SJMSOM 2007-09 GD/PI Experiences

Hi Everyone, Second Round Process for SJMSOM - one of the premier management Institute in India has already started. Please start posting your experiences soon so that other guys can benefit. An astonishing amount of thanks reserved for…

Hi Everyone,

Second Round Process for SJMSOM - one of the premier management Institute in India has already started. Please start posting your experiences soon so that other guys can benefit.

An astonishing amount of thanks reserved for the guy who post first.(Indiguy in this case :).Eagerly looking fwd to interview details from u)

For the benefit of everyone concerned, please keep the format like this:


Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

NIL/Sector - Number of Years - Country


Any other special thing abt u:

Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff.

Panel Members Intro:

Any other relevant detail like they r checking certis, taking attested copies or else

Had MY gd pi in the morn 8.00 today

just came home so ill just type a short summary now...more deatils later in the evening


X 90

XII 90
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age 72%


JMET Rank 107

Topic: case study on TCS
Number of Ppl present 8--i think...dont rem exactly
Time: 5min for reading....20 min discussion
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: not exactly a fishmarket...guess everyone got to speak their point....although a person seemed to be a self appointed leader....was asking questions and doubts to othe candidates during gd:wow:
Other Salient Details : no summary asked
Panel Members : 2

am from IT so asked many technical questions since am a fresher...on databases,
OS....some were asked statistics too

they r checking certis, taking attested copies and they make u fill a form on which the panelists ask questions,,,sop was not asked to anybody before me or to me...however we had to give it to them

met the seniors over there...pretty cool presentation...overall ok gd--pi

more details later...i have to eat now


2 yrs+
JMET Rank: 55


Number of Ppl present:9
Time:20 mins and 5 mins to think (enough time to talk)

Topic: Attrition in a company,has no hr department at bangalore..views of diffrent junior
managers on why attrtion is taking place...
Q>hr dep req
Q>how to get hr dep sactioned from delhi
Q>what kind of organizational structure do you have..

gd went on smoothly..i was very happy at the end of it..
except for a self made moderator who was getting on everyones nerves
he ofcourse surely got himself rejected their itself..did ruin the gd for
some other people though...i got to make 6-7 good points so just ignored him

i dont know where do these charcters come from , dont have any clue what the gd is all
about...he was smug and happy at the end of it..there were other people their
who wanted to punch him.

was ok
Q> work ex..about my company
Q>diff java and c++
answered well

Q> why is c++ not a complete oops lang is java
i didnt ans ,this one i didnt know
(prof in panel 3 was s/w guy loves s/w)
discussion on programming practices and i told him how we actually prog
it in gamming and dont follow many of the normal conventions to save memory

Q>is operator overloading their in java
Q>how do you port games on diff mobiles
Q>diff between pc and mobile game prog
Q>on my extra curriculars,debating competition
Q>abt my work ex in prev company
Q>my designation in my present company
Q> abt my BE marks and rank in college(noted it down on the form)
Q>Is multiplayer gamming possible in mobile phones?

It was a pretty chilled interview,(no statistics) they panel were very keen during the interview but i think they had made up their mind pretty fast about me..not much grilling
I hope its positive..but i wont call the pi a great performance..but i dont think it
was bad enough either to cancel my rank and gd performance and work ex either.

So pretty happy about it and hoping for the best.

All the best to everyone on the forum
..this was 5th and my last interview,with iift convert,fms (wl)
and 3 iit results yet to come..i am singing off for some time and going to chill out..dont know where as yet but surely will be doing my mba this year...

Already made a huge post in the other thread will copy the same here..

Seems that i am going to be the first to post about GD/PI of SJMSoM 2007. This is going to be a long post so i will split it inti two parts..GD and then the PI....

Some background

10th: 88% (CBSE)
12th:86% (kar State)
Engg:72 % (VTU , Karnatake)
JMET Rank: 177

My first EVER GD/PI .Never attended the TIME/IMS GD/PI coaching either. Never been to Bombay too..

First Impressions : Stayed in a hotel in Andheri east. LOVED Bombay so far. Traffic seems OK coming from bangalore , ppl are friendly , the place is great.Sort of a mixture of Goa and a big city. It does not have the big city feel though..Could be that i am wrong, since i have travelled only from Andheri to Powai.

Reached IIT at 12:15 , slot was at 1:30. SoM is a building tucked away in the IIT campus. Was pretty much relaxed as i had decided what my future course of action vis-a vis MBA would be. Was directed to the Sjmsom audi where the documents were checked. The ppl there were a mix of old hands at MBA business, ppl desperate to get any college after three years of frustration, ppl with IIM calls, even a fresher whose mom promised him Iron Maiden tickets if he came to the interview..

We were split into groups as Floyd introduced us to SoM with a ppt..

I was in the group meant for panel 4. We were a group of 10 and were called in the same order to the GD room. paper was provided and there were spots marked 1 to 10 where we had to sit in a certain order. It should be noted that we had not mentioned our rank anywhere in the whole process as it was thought that that would bias the panel...a nice touch...There were two people in the panel ,an older gentleman(P1) and a younger guy (P2).It was learnt that later the same panel would be taking our interview in the same order as we were seated.

As it was my first GD i was pretty excited ,and boy was i in for a shock!!
It was a case study which went like this...

A law firm based in Delhi decides to set up a branch in Bangalore.However it was learnt that due to various reasons, compensation not being one of them, youngsters were quitting the firm. One of the reasons was not having an HR dept.

1. Should there be an HR dept? If yes, what should be its functions?
2. How to convince the top brass about the need for HR dept?
3. What is the organizational structure.

As soon as the panel gave the signal to start, all hell broke loose...I thought a GD would be a discussion like the one friends have over a bag of chips and pepsi, however this one turned out to be like the discussion one would have haggling with the ladies at the fish market. One suddenly realizes why Gds are sometime termed fish market....

As 3-4 people started trying out for the guiness book for the loudest voice, i tried to get into the GD, but alas ,posessing a voice not even fit to get into the local gymkhana record books, i was sadly beaten back. 3-4 ppl, myself included had to suffer the humiliation of being told by the panel to speak ,while they shut the others up. After 20 mins of this shouting competition, we were asked to go back to the audi. The winners were seen congratulating themselves with comments like "Cracked it yaar, i made 10 points". This left me wondering if in addition to all the prep i have to make for CAT, i have to exercise my vocal chords too...I think i need to get to at least the limca record level....

PS:The ppl who were shouting justified the GD saying that its cut throat competition, if you dont step over ppl, they step over you. This was a guy who had IIM calls. While i understand where he comes from, being a little accomodating or a little polite dosnt hurt anyone...., I think the panel would understand if you gave chance to someone else too..Maybe i should try being a little more agressive too.. what say puys??

After the horror GD, was waiting to be called for the interview.Was called near the end. Learnt from the previous guys that P1 was an HR guy, while P2 was technical. prayed that P1 would ask most of the qns as i remember as much of my engg as Homer Simpson of his nuclear reactor training...

P1: Why SoM?
Me:One Of the best B schools in the country..
P1: How do yo know?
me: decided based on various parameters..
P1:what parameters?
P1:how are the placements.
me:quoted some mugged up figures....
Also thru some seniors...
me:ramesh and shekhar..
P1: (Knowing Smile..)
P1:what do you do after work?
Me: ( This was the qn i was waiting for...i could lead him into the hobbies trap and make him ask me a few qns on that, thus leaving less time for tech qns..)

Reading, Quizzing ,sports. I am also interested in American Pop Culture...(Notice the clever quirky hobby at the end..this is the hobby trap,i was sure the next qns would be on that and i was well prepared to lead him on a merry dance...)

P1: Excuse me, i have to go out...
Me: ( What the HELL!!! )

I now turned to come the technical....

P2:which branch did you say you were in?

P2: i see you had operations reasearch and management in your final sem..

Me: (My heart which had been floating sunk like the titanic..)

P2: Tell abt some ppl who contributed to Opns Mgmt?
Meont recall (like 99% of my engg!!)
P2:tell me abt the Big M method.
Me: Its a quantitative method to optimize output from a give set of raw materials.

P2making a face)I see you had optic fibres..
Me: yes.
P2;why dont ppl use ofibress widely?
Me:Blah blah.

P2:what the bandwidth?

P2:why what flows through it?
P2:whats light made of ?

p2hotons,electrons,they are the same, why doesnt normal wire offer infinite BW?
Me:blah blah again..(Notice i can blah blah abt stuff i know very little about..its how i passed my engg...)

p2:tell me about your final year project?
Me: (YES,something i actually know abt, since i worked my a@# off for this)
Its implementation of Triple DES using FPGA....

P2: Lot of qns on cryptography..
Me: (Since it was my fav subject, could ans most of them)

P2: Asked about GPUs...
Me: (Again a reasonably comfrtable topic,since im into gaming)

P2: (Some more tech qns that i had no idea abt).
Me: Dont know sir.

P1 returns:You may leave now...

Me: Thank you sir.(Relief)

PS: My first exp of a big B school interview,hopefuly not my last..Competition is indeed cut throat, met many who were frustrsted at this repeated process and wanted any coll they could get, many who were hopeful of getting IIMs next year. Of Course there were cocky ones who brandied their IIM calls and certis from various colleges,in short it was a learning experience....

PS 2:End my longest post ever in PG, hope this will help other puys...My learnings at the interview..brush up on acads,current affair(esp eco ones that occured in the last two three months right upto interview day....,be a little considerate )

PS 3: Saw many student volunteers working very hard. A big thank you to them...

Topic: Attrition in a company,has no hr department at bangalore..views of diffrent junior
managers on why attrtion is taking place...
Q>hr dep req
Q>how to get hr dep sactioned from delhi
Q>what kind of organizational structure do you have..

:wow: :wow::wow::wow::wow:

Y is SOM repeating last years cases ????
Please check this ....

I think u had a lot of PGites in ur group ..
that cd be the only reason why they were fighting for air time ...

Ab bolo mat kal bhi same case denge :shocked:

had my GD PI yesterday

GD - case study on TCS - went Okish types

PI - awful ! acads of college :wow::wow::wow::wow::wow: arbit stuff abt general things which i had never heard ! watever was taken left right and center for those 10 minutes

ATB to all :thumbsup:


X:- 70.6
XII:- 86.2
Undergrad Major - Mechanical Engineering,71.5%
Work-Ex: Maruti Udyog Ltd 33 months.
JMET Rank:- 6

16/3/07 01.30 pm slot.
GD:- Case study about HR department in a law firm. I think this has been repeated from last year. I had read it somewhere in PG. Anyways, GD went ok. I came in once or twice with some points but wouldnt rate my performance top class.

PI:- Mine was the first interview. There were two profs P1 and P2. I went inside and sat on the chair and found out that it was inclining backwards. I asked the profs about a chair change but they said it was safe to sit on it. I smiled and said its ok in that case, sir. J

P1:- Tell us about yourself. Family background, educatation etc.
Me:- Told about everything and stressed more on my work experience.
P1:- What was your rank in college?
Me:- 28 out of 110 students.
P2:- Ok you are mechanical engineer. Tell us about the differences between petrol and diesel engine.
Me:- Told
P2:- Which is more powerful?
Me:- Petrol engine
P2:- How is the cooling of engines done and what is the difference between that of petrol and diesel engines?
Me:- Told about the water jackets etc.
P2:- What type of cooling is it air, water, oil?
Me:- Water cooled with coolant dissolved in water.
P2:- Can you tell about the latest developments in this field?
Me:- Sir, Im not involved in engine design, so dont know about that.( A smile of course on my face J )
P2:- Ok its alright.
P1:- Did you read Industrial Engineering and OR in college?
Me:- Yes sir.
P1:- Do you remember Linear Programming?
Me:- Yes sir, a little bit.
P1:- Gave some problem about the product mix of a factory and started asking about contribution and some other term which I didnt know.
Me:- Wrote the problem statement and explained but told that this is it about linear programming.
P1:- Ok, if you dont remember we wont grill you on that. Do you remember Statistics?
Me:- Yes sir, a bit. I had read it in higher secondary.
P1:- Told some term of statistics which I dint know. Then said, what do you remember?
Me:- I remember normal distribution curve and elaborated. Made a diagram and properly explained.
P1:- What is Poissons distribution?
Me:- Sir it is used in case of discrete distribution.
P2:- What is hobbing?
Me:- Sir, it is a gear cutting process.
P1:- Any alternate process?
Me:- Sir, milling. We performed milling to cut involute gears in college.
P2:- Ok , tell us about the designing of fuel tanks ( related to my work-ex) from the beginning, material selection.
Me:- Explained in detail.
P2:- Cutting me in between, tell us how do you test the strength.
Me:- Told about CAE.
P1:- Which software do you use for that?
Me:- We use Altair and then continued with the testing method.
P2:- Can you tell the strength analysis on a stress strain curve?
Me:- Sir we do design empirically. We have some engineering standards which we follow at the time of design.
P2:- Got convinced.
Me:- Sir, should I carry on with the explanation of fuel tank design.
P2:- No no its ok. Tell about the material which u use and its spec.
Me:- Told about it.
P1:- Why dont we use HRC(hot rolled) instead or CRC(cold rolled).
Me:- Explained.
P2:- How is CR steel produced?
Me:- Using cold roll mills. Rolling process is used to make sheets from slabs.
P1:- You have written about music in your extra currics. Which awards have you won?
Me:- Elaborated in detail.
P1:- Have you taken any formal training?
Me:- Yes sir I have taken and I am still pursuing Hindustani classical music.
P1:- Who has bought this tie for you?
Me:- My fianc has bought it.
P1:- Which brand?
Me: Zodiac.
P2:- What other brands of ties are available in market?
Me:- Sir, I am not aware as generally I dont wear ties.
Then some light discussion about brands. They said why do people run behind brands these days. I said very limited time available for shopping so people take good brands which are associated with good quality. They were convinced and smiling.
P1:- Which newspapers do you read?
Me:- TOI
P1:- Any other?
Me:- I used to read ET but not these days.
P1:- You are saying this so that we dont ask questions from that. (Smiles)
Me:- No sir, please feel free to ask. 😃
P2:- Have you heard about this heating of economy?
Me:- Sir overheating of economy explained in detail about inflation, inclusive growth. Goldman Sachs report, Economic survey, budget.
P1:- About growth, contribution of various sectors.
Me:- Told and elaborated on the auto sector.
P1 and P2:- Smiling and nodding. Ok, good, thank you very much.
Me:- Thank you very much sir.

Came out very happy.Got very positive signs from the paneltists' body language. I think I had a good interview and was able to impress the panel. Waiting for the results in April.

Date: 16th Mar 2007; 1:30 to 6:30 slot
Undergrad Major - 81% Mech Engg. from JNTU, Hyderabad

Work-Ex: 34 months-Engg. Design

JMET Rank:86

Case Study Topic: Law firm facing attrition-need for HR dept?-how is it to be pitched to the top management?
Number of Ppl present:10
Time: did not note the time. But I guess it went on for more than 20 minutes
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: Came in arnd 4-5 times with valid points. Felt the discussion did not go on well with one member even declaring that
"we all know HR dept is the most hated dept. in any company":wow::wow:.

2 panel members--One prof from IT(P2) and the other could not be identified by even the SOM seniors(P1)

P1-Tell us abt urself.
M-Gave him the usual stuff.
P2- So what do you do in your job?
M-Design of some products for a big US co and gave him the fundas of the work that I do.
P1- So you have worked on some projects. What was the latest one?
M-replied abt the latest design that we have come up with and told abt its relevance to the US market...
P1-What is rapid prototyping?
M-Told the same.
P2-I did not know that your company even dealt with Engg. services. I think it was totally IT related.
M- Assured him about the existance of my kind of work in my co and told him abt the growing market for this..P2 felt satisfied.
P2- Ok tell me abt the contribution of IT to India's GDP.
M-I dont know the exact figures sir??:...arre yaar he was a systems prof and the first guy he could catch was me only with a mech background. he tried to move the topic to IT always:neutral:.
P2- ok...there is an association which deals with IT services industry in India. Do you know what it is?
M- I think it is NASSCOM.
P2- Whats the full form?
M- told him it was National Association of Software Companies but I think it is National Association of Software and Services Companies. Puys, please do correct me on this.
P1 then dropped a googly...He asked me "What is FMS???:"
M- Sir...Do you mean...
Before I completed, he said "Yes, I am talking about Flexible Manufacturing Systems". I heaved a sigh of relief as the only FMS that I knew was the one in Delhi and I would have made a complete ass of myself had I blurted it out.
P2 asked a couple of questions on my extra currics.
P2-Compare your co with the rest of the 3 Indian IT bigwigs.
M- Went into a lambaa baashan on this for around 5 minutes.
P2- Have you given CAT?
M-Yes 98.1%ile with
P2- Ok then...have you applied to any other IITs?
M- No sir..only to IIT B.
P2- Ok then...You can go.

Total time was arnd 15-18 minutes. I think I escaped because the panelists were from Info Systems background and were infact searching for questions to ask. All other guys in my batch had a field day answering the IT questions asked. My last MBA interview of the season wouldnt have ended on a better note!!


PS:The ppl who were shouting justified the GD saying that its cut throat competition, if you dont step over ppl, they step over you. This was a guy who had IIM calls. While i understand where he comes from, being a little accomodating or a little polite dosnt hurt anyone...., I think the panel would understand if you gave chance to someone else too..Maybe i should try being a little more agressive too.. what say puys??

I have always understood a GD as a team discussion to arrive or at least drive towards a meaningful solution to the question at hand. If you consider that the guy next to you is your competitor and look to shouting him down, then you can kiss the seat good bye. Aggression is definitely required but people also look at your ability to speak and listen to others' points. This is the essence of any discussion.

I have always understood a GD as a team discussion to arrive or at least drive towards a meaningful solution to the question at hand. If you consider that the guy next to you is your competitor and look to shouting him down, then you can kiss the seat good bye. Aggression is definitely required but people also look at your ability to speak and listen to others' points. This is the essence of any discussion.


i totally agree with u buddy...even i had one such guy in my group...self appointed puts u off totally

hello guys
17th March 0800 hrs SJMSOM
started off with SOM guys giving a presentation allocation of ppl to their various panels.
Things got delayed since ppl were poring in pretty late and the SOM guys had to adjust their attendance shetts again and again.
Hats off to the SOM guys for their temparament
So there were around 7 panels each consisting of 12 ppl.
I was in panel 4 wherein 4 ppl had not come , so the total strength of my panel was 8.
GD was a case study regarding a person named Dinesh working in a production house where he refuses to clean his workarea littered by him inspite of the insistence of the supervisor named Ganesh which in turn are given by the GM to all the employees.
Now dinesh has been transferred to this dept. from the past 6 months and he is in the organisation for the past 5 yrs. He has a very good conduct , but he has a history of alcohol and bad temper.
Now dinesh bad mouths his supervisor in front of the employees and says that cleaning is not his job and should be taken care by the janitor so Ganesh suspends Dinesh for a day and informs the HR head abt it.
1) Was dinesh's behaviour right and what appraisal technique should the supervisor take on him.
2) What diff. programs should the company take for its employees.
5 minutes for reading Case and 20 mins of discussion
GD started off nicely but slowly it started out with 2-3 ppl talkin at a time. i entered in it 3-4 times and also said some 1-liners in between. Dunno know how it went with the panel.
There was a gal who stopped ppl from talkin whenever she wanted to speak out. Like wait, shh, i want to speak now were some of the words frm her mouth.
in the Panel, there were 3 ppl, P1-Industry guy, P2-SJMSOM Prof(HR), P3-SJMSOM Alumni(HR).
My number was last i.e,12 so had to wait a long time.
For our panel, no tech. questions were asked for everybody, it was a stress interview.
Scene of PI
Me enter the room and has a seat
P2: Remove the form from the stapled sheet and give it to us and also the originals and SOP.
Me: Gave
P2: Is there a problem with you???
Me: Saar
P2: don't you have the ethics to write down your college name
Me: sir, in the form, it is given as University/College, so i decided to write only one, ie. University
P2: So, you are ashamed to tell your college name, Tell me your college name
Me: Told.
P2: writes the collge name on the form and asks me the stream of engineering which i oblige.
P2: so u have 25 months of experience, how was your experience
Me: started off by telling what my job profile was
P2: cuts me and tells, i am asking you how was your experience
Me: i was just coming to that, but i decided to tell you abt my job profile and tell you my experience.
P2: tell me now
Me: Excellent
P2: Tell me where are u from
Me: Nasik
P2: so u did your schooling from Nasik
Me: no no sir, i have been born and brought up in Mumbai.
P2: Oh, so u have that homely attachement.
Me: thinkin arey bhai gaon jaake 4 saal ho gaye but said yes
P2: Good, tell me which actor do u like the most.
Me: dunno watch hindi films much but still told the name
P2: Tell me some actress name jisse hamarea dil machal jaaye
Me: Huh
P2: tell me some Marathi actress name
Me: Couldn't remember but said Renuka shahane
P2: Arey boss, u seem to live in the old world, woh bahut purani hai.Kuch acha bolo
Me: bola Amisha Patel
P2: arey woh marathi actress nahin hai, there are 2 famous marathi actresses
Me: one is madhuri Dixit
P2: doosri ek aur hai par uski bhi shaadi ho gayi
Me: Dumbo, said the actress from Lagaan Damn, she was from swades(Gayatri Joshi)
How can i nforget the beautiful damsel
P2:So how do you think you are in GK
Me: theek thaak sir
P2: tell me how many seats are there in the Maharashtra Assembly:
Me: 248
P2: Piucca, tried to misle me with the muncipat elections held recently
Me: did not budge, it's 248.
P2,P3: acknowledges
P2: tell me the date and year when maharashta and gujrat became separate entities
Me: 1st May
P2: woh chutti hoti hai isliye
Me: 1958 or 1960
P2: her's where a manager skill is tested, A manager will utter only one answer and stick by it whether it's wrong or right
Me: i will take 1958( i knew this was wrong):neutral:
P2: tell me why you want to do MBA
Me: started up but got cut in 3 seconds
P2: you do not want to stay in tech. job and that is the reason you are lookin for MBA
Me: sir, gave some crap
P2,P3: convinced
P2: will you join ur company again after ur MBA
Me: it's a nice company with nice ethics
P2: that comapny comes every year but nobody joins it
Me: listening
P2: tell me, whether you will join or not
Me: yes sir
P2: good
P2 passes the baton to P3
P3: so you work on SAP
Me: yes
P3: tell me the licensing scenario of SAP
Me: told
P3 asked me some more questions but simply on basic level ,can't remember
P3: Do you believe in destiny
Me: i believe in myself
P3: but ur first line of SOP says that you believe in destiny
Me: damn, i forgot abt tht and i pondered over 2 hours just to write off with the starting line
P3: tell me
Me: told that i believe in myself, but there are times when the situations get out of hand and whatever is written in destiny happens
P3: do you know what you are saying
Me: sir, whatever i am doing right now is also written in my destiny but the only difference is i am controlling it now
P2 asks P1 whether he wants to ask any questions
P1: tell me a critical situation you handled
Me: Told
P2: ok, you can go
Me: thank you sir

Well, dunno what to make out of it. Seniors any comments
All the best to all the guys appearing for SJMSOM


so here i m posting my gd/pi experience for sjmsom....

date 17 mar 07
time slot 1:30 pm
panel 1


X 90%
XII 84%
Undergrad - Mechanical / 72%


JMET Rank 188

GD: case study to be precise
Topic:it was a case of a person called dinesh who abused his supervisor and all...he was asked to put scrap to dustbin and something..he was wxperienced but short of temper..his supervisor ganesh suspends him for one day and reports this to HR manager.... his behaviour and ..
we neded to discuss these questions..
1. behaviour of dinesh !!! also the kind of appraisal tht shud be done in such case??
2. training to stop and put things in order in such case!!!

Number of Ppl present 9 shud hav been 12 but 3 were absent....
Time:5 mins to think 20 mins to discuss.enough time guys ..
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:many points on the behaviour of both dinesh and ganesh were gd .not much of a fish market....
.very calm ..
everybody had his airtime ....
no summary was asked but ya the paers on which we jotted down our points they were taken may be for analysis..i am nt sure abt it though..

Panel Members Intro:
p1 fin guy parsu was his nick name..
p2 honeywell IT professional...
p3 statistics mam
m: moi

Questions: i entered..
was asked to sit..i was relaxed had quite a time outside talking to tensions nothing..was nt at all tense(may be was a bit for obvious but nt much)
p3 give me ur forms and certiicate along with sop..
p1: wat is ur name..varun or bindal..
m: sir varun ..bindal is my surname sir...
p1: u never know wat is the name nowadays..
M: (i was like hmm..kya bol rha hai ye)..ya sir i understand but in north we use name first followed by our surname.. me why we shud select u ..and why shud we nt..
m: (easy question...)gave him whole gyan and all i knew..
p1;give me ur weaknesses
m: sir one is i dnt take care of my health wheni have to work..i even have had one surgery owing to my carelessnes in this regard..
secondly sir i have a tendency to get into discussions which sometme develop into arguments but i m working on it ..trying to take into consideration of everybodys perspective and individuality..(pretty satisfied with all tht...i was surprised no cross questioning)
they started laughing a bit i dnt kno why..then they said go on..i said abt wht..
p2: ok ok ..
p2:which engineering..??
p2:give me ur final sem subjects?
m:sir ..there are 4 subjects along with a major project....
p2:give me names of the subjects..
m:industrial management..
automibile engg..
p2: wat do u study in industrial mgt..?
m:basic resons and application of management in industry at shop floor ..
p2:wat else
m: finance basics like capital ..hw to raise it..shares debentures and all..
p2: so wat r shares and debentures;
m:sir its a kind of capital u raise from public..a loan of sorts...
p2:ok...u did any training???
m: yes sir at one of the ancillaries of maruti udyog ltd....jay bharat maruti..
p2:wat was ur work there...and wat all did u see in pllant..
m:blah blah blah.....
p2:something which is nt related to project..give me wat impressed u there.
m: sir informal meetings ..preplanning considerations ..()satisfied).
p3:ok varun u have come revised with ur maths fundas of engg....
m:(i was like time will tell mam..)i smiled ..
p3: wat is a continuous function?
m:i drew sine curve and gave the defintion....also went on to draw gint function..(this made her happy i hope so)
p3:another curve she plotted and asked me is this continuous....
m:yes mam
p3:are all the poiunts differentiable?
m:no mama not all..there is a cusp there..
p3:wat happens at cusp..
m: convexity to concavity..(gave her those fundas..)
then she asked abt differential second differential..minima maxima and ..reason why maxima is for second drivative less than zero....
gave her satisfactory replies for all thse..
p3:give me a line passing thru 2,4
m:i need one more point..
p3;i have given u enough info..(recollected she had said horizontal line...)
m:i plotted the line.....(dnt know why butasked this) hw cud this point lie on line and then instantaneously wrote y=4..(there were some odd reactions buit evryoone was laughing after it..i also gave a sheepish smile...
p1:ok u can leave.....
mn:stood up and left......

hi puys,

Bit late but was bz wid some work....better late than never...

GD/PI date- 16th mar 07 8:00AM slot.


GD- TCS case study - Fish market GD - came in 3-4 times...made some relevant point listened carefully as well.

P1- Ops prof
P2- Not SOM member

P1- Wats ur JMET rank?
Me - Told
P2 - Wats Database?
Me- told
P2- Wats Knowledege Base?
Me- Dont Know
P2- Wats Expert system?
Me- Dont Know
P2- Wats concurrency control?
Me- Told
P1- Why do we need it?
Me- Told...not convinced
P2- Wats integrity constraint and why do we need it?
Me- Told not very convinced...
P2- Wats read write access on databse?
Me- Tried to explain but by this time i was totally nervous so fumbled....
P1- Wats Acid proerties?
Me- explained
P1- Exlain some protocols used for database?
Me- Dont know
P1- Wats time stamping?
Me- i knew it...still i said i dont know....
P2- Draw a discontinoius graph?
Me- drew step function
P2- Write the equation for the same?
Me- wrote it
P1- Where have u done ur schooling?
me- discussed for 2-3 mins
P1- wats the last movie have u watched?
Me- Told
P1- Why do u watch movie?
Me - told...full gas
P1 - Whats the name of mahatama gandhi's father?
Me- ashamed...told cant remember
P2- When was he born?
me - told 2nd oct
P1- Year?
me - dont remember
P1- place?
Me- Porbundar
p1- when did he die?
Me- 30 jan
P2- year?
Me- 1948...Martyrs day
P1- do we have holiday on that day?
Me- no...just 2 min silence observation...
P1- Should we have holiday...
Me- i said i dont think so....

They dint took my SOP also....

GD- 7/10
PI- 4.5/10

Seniors and Puys please need your valuable comments


hi puys

Jmet rank - 791(OBC)
ENGG - 80%
work ex- 20 months Infosys

gd pi - 16th march 8 AM

GD - TCS case study.... fish market....came in 3-4 times..made some valid points....


P1- ops prof
p2- outside prof
me- bakra

p1- jmet rank
me - told
p1- wats dbms
me- told
p1- wats knowledge base
me- dunno
p1- wats expert system
me - dunno
p1- wats acid properties?
me - told
p1- wats integrity constraints
me - told
p1- why do we need them?
me - told but not convinced...
p1- protocols used in dbms?
me - dunno
p1- wats time stamp?
me dunno
p1- wats read write access?
me - dunno
p1- expali about ur final sem proj?
me - explained
p1 - tell me about ur schoolong?
me - discussed for some 2-3 mins
p1- wats the last movie did u watch?
me - told?
p2- draw a discontinious graph?
me - drew step function....
p2- write equation?
me - wrote....
p2- some more questions on graph
me - gas
p1- Why do u watch a movie?
me - fart
p1- whats gandhijis fathers name....
me- embarresed...i forgot
p1- when n where was he born?
me - told
p1- year?
me - forgot
p1 - when di he die?
me - 30 jan
p2- year
me - 1948...martyrs day....
p1- do we have a holiday on that day
me - no
p1- shud we have one?
me - Gas

U may go

Dint see my SOP also....

self rating:-
GD - 6.5/10
PI- 5/10

Seniors and Puys please comment


My SJMSOM GD/PI experience goes here.

Date: Mar 16, 2007
Time: 08:00 am

X: 90.8
XII: 86
B.Tech: 80.6 (ICT, DAIICT)
Work Experience: 20 months, Semiconductor (IT consulting company)

JMET Rank: 140

GD started at 09:15 am and was related to HR policies of TCS. The discussion was at most times civil. I did not perform that well. Make 4-5 enteries out of which only 2-3 were properly heard and mattered.

I had a 20-25 minute interview and was largely a non-technical one. Could not recognize any of the panel members from the website.

P1: Old Professor
P2: Young Professor

P2: Started of with a discussion of my institute, knew a lot of my profs (most of them are from IITB)
Me: Discussed the same
P2: Why MBA?
Me: Answered satisfactorily.
P1 and P2: Read my SOP thoroughly and cross-questioned some stuff about entrepreneurship I had written.
Me: Again answered the ideas I have in mind for my career.
P1: Discussion about my company, its IPO.
Me: Did that.
P1: Discuss semiconductor policy.
Me: Did that confidently (my area of interest). :)
P2: Talked about RFID and applications.
Me: Told RFID but gave a bullshit application :wow:. Panelists were amused.
P1: General discussion on semiconductor industry, fabs and related areas.
Me: Did that and was ok.

Overall the performance was good in the interview. But, the GD (which usually is my strong point) could have been a lot better.

Pls read my interview here

P.S: They didnt see my SOP.

Also, met profootball25, pinkfloydandvodka(RAMESH), shekhar thr.......
nice chaps....!!

Comments invited

hi guys...
Though i came to mumbai i didnt give my interview...

Over the past Few weeks where i have interacted with so many puys preparing fr som..i cant help but extend a great(by great i mean huge gargantuan) amount of thanks to Shekhar and Ramesh..Guys u simply Rock...

Thanks Again..

PS: shekhar Bhai....HR zaroor consider karna...phod doge wahan..