SJMSOM, IIT Bombay 2006 GD/PI Experiences...

People, please start posting ur GD/PI experiences at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay… ATB to all!!! Rohit

People, please start posting ur GD/PI experiences at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay....

ATB to all!!!


Well, posting an experience from the calls thread..

Hi all,
Had my GD/PI today.

In total there were 48 people .Divided into 4 groups.All the four had the same GD topic.
Once GD was done ,same panel took the interview.

GD would last for 25 mins.5 mins for Jolting down points and 20 mins for discussion.

Case study :Some HR related one.A law frim has branches in delhi and bangalore.Top most in the country.Good profits,Recently they have witnessed that attrition among young people has been more.When they asked four senior managers in Bangalore the senior managers cited four reasons as
1)No HR department
2)Training was outdated
3)even though proper apprisal was based people left as they felt they are not recognised properly (smnthg.....)

Encorporation of hr Departmnet proposal from Bangalore centre had been rejected once by delhi mgmt.
After the above paragraph 3 questions were followed which we had to discuss..

1)Is there a need of HR department?if so what should be its role.
2)How would you sell the idea of starting a HR depart to dehi mgmt
3)what should be the hierarchial struct of the Organisation.

PI :Generally each PI lasted for 20-25 mins.Questions on Statistics like regression,Co-relation ,Matrices etc were asked.And also on General and current affairs.

In panel 2 there is a Statistics all the guys had predominantly questions on statistics..Rest had relatively few Questions.

All the best Guys

Hi All

Please post ur GD PI experience with your profile as well ..
need to confirm the following:
1) Are they asking a lot of tech questions to ppl with decent work ex ?
By tech - I mean questions on Engineering !!
In the VGOM interview, there were hardly any tech questions .. But in the DMS IIT Delhi interview .. many were grilled on tech .. So need to find out the trend in this ..
2) What type of questions on statistics are being asked ?
3) What type of general awareness questions are being asked ?
4) Are they looking at the SOP/form carefully and asking questions on that ?
Guys who have had their GD PIs today .. Please do post their experiences asap, so that it can be of help to ppl having it in the next few days.

Guys one day already and only one gd/pi exp 😞

Will_Crack_CAT Says
Guys one day already and only one gd/pi exp :(

Seriously, this is a huge let down....

Looks like ppl are taking competition too seriously...guys i m sure we can do better, while other GD/PI experiences are over flowing here we have just one :(...

i guess as everyone has to come to Mumbai from other places hence we see the delay in responses

oh damn. just typed out a long long post and got an "invalid thread" response when i posted it. Its all gone.
No way I can type all that out again now
Salient features of my ghost post:

---- My profile: 3.5 yrs work ex in core electrical, six sigma black belt, bad acads (68%), jmet rank - 8, not much extra currics except for music
--- GD was the same as crack_d_cat mentioned...all 4 panels have the same GD
---- GD was fishmarket
---- PI was good...was dreading questions from stats but I had a HR prof in the panel and all questions were very standard HR questions (aboutwhy I want to leave job and my strengths and weakness etc)
----- No techie questions in my intie at all
----- Felt good at the end of the whole process. Met phooka there (he verified my ceris 😁 )...very nice and helpful guy.
----- One bad thing...accomodation was terrible...had to live in a refugee camp for the past 2 days

hi all
the case study is the same as mentioned in one of the posts
my interview had questions varying from techie to non-techie
in statistics - different distributions and their properties (God knows wat properties they want)
general questions - they've shown a pen and asked me, how do i calculate the cost price of it
aritificial intelligence
difference between i.q. and e.q.
not much on my work-ex

questions for other members

wat r human emotions?
on stats mostly on distributions
sewers in chennai, how do u measure and keep track of them?(don't exactly remember it)
pharma licenses, how do u distribute them?

if i remember any other questions, i'll post them again

shucks....after iit-d which i thot went ok for me, iit-b looks like disaster.

GD case: there's this retail sop which gives a commission scheme to all staff managers and sales staff to increase sales and service. They get commission based on sales they make. the idea goes wrong and what shld the management do? sales ppl stand in teh entrance and rush for customers, don't take care of inventory........... three qns.: what are the symptomps for problem, root causes and remedies /

it was a total fish market while many did make point. it varied bet'n a sane and insane gd. junta wo didn't speak well were asked to say something. i also joined the shout but guess contributed some valid points.


was in panel2. three people in the panel.....m1,m2,m3 and I
m1: introduce myself..
I: did that and told my work-ex.......
m1:so, why now mba?
I; sir, am interested in management, wanna work in big corporate organisations, handle tasks and move up in career..
m1: doesn't sound convinced and said govt. is the biggest organisation, why not wanna work there/ narayana murthy is not an mba but built a big organisation..............
I: sir, but theoretical aspects of mba is essential to know........ {botched it up inbetween by saying there are many who did mba and run organisation like nilekani while i knew he wasn't an mba.........shucks?????!@#@!}
m1:still unconvinced,said what is there in me that wants me to do an mba?
I: my skill sets in handling tasks, comm. skills prompts me to work in a managerial position
m1:ok, u remember anything of chemical engg. frm college(i hv 3.5 yrs work-ex and thot no technical........??!!)

I: to some extent, 60-70%........
m1: anyway, what is economy of scale?
I:(totally zapped..) no idea sir
m1: what is economy of scope?
I: absolutely no idea
m2: ok, what shld i ask u in?
I: mass transfer
m2:{doesn't do that and instead asks me in thermodynamics} what is the third law with eqn.?
I: i say the definition in words and say entropy is zero at absolute temp being zero.......or some such convincingly clear definition{which is correct}
m2: can u apply entropy in management ? how? why?
I; {i try to explain something related to this...... and tried answering to some extent but give up on the equation}
m3:what are ur hobbies?
I: reading books.......mentioned that i last read oscar wilde short stories
& we get into ethics here, asked on corporate governance and talked very well on this for some extent, m3 was very convinced and was smiling
m3: so will u take up a dicey job which might be a bit unethical wit risk involved?
I:{with total boldness} will surely take up challenges like that and work through it than shun away, will try to get ethics right in such scenario......


came out feeling i totally botched it and won't make it for sure to IIT-B.......

hi every1
had my interview yesterday.
my profile: B.E(69%),in final year.
JMET RANK - 125.

first take with SOM IITB,dey make us stay in some haunted house:wow: within the campus,n boy they charged 100 bucks a nite 4 we expected to stay in d suave hostel 13.

neways had d case study in d afternoon.the case was quite was about empowering the HR department of TCS,n how to sustain very high growth in the next few the end 2 questions were given
1.)suggest some strategies to empower d hr dept.
2.)suggest some steps to make d company marketing-based oriented??: ??:

d discussion was one f d most pathetic ones i have participated in.most f d guys were pretty dominant.typical fishmarket.a couple of a******* just didnt shut up d entire 15 min:neutral: .
i was expecting d mods to get up n ask them 2 keep quiet so that a sane discussion cud go ahead,but that dint happen n at d end f it all v had no substantial points.
i tried 2 make a few entries,gave in a suggestion of merger n acquisition.

d interview was by the same panel.very easy going to start with.
-asked me about my hobbies.
-compare human brain n comp.
-artificial intelligence
-things which comp cant do but human can
-asked me about d last buk read.i told him'd monk who..'.said dis coz i knew cud speak a lot on dis.
asked about d learning 4m d book n i answered pretty wel.
-den asked me given a set of x,y co-ord how wud u kno d function
i said wud plot d points n trace d curve.he said gimme some oder technique.i told him i dint remember n had studied this in d first year.
-den asked me bout d railway budget.told him a few things n den bungled up bad.told him ac 1st class fares hv been reduced by 80%(it was 18%.had heard it wrong while i was discussing it earlier wid a fren:neutral: ).n boy dey raped me on dis.
-den d prof told me u look a creative person ,gimme 8(yes ,uses f ur specs apart 4m vision.i answered pretty wel.was on d 7th one when he interrupted.
dat was it .no SOP.

did really bad on dat budget question.

so den.that was it.end of my mba season.
hadnt expected this at all.ended up with just one solitary call,n dat too 4m an exam which i only decided to give on d morning f d exam.i thot CAT had 2 b an off day,but wat bout fms and xl.
have screwed up left,right and centre.

neways all d very best to all d guys giving the interviews.

rocky s.

-'Life,to me,is a series of false limits and my challenge as an individual is to overcome them every single day i wake up' Lance Armstrong.

i'l be back.

Hi Puys,

Here's my interview experience at SJMSOM.... Reached the venue half an hour early... There was nobody at the control desk, but a few candidates waiting outside... After about 15 mins, a senior showed up and escorted us to the seminar hall...

The presentation started at 8 AM sharp, as scheduled.. And the GD started at 9 AM sharp.. In between the two, we had the docs verification...

GD (Case) topic was related to shortage of MBA teaching staff in colleges in Bangalore because of mushrooming of new colleges... There were three questions given at the end of the case which we had to discuss... It was a complete fishmarket right from the time it started... Ppl kept on talking with one-another... I tried to make some points, but was pushed back in the cross talk.. Wasn't contended with the quality of the discussion... Was asked to summarize and comment on the discussion at the end... told them that we could have done it in a better way...

The same panel then started with the interviews... Typically around 15-20 mins per person.. I was fourth on the list... Seniors told me that the panel was a really cool one... There were 3 people on the panel... It started with "Tell me about yourself"... Had rehearsed this question a dozen times.. But bungled out there in front of the panel... Donno why...

Then they started to ask me questions related to my work (textiles), and why I switched from IT to textiles.... Also, in between, they subtly asked me why I want to do an MBA... My interview was completely based on my work only, and so was able to answer all of them comfortably... It was just like talking to a friend across the table.... 😃

Then some questions on hobbies, and then the conversation shifted to MBA institute rankings... Accidently told them that SJMSOM is ranked 7th, but quickly corrected myself and said it's 10th...

Overall, it was pretty cool.. Eagerly waiting for the results to be declared.... It's gonna be a long long wait.. Met phooka just before leaving... All seniors were really nice and helpful...

ATB to ppl who still have their GD/PI's left...

My GD/PI was on feb 25,2006.

University: DA-IICT(fresher)
JMET Rank:158
Extra-curriculars: Not much there(Just one or two certificates)
Know quite a bit abt hindi movies and cricket

GD: The duration was 20 minutes plus five minutes for reading the case.It was a group of twelve.Most people had work-ex.There was just one member from the opposite sex.
It was a noisy experience.
Could make two or three brief entries which went unregistered.
Only the girl seemed to notice my points and tried to carry forward my
ideas, which I swear were completely original.
I felt like hugging her(actually I wanted to go beyond that,but this is not
the place).
Most of the time people were shouting and trying to silence others.
There were very few relevant points
Finally a person who did not speak anything was asked to summarize.
But he seemed lost(maybe he watches the serial too much).
We were also asked to leave our caselets.I had written something on it(key
points of the discussion)
The GD was pretty average for me.

PI: Iwas the first one in the panel to be interviewed.

There were three professors in all; all very friendly.

Entered the room and wished them.
THEY ASKED FOR THE certificates.
Handed them the certificates.

Q: Tell me abt yourself.
A: Usual stuff.Hobbies movies and cricket(keep track of cricketing records)
Q: You seem to be interested in cricket?Upto what level have you played?
A: Play for fun
Q: How many 100s has Sachin scored in ODIs?
A 39(I was so happy):)
Q: What is the probability of his scoring a 100 in the first ODI vs England?
A I said 11 per cent(should have been .11)
Q How did u get the ans?
A sachin has played some 350 ODIs. 39 centuries.
So 39/350 is the ans.
(They seemed satisfied with my logic)
Q Why MBA?
A usual stuff
Q Why now(I am a fresher)
A usual stuff
(This was followed by some questioning and discussion on "why now")
Q Favorite subject?
Q What is normalization? Why do we need it?
A Needed for avoiding redundancy. Faster and efficient query etc.
Q What are the steps of normalization?
A Explained 1NF,2NF,3NF etc.(explained on a piece of paper)
Q What is relational database?
A Tried to answer but couldn't answer properly.
Q Is MS-Access relational?
A Said no(MS-Access is relational)
Q database tools u have used?
A Oracle , cloudscape etc.
Q What r triggers?
A I don't remember.
Q Difference between IT and ICT?
A answered(they seemed satisfied)
Q Who heads DA-IICT(anil or mukesh)?
A anil
Q Dhirubhai Ambani didn't do MBA?Why you?
A Want to be part of structured learning process etc.
Q What is structured learning?
A Courses,exams,projects etc
(In between some discussion on "why MBA" went on)
Q Have you seen anil ambani?
A Twice.Also mentioned the instances.
Q How do u find Anil?
A Young,dynamic,media-savvy
Q I find him very aggressive?
A That's his style.Perceptions may differ.
Q But a manager shouldn't be aggressive?
A Someone has to take the final decision.Or else there would be chaos
Q So you like anil's style?
A Yes
Q What is a knowledge economy(from my SOP)?
A Said domain-specific knowledge.
(there was some discussion on this issue)
Q Who taught you STS(one of our courses)?
A Prof. Shiv Visvanathan.
(Thank you and all that stuff.I also shook hands with each one of
Tha panel was very cordial.They kept smiling and so did I.
The interview was very good.
Not too many tech ques.


do we have to sign our sop? I dint get this.. can u plz rep.. have my interview tomorrow..
do we have to sign our sop? I dint get this.. can u plz rep.. have my interview tomorrow..

yes boss, i suggest you guys mention the name and also sign it....... else the prof woud only ask what proof is it that this sop is yours? felt weird abt this but why question?

Even if u don't sign it, pls do mention the name in the end so that one can make out that it's ur sop.

did other guys sign the sop?
yes boss, i suggest you guys mention the name and also sign it....... else the prof woud only ask what proof is it that this sop is yours? felt weird abt this but why question?

Even if u don't sign it, pls do mention the name in the end so that one can make out that it's ur sop.

did other guys sign the sop?

I had written my name and JMET reg no. clearly on my SOP but was asked to sign it too. They might have some reason of their own. Who knows. (Maybe they want to take people who have bullshitted on their SOP to court 😁 )
ExpandingHorizon Says
I had written my name and JMET reg no. clearly on my SOP but was asked to sign it too. They might have some reason of their own. Who knows. (Maybe they want to take people who have bullshitted on their SOP to court 😁 )

Hey Expanding..

U must hav been feeling really relaxed after being released from that refugee camp...

I am too feeling pretty relaxed... Going to JUHU beach n see the sea shore 4 the first time in my life before leaving aamchi mumbai early 2moro morning...

hi guys ...this is my first post on this thread...i had my GD\PI on 25th morning...
my profile is:-
work ex:-20 months
engineering:-70 %
12th :-67%
10th :-78%

the GD was very usual case study....a comapny with HQ at delhi is facing high attrition rate with its bangalore branch and need for HR department...

the PI panel consisted of three ppl with one lady as the gold meadlist in statistics and she was asking all kind of questions on stats to ppl ahead me in my panel. as soon as i enetred the room..they asked for my SOP and then the questions followed...

Q. ok tell about ur self
A. well it was the usual then came the hobby...

for the next 7-8 minutes every thing went around my hobby...and to my surprise no questions on stats..
Q. why do u want to leave ur software job for the grass greener on the other side of the mountain?
A. i took this question in a different way and said that the grass may not be greener on the other side but definitely after completing my MBA i will have a lot more skills and confidence to compete in this corporate world and face new challenges..(all funda)

Q. tell us some thing abt ur final year project.
A. i told them abt my project based on microcontroller 8051 and also told them that it was a real time project meant for the college use..and they were impressed you know abt matrices
A. yes

Q. tell us abt upper triangular matrix,lower triangualar matrix,unit matrix,inverse matrix,identity matrix...
A.i answered most of them but said i don't remember for a few of them.

then a few questions on simultaneous equations....then again came back to my job profile..asked few things abt ERP and ORACLE-11i...

in all i feel they were pretty satified with my approach....still fingers crossed...

had my sjmsom gd/pi today ..morning slot
jmet rank 7
nit calicut 2004 passout mech engg.
9 months workex ...resigned last march to prepare for cat etc..

the process started at 8 itself with the presentation followed by the doc verifications.

about 48-50 students were there in one batch..we were divided into 4 grps p1,p2,p3 and p4 ..the order in which the people were arranged in each grp was the order in which we sat for our gd and got called for our pi all in all 4 grps had their process taking place simultaneously..

by 9 the gds was a case study..

" there is a compant in bangalore which was gearing up to celeb some major festival ..but it got called off coz a worker met with a fatal accident in the machine shop on the turret lathe. the mnagement asks the union to make sure that no probs occur..the union convinces the staff to act responsibly and to resume work...but even then they werent willing to work in the machine shop. so only that dept remains close for some time. then th eunion suggests some poojs coz the workers beieve that it is jinxed. after that they start working in the machine shop but it takes quite some effort to get them to work on the turret lathe...the comapny also gives an incredibly generous compensation to the family of the all in all this incident is seen as one were the cooperation of the managemnet and the union seems to have worked well..
4 qs were given..
1) has the management gone in for participative management
2) what type of participative management is dealt with here
3) if u were a union leader are u happy with what u have done or would u do something diff]
4) if u were a managemnt guy are u happy with the way things unfolded or is there somethnig else to be done

the discussion was pretty decent. ours grp ( p3 ) wasnt a fish market..but i believ ethat some of the others were...but frankly i felt the case study as such was jsut ok..not all that interesting a topic..

pi..3 people per panel all males m1,m2,m3

m1: give me ur sop
m2: give me ur certificates
m3: tell me something about urself..

all this was literally i gave the sop and the certis and proceeded to give the usual --tell me something about urself answer

m1: why did u resign?
m1: what does ur company do..sales fig,main competitors, is it a listed company? share price etc..
m2: describe briefly the process in the plant
m2: what was ur job responsibilty
m2: sounds pretty boring.( why do u think i resigned:satisfie: )

m3: looks at my mark list an u have studied numerical analysis.what did u study:wow: ( of all the 69 subjects they had to pick on this one)

me: putting on my most sheepish smile...sir i dont remember??:
m3: nothing??
me: no sir...
m3: what abour operations research

m: ( thank god ) ....talked about the transportation prob..
m3: methods
me: least cost, vogells approx, north west..
m3: so u haev studied inventory control?
me : ummm
m3: what type of invenjtory control did u do in ur company
me: gave some gyan on parts being kept only for thise machines which are critical to the process as such etc etc

m1: so how do u say a coutrys rich?:wow:
me: sir there is no one parameter..gdp and lot more
m1: wy not just gdp or per capita income
me: talked about how per capita income can give a wrong idea etc..also how many paraametrs like literacy, mortality rates etc should be taken into account while commenting about the situtaion in a country

m2: so u said that by calculating avg we dont get a complete pic what happens ? what do we do for that
me: talked about the idea of dispersion..came to standard deviation..they seemed satisfied
m1: so whats our gdp growth rate?
m1: wha about chinas?
well that was about it...there were a few more personal qs like what my dad does etc..nothing major..i have a feeling it was okay.nothing exceptional but no major goof ups too ( other than that bloody num analysis) my gd performance was also lets see what happens
atb to the others who are yet to have it