..Skills: What you need to succeed in life..

This is a group to discuss essential skills and systems (that are not taught in school) to transform yourself and your career so you can win in business and life. 

After completing my MBA (in 2011) and having started businesses and leading teams and organizations across the world I realize what we learn in schools/universities don't fully equip us with all the critical skills and know-how required to truly be successful in life. I started this group with the hopes to discuss and transfer know-how and knowledge gained over the decades.

How to change your habits

If you want to be successful in life you need to understand how to change your habits. The great thing about habits are once you understand the system behind it you can be deliberate about how you change.


Habits form as a result of a three stepped habit loop:

Cue (you have to find this) – Routine (you need to change this) – Rewards (you need to define this). 

Habits work like this – When I see a CUE, I will do a ROUTINE to get a REWARD. Habits create neurological Cravings. As you associate a cue with a reward, a subconscious craving emerges in our brain that starts the habit loop spinning. So to change a habit, you must:

- recognize and keep the old cue,

- deliver the old reward,

- but insert a new routine.

It’s that simple! Not really :)! but you can transform almost any behavior can if you follow the loop. I used this system to change my driving habits and saved 100's of dollars in the process.

Would love to hear your thoughts on your experience with habit change.

The 3 Mantras for a successful life

I had a math teacher in school who taught me 3 mantras that he lived his life by.  He said: “To be successful in life one must adopt the 3D mantra. Determination. Dedication. Devotion.” 

 When you look at the 3D mantra know that you can apply it to anything you do in life. From a new goal you set for yourself, to a side project to life in general. 

Let’s now look at the 3 D’s:

 Determination:  If you have you read the story of the camel trader in babylon (from the book The Richest Man In Babylon)? In this tale Dabasir (the camel trader) found his soul when he realized a great truth. This truth has led people out of difficulties. The truth revealed in the book is this: “Where the Determination Is, the Way Can be Found.” Use the power of repetition as a fuel to build your determination. 

 Dedication:  My personal favourite story is Jadav Payeng’s dedication to single-handedly plant the Molai forest. The forest is now larger than Central Park in NYC. This took him over 30 years to do. If you want to understand dedication google this man's story.

 Devotion:  Devotion has two meanings: religious worship and loyalty. I (and my professor) have chosen devotion to represent religious worship.  I consider it the act of bringing spirituality into your daily life. You can do this through daily prayer. 

So will you use the 3D mantra to improve your life? 

The secret to making dreams come true is to constantly take unreasonable amounts of action towards achieving them. Don't just wish for it, work for it. What action did you take today to get closer to your dreams?

There may come a time when things get so bad that you begin you wonder what happened to your dream. On your journey to hitting your goals, you will hit walls that test your resolve. End your doubt. Instead, think about why you started. Join my mailing list and get essential skills and systems to transform yourself and your career so you can win in business and life. Check out www.BettermentAcademy.com

You have to always be prepared. You have to continually improve yourself. You have to keep learning and practising. It never gets easier. You only get better and stronger.

Don't forget to pause.

Keep pushing forward. Never stop.

Just believe.