SJMSOM, IIT Bombay 2013-15 Batch [Official]

Hi all, Congratulations on being selected for the Master of Management programme at Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. Welcome on board :smiley: All further communication to selected/waitlisted candidates and all rela…

Hi all,

Congratulations on being selected for the Master of Management programme at Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. Welcome on board πŸ˜ƒ

All further communication to selected/waitlisted candidates and all related discussion will happen here on this thread.

Best wishes,

Team Admissions

when would the first waitlist movement happen ???

Waitlisted at 81
Profile :
X : 86..25%
XII : 81..6%
ENGG : 77.6%
Workex : 36 months, MLM
WAT : Below average
PI : Good enough, was grilled on why entrepreneurship, stress interview but I didnt gave off and probably that paid off πŸ˜ƒ

more happier than I would have had I got a straight convert. WL 81 highly likely to convert (considering last yr till 247 cleared) , so it gives me more time to decide between MDI n SJMSOM. Most likely joining MDI but will still do lot of research on SJMSOM. Thank u seniors for having such an awesome arrangements for WAT/PI πŸ˜ƒ

Converted!! Yipeemgmg.... N there's a confession to boot... THere was a tym when i was quite sure that colleges like IIT Bombay would never give me a GD/PI call... Today i have converted SJMSOM.. & FMS (& IIMs & XLRIs etc) which back in college days was a dream!! Life's GOOD.. Dreams Have just got Bigger.. The Stage will be more demanding... But i will pull through.. Punching Above my weight is my passion.. MY DREAMS WILL BE MY REALITY!!πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ

P.S -- KUDOS to the SJMSOM Seniors.. Best handled process among all B SCHOOLS & I attended all!! Even the accommodation gave me some new friends and it was a great 3 days!!

guys.. waiting list 12 catgry: SC..
chances of convert??

im waitlisted at 25 in sc I have a chance of conversion..plz reply plz...

Waitlisted at 4 :mg:

Xth - 91.2
XIIth - 83.6
BTech - 84.6
Decent extra curriculars (think I got the marks here)
No work ex
General Male.

Not so good WAT as I was in the 1st day 1st slot.
PI was weird but performed okay.

Thanks seniors for all the help. πŸ˜ƒ

Since all the main Non IIMs results are out, many people will be in a dilemma to choose the best one out of many which they have converted. As comparison is not allowed in PG, can anyone suggest the best possible way to debate on it. The colleges i would like to bring under discussion are SPJain, MDI, NITIE and SJMSOM. I know there is no crystal clear answer to it as it depends on individuals specialization interest. Can a group PM can be created where we can involve experts(read "seniors")and their opinions . After struggling for almost an year to crack CAT and to convert some big names, i dont want to mess it up at the end by taking a wrong decision. There will be many who is facing the same situation like me. But i dont know any here in PG. If any active member who can tag the names of those guys and if someone can take up the challenge of creating a group PM and add seniors also into our discussion, it will be of great help. PS : Please dont bring any comparison under this post. Any method in which we can discuss this topic is welcome.

@VanathiMC sir...could you plzz confirm what is the last waitlist number??

GEN WL 131

Waitlisted at 75, hoping last year's movement replicates itself 😁

Profile :

X : 88.57

XII : 85.60

ENGG : 8.30

Workex : 10 months Automobile manufacturing

WAT : very nice

PI : Quite good, was asked mainly on Tata Motors and Tata group AND 1-2 gk questions. Answered most of them.
Couldn't get a higher waitlist/convert probably because scored 1.xx/12 in workex+extracurrics.
Delighted! All the best to those who are waitlisted mg🍻

We have to submit Rs 2.28L by 14th may... and it was also written that if we withdraw after 15th june no refund(Rs 3000) will be given... is it true? i thought that if we withdraw before classes start, we get a full refund. seniors please clarify because WL of some colleges will clear after that

waitlisted @OBC-61 any chances of converting ??

y is the som website down ????

Hi All,

Due to some technical issues, online payment portal in the website will be available by Tuesday(7th May) morning.

-Team Admissions

Hi All,

Please find below the process that will be followed for declaration of movement of wait-lists.

1. All the candidates who have cleared the wait-list and are offered seats will receive a mail regarding the same.

2. The dates for wait-list movements will be declared through the College website, Pagalguy and Facebook

The first wait-list will be published after 16th of May.

All the best πŸ˜ƒ

Hi seniors,

I was hoping if you could please shed some light on Finance in SJMSOM?


Any OBC puys leaving NITIE ? please comment so that we can get an idea of next WL movement

anyone having W/L 200 or more in general category??