SIOM Nashik Placements

does anybody have idea about the placements in SIOM Nashik?

  Hello Aspirants, Kindly refer to following link for queries regarding SNAP, admission process and courses offered at SIOM

The SIOM Operations Management specialization empowers each engineer with sharp engineering and scientific capabilities along with smart business management disciplines. Be it the manufacturing, retail or services sectors such as IT, finance, logistics, transportation, health care or public utility or educational, the service delivery pipelines must be carefully designed, resourced and managed effectively and efficiently. 

Kindly refer to following link for queries regarding SIOM admission process for 17-19    

Does an experience of 9 months in manufacturing core company count as relevant experience for placement purposes. Or does it help anyhow as compared to a fresher.?

What is the profile offered in general electric.

how is the placement scenario for freshers ?

I belong to merchant navy have 12 months work marketting work ex of 11 mnths for an oil siom good for me...are the good placements good enough ?