SJMSOM GP/PI Experience 2009

Hi folks. I have started this thread to share the GD-PI experience of IIT-B. People who have had their GD-PIs done please pour in your experience

Hi folks. I have started this thread to share the GD-PI experience of IIT-B.

People who have had their GD-PIs done please pour in your experience

My profile in a snapshot
X 90% XII 94.5%
VJTI, Mumbai IT Engineer 65%
2 years workex
1 year international workex in Amdocs

STAGE 1: Registration

Seniors would verify all your documents. Do remember to take atested photocopies of all documents and extra-curricular activities.


All the 6 GD panels were given the same CASE STUDY. Each group consists of 15 members. 5mins to think and 20 mins to discuss.

the case was about a FMCG company which gives very expensive training to 9 of its exeutives. One of the executive later leaves the company since he doesnt get a good position in the organisation and gets a lucaraive offer from rival.

Q1. What should his manager do in tihs case?
Q2. What should the company do to avoid such problems?

Pretty general case I would say.

Spoke 4-5 times and gave some good points.


On an average the PI across all panels was about 10mins.

I was the 9th guy to enter.

There were two panelists(P)

P: Why did you leave Amdocs and join a firm in marketing
ME: Told him some personal reason why I had to resign

P: So you will get back in IT after MBA
ME: YES sir:p

P: Then why dont you do ME or M.TEC:tellme:
ME: wana be an entrepreneur in long run:-P

P: Tell me about the investment Maharashtra has done in agriculture and its growt rate in last 12 months
ME::crazyeye: I know details about India not specific state. Told about India

P: What is image processing
ME: Told somewhat

P: Tell the steps of how to transform B&W; video to Color

Then we discussed about the Mumbai attacks and he asked me as the head of Army what would you have done

Said 0 negotiation policy with terror

P: Hobbies
ME: Sports blablabla

P: What else do you like to do
ME: Social Work:p. WOrking with some NGO based in Mumbai over blablabla

HE finally said thankyou and said once you come here(ie if you are selected) you will learn more about Image Processing.

Thankyou sir:-P


Overall a very chilled out and fast paced process. Gets over before you realise it has started. The last guy got free at about 5:45pm.

Thge seniors are very helpful and even get photocopies in case you didnt get it. The process is very well co-ordinated but the question remains, with such a short PI and pretty general PI, how will the panelists judge and differentiate between candidates.


The panel that will be present for your GD would also be taking your PI.

The GD and PI panel for a given individual is one and the same.

Also the PI slots are already alloted, even before you arrive. So no need to rush for the verification part

Hey puys ...only Gaurav has posted his exp......can we have more experiences.........

my exp
gd topic was same as above.mine gd was average with 2-3 entries.but pi was horrible here the Q & A
Q -tell me something abt urself
A- blah blah
Q-vision of sjsom
A-:sad:(could not recall)
Q-What is excise duty
Q-What is inflation
A-:p:p blah
Q-inflation in US
Q-inflation india
Q-what is subprime crisis
A-:-P told
Q-tell me smthng abt lehman brothers
A:p told
Q-(by mistake i mentioned it lends loan)is it housing finance company
Q-5 competitors of lehman
Q-What is EoQ
Q-What is mean median mode
Q-draw normal distribution curve
Q-tell me reletion btwn mean mode median
Q-supply chain management
Q-specialities of maharashtra
Q-tell me abt ur favourite subject
Q-direct/indirect tax

thanks to all seniors(GANESH VARUN SACHIN RAVEESH AND ALL) for co operation.really it was nice experience.especially the informal session at hostel 13....

My GD-PI slot was at 1.30 pm on 6th March. Similar to iit d here also my interview was last!! Luckily both of them were great.

You have to register first and you get a form wherein you have to fill
Your Grad details, PG details, Curricular-Ex curricular achievements, work EX .. everything to be substantiated with a certificate mentioning the same. All your grad percentages are actually calculated. If achievements Xeroxes are not attested then you can self attest them.Seniors were helpful as they even got many peoples certificates Xeroxed. Then a presentation and immediately Gds started. All GDs were simultaneously held and the topic was same. Then PIs followed . Arrangement for snacks was made.
Educational Profile:

XII:79- PCM 92
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age:66.22
JMET rank:167

Work profile : I was involved actively in my fathers business , didnt count as work ex but mentioned it in interview.

GD Topic: Similar to the 1 posted before, A leading FMCG company , invests in a training program , 1 of the brightest employee Rahul happy with the organisation but no senoir posts open, would like to continue here but due to oppurtinity to rise changes company. You as his superior are to decide to make him stay ?
2.How such incidences should not occur again
3. changes if any suggested.

Number of participants:13 - 2 absentees = 11
Panelists' intro (if possible):1 German professer and 1 lady
Duration:25 mins
Brief snapshot of discussion:
Many things from motivation , future scope, bond , relationship with company, incentives etc were discussed but very limited scope for discussion.
Was very well done as everyone got a chance to speak, barring 1 person who just spoke once. No fish market situation and plenty of time for everyone . Actually at the end it was getting quite repetative !
It seems that in most other batches , there were 3-4 people speaking continuously ... Thankfully nothing of that sort happened here.

Mine was the last in my batch so it was at around 5.45 pm
PI Questions:
The same people take your interview. Mine was more of a general talk about my business more than anything else.
As i entered , i gave a smile and wished them GOOD AFTERNOON
German Prof:So Gaurav tell me about yourself
Me: I have compleated my graduation and i have been handling my fathers business since 1 year ( Thats what i wanted to talk about) .. even before i complete my sentence ...
GP: So what kind of business?
Me: blah blah.....
I was asked almost 25-30 qs on my business alone ... More like he wanted to learn than interview me. Qs were ranging from how many employees, what products, clients , end users , future scope , Indepth knowledge of all my products etc etc.
GP: Why Mba ..
Me: blah blah
Lady: Which field?
Me: I said operations management as it will help my own business.
Lady : Avarage acads in engineering .. Why ?
Me: blah blah ..
Lady : Family background
Me: blah blah.
Than both of them signalled me to go ...
I stood up and was nearly out when ..
Suddenly she remembered to see my form ... Asked me about my the TPP i had given ( Now i really didnt want them to grill me on the technical stuff !!! HELP )
I just mentioned the topic of my TPP and she was satisfied and let me go ( THANK GOD )
My Pi must have taken 20-25 mins but it was a stress free PI .. felt like chatting with someone rather than being interviewed.

All in all a feel good GD-PI .. Hoping to convert this !! ALL THE BEST EVERYONE!!

my slot 07/03/09 1:30pm
stage1: registration: u will get profile form to fill n batch representing ur number n batch fr gd.
stage2:gd - case study- twogood friends in one office , one got promoted(amar) n since otha who nt pramoted(shyam) started comin late lyke tat long story, n finally what should Amar do? n smthing abt soft tough and tough soft question asked. we spoke of alot of points bt discussion wasnt moving forword, i will rate it 5/10 then moderatr gave chance to ppl who were less in participation. n then same panel was there for pi.

stage 3: documents verrification : in between gd n pi,seniors checked all documents n calculated all sem percentages. and if u dont have zeroxes they will get it zerox, cool na!!
stage4 - pi - lady frm inc n college proff. first smthin abt urself then proff picked up electrical n lady picked martial arts frm myself and i went on explaining them, lady was sayn dan belts r known, what is kyu belt, i explained it fr 5 mins, then she cracked wonderful smart joke on my surname n belt, gosh i neva thought of tat before!! i laugh freely there. proff asked me to explain how electricity is generated, i explained lenzes n faradays law with equations, n figures of generators in general.i explained area cut of flux showing my palms area n rotated it, he was happy that he learned how ac is generated. then hvdc which was my elective then switchgear in general, then lady touched proj of last year, as i spoke that was mess while explainin while mba. then we discussed about colleges i m looking forword. tats it. they wished me luck n i was out!!

My GD/PI was scheduled for the 7th at 1:30pm.
Reached the campus by 12:30 and was seated at the auditorium.

Participants are required to register themselves and they are alotted to groups (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) The volunteers for some reason chose to adress these ppl as Alpha, Beta, Delta, Echo and Gamma. I missed out the C and F 😃

The process stated off with the GD with 11 participants including me.
The case study was about a couple of guys who are good friends, of whom one gets promoted to a supervisor.
Now the other guy has been coming late recently and the supervisor doesnot say anything for the first couple of times but the third time gives him a written notice.
The question was how would U handle such a situation and what is more important - "to be tough and nice" or "to be nice and tough?"

The GD was followed by the document verifications and participants were being sent for their interviews simultaneously.

Very well organised and kudos to the admission council for a job well done, though I found the Alpha, Beta, Gamma a tad too much 😃

ppl there were worried fr tech interview, hay guys juz dont worry about it, juz show them tat u can go by basic n can build it on that, interviewer is not interested in knowin ur tech knowledge bt how ur approch to question is! then pi could be well driven!
smthn abt process, it was well driven. presentation was good but in question ans section students were defending. i dont understand y placement figs r so imp, lets first convert call fr which v r thea. placement is after. well its my opinion. one more thing, Seniors are helpful but u hav to approch them, they wont come n speak to u n ask abt nything,someof my friends thea at gdpi were expecting it.
well as they said on call letter its enriching experience. so enjoy it.

I would say the volunteers were very helpful.
They did make me feel very comfortable there. They came upto me and struck up conversations even though I was not looking for help. They actually made me look forward to join the insttute. :)

I did feel they were pretty defensive during the Q&A;.

its personal view yar, every person is different, and really I cant generalise something about Iitb seniors. so Seniors dont mind about it. i love college too, seniors allowed me to roam in the whole college!!!
all the best to guys who hav gdpi comin up next. hope everyone gets his dream institute!!! c ya.

My GD/PI was scheduled for the 7th at 1:30pm.
Reached the campus by 12:30 and was seated at the auditorium.

Participants are required to register themselves and they are alotted to groups (A,B,C,D,E,F,G) The volunteers for some reason chose to adress these ppl as Alpha, Beta, Delta, Echo and Gamma. I missed out the C and F 😃

Very well organised and kudos to the admission council for a job well done, though I found the Alpha, Beta, Gamma a tad too much :)

The only reason for this was that Alpha , Beta, etc are easier to comprehend than plain A, B, C where B sounds like D and so on :)
and yes C was Charlie and F was Fox 😉

Rahul are you from an electrical engineering background? coz they asked you abt generation and stuff

The major (and maybe only) letdown was the address by a Mr. Bhargav who incidentally happened to be very sad abt not being able to increase the intake.
That address was the only point of time when I thought of SJMSOM as a Govt institute

So SJMSOM are not increasing the intake this year to 104? that would be a major let down 😞

yess Madhav, I m electrical engg. if u mention ur degree with specialisation, then tech ques will surely come!!

It was clearly toldto everybody at IIT-B that the seats have been increased to 104.

There is no direct increase in the general category seats as such but with OBC guys getting a reservation indirectly there will be a slight increase in general seats too.

Had my GD/PI yesterday.
It was a nice experience. Co-ordinators were more than willing to help. Before GD, we were given a brief about SJMSOM. After that, we filled a form and proceeded for a GD. GD was case study based, a case on layoffs in a company. We were given 5 mins to read the case and 20 mins to discuss.
There were some chaos in the GD, with some cross talking. I could not enter in first min or 2. But then, could enter 4-5 times. But the quality discussion was lacking. So, overall a below par GD.

Then, in the auditorium, we got our documents checked. And, as I am willing to do Operations Management, I got some fundas cleared from the volunteers. They really helped me a lot, including Srikant, whom I got a chance to meet.

But interview was totally unexpected. I tried to direct it to SCM, but they only quizzed me abt IBM, its lines of business, my work, coding and testing etc. I was also asked to write an algorithm. Overall, it was an interview, where you answer everything, but can't say how the interview was. It was just like an informal chat where 3 people are asking you abt your work.

And talking abt the atmosphere, its really great. Also, seems SOM is buidling their separate hostel, so, we can expect a great living there.

Overall, the procedure was well organised. A great experience.