there, I wanted to know from you, How difficult it is for international students to get employment in US.I mean as extra VISA cost is involved, are employers ready to employ them.

Hello smealmba,

I hope you are doing excellent in your MBA curriculum. My name is Jasmeet Singh and I am planning to apply for MBA-2014 batch. I have the following queries:-

1. What is the approximate overall expenditure for the course, including food, hostel, travelling, tuition fees etc...(basically for the duration of the course hw much money should i have with me??)

2. Is there any post MBA visa problem? Will i get a visa to work in US?

3. Do I have to take TOEFL exam? The medium of instruction in my university was English and it is explicitly mentioned in the transcripts....

4. Is there any probability to get placed in engineering consultancy firm such as Arup, PwC ? Any other engineering consultancy firm that hire MBA students of smeal?

5. The current placement scenario for Indian students in management consultancy firm (I want to work in the infrastructure domain of a consultancy firm)?


Application submitted for R1

Submitted my application today - R I

Got an interview invite yest from SMEAL !! 😃 !! Cheers

But the email says scholarship is given on rolling basis and initial round of awards will be completed by 25 April, 2014. Don't know what to make of it.

Hello All,

I would like to get my profile evaluated.

Experience - 8+ (currently working as requirement analyst)
GMAT 610
GPA .375
Working Status: Writing

Please share your thoughts.

Admitted with GA. I believe that is full tuition waiver with stipend, not sure though. Dream offer!!!! Yet to sink in!

I want to apply to US B-Schools (smeal is a dream), but I don't have Letter of Recommendations or anyone to give it to me becasue my company doesn't have this policy of providing LOR's....can someone help me with this...?? even getting LORs from collegues is problematic because it is not allowed...

Again a waitlist! 😞

Hey ! I was wondering if anyone has heard frm Smeal regarding their Round 2 results. I submitted my app on Nov 8th, got an interview call on Nov 10th , and had my interview on 26th Nov. It went really well I believe ! My interviewer got back to my recommenders via e-mail on Dec 6th for extra information and follow up. Is this is good/bad sign? Playing the waiting game now..

Hey ! anyone else heard frm Smeal regarding their second round results ?


I have GMAT-640 (AWA-6)

9+ years of IT consulting experience in banking domain with 7+ years international onsite experience in multiple countries

Have led project of worth $12M, onsite and led teams of size 40.

Acads - Above average

Awards, etc. - not good

LORs from my client project directors

Can you please suggest?