SIOM 2009 GD PI Experiences

Hi everyone…This thread is for everyone to post their GD-PI Experiences at SIOM Nasik, from 19th feb, 2009 onwards…Thanks…

Hi everyone..This thread is for everyone to post their GD-PI Experiences at SIOM Nasik, from 19th feb, 2009 onwards..Thanks..

Hi Everyone..
I had my gd-pi for SIOM Nasik conducted on 20th Feb, 8:30 am batch..I am sharing all of my that it could help students in the next coming batches...
First of all : about reaching Nasik:
I reached Nasik in Bus at the bus left me at Dwarika Bus Stand (probably this will be the bus stand for all those who come from mumbai) at around 5 am in the morning.
There are hotels near SIOM campus..but SIOM Campus is around 10 kms away from the city. I am giving the details of the hotel where I stayed..could be of help to someone...
Hotel Cool Palace
Rajebahadur Hospital Road,
M.G. Road,
Signal Corner,
Ph no: 0253-2501188 \ 99
I stayed in a Single bed room...well furnished..with TV for Rs 250 per day.
Check out is 12 noon in all hotels..
Another hotel:
Hotel Shilpa
430,RAtan Bhuvan,
M.G. Road,
ph no: 0253-2580271
these 2 are the reasonable hotels I found..If you get down at Dwarika Bus stand - the auto should take not more than Rs 40(considering night charges) to take you to the hotel.
Reaching SIOM for the GD
City buses are available which take you very near to the SIOM campus from this MG Road for about 7 bucks..
There is a mess at siom Nasik which offers good breakfast..and reasonable too..
About the GD Process
First of all, you'll be having a registration on the ground floor.
Then, we were taken to the 5th floor for the GD round. The gd round consists of
a. An essay writing test : my essay topic : "Is the media reporting on Mumbai terror attacks requiredor should the media reporting be banned?" We were Given 10 minutes to write the essayno time to think..
- my suggestion..pls be fast in writingdon't spend too much time thinking.
b. After essay, we had a GD cum Extempore round. We were made to sit in a circle of 8 people..and there were two panelists. First, each one was given one extempore topic to speak on. First, the topic is given in a chit to the first person among the 8 persons. He has 1 minute to think, and 1 minute to soon as the first person starts speaking, the second person is given a chit, and he has to start preparing his topic..for 1 minute. When the first person stops speaking after a minute, the second person has to start speaking. And the third person has to read his chit and prepare his topic. My extempore topic : "Should women be allowed to work in night shifts or not"
c. After that, we had a group discussion actually it was a case study. Our case: In today's world, teenagers are taking to drinking and smoking. This is due to peer pressure. They are hiding this from their parents..discuss on this issue.. about 15 minutes to discuss on the topic..
After this gd round, in about 1 hour, there is a shortlist - about 50% of the people are eliminated in this stage. And The rest 50% are taken to appear for the PI.
MY PI Experience
The PI Panel consists of 2 ppl one faculty, and one external. Sample PI questions:
why siom
why mba in operations?
questions on your work experience..
questions on other achievements..etc.
After this pi round, there is another shortlisting. Again, about 50% of candidates are elliminated. So, say if the 8:30 am gd slot has 40 candidates for the GD round, about 20 are selected for the PI round, and from this, 10 are selected for the Director's PI.(DPI)Dire
Luckily, I got selected for the Director's PI.
The Director asks almost same questions as I have mentioned above..
My observations on the entire process:
  1. My process started at 8:30 am and got over at 6:00 pm. A very long process. So, guys, if you are having a call and are coming to SIOM, I'd suggest that you come one day in advance / same day early morning, and plan your return tickets from Mumbai the next day only.
  2. Buses are available from Nasik to Mumbai..but I was told that there are lots of traffic jams on the train is better. Have a list of connecting trains from Nasik to Mumbai (CST/Lokmanya Tilak Terminus)'ll help.
  3. Bring Attested copies of your 10th, 12th, all semester marksheets. Also, bring attested copy of your school leaving certificate/ any certificate which shows date of birth. It is required. Many ppl in my batch were not having it and they were asked to send it by post later.
  4. The distances from Nasik Road Railway Station to SIOM or from MG Road to SIOM are quite will charge about 80 bucksbut if you have the patience, then, buses are available..i did that!
  5. One very important thing : In the PI and the Subsequent director's PI, what I felt that they were checking was - that how will Operations Management fit in your profile. If you have a sales/mktg work ex, or if you have work ex in an IT company, then, be prepared for this question : Why Operations Management?? From my interview with the director, I felt that the institute is looking for a very specific kind of ppl..i mean..they want those who have work ex in operations..or if not, they should be strongly be able to justify "why operations management"
  6. Freshers, be prepared to answer the question "why do you want to pursue operations mgmt?" I saw many freshers in my group many good ones..but they were rejected after the PI round.probably, I feel that they couldn't justify nicely why they want to pursue operations management.(this is just my opinion..)
  7. For all future aspirants : pls don't apply to SIOM just because you want to do an MBA and get a good salary. The SIOM ppl are looking for very specific people who are damn serious about Operations Management..and only then, they'll select you. (this is entirely my opinion). I saw the entire process and I saw many good candidates..but they got elliminated at various stages of the process. And I feel that the reason for their ellimination was that they may not be fitting into the specific kind of profile that the SIOM interviewers are looking for...
Hope I helped..
Comments/suggestions/queries are welcome..
All the best to all the GD-PI call getters

went through gd pi yesterday !!!!
was bad fr me .. was from the first batch..
after GD and Written test, topics "consumer king in india" and letter for sponsorship respectively , 12 of 40 were shortlisted, i was one of them.
then went to interview, 2 panel members , normal questions abt me why op dads business and all... nothing as such tough.. it went out fine but when the list for next round ws out, i ws nt in that list.i dont knw why ws i kicked out? was it coz i was a fresher or i created some blunders in my PI which i failed 2 realize..
over all it was fine... and frankly process s u c k s big time... this is also written by me on feedback form. every1 traveling 1000 kms and hrs of journey to be eliminated at gd or pi stage? is it really worth it?
over all profile should matter in making the selection of students , performance in each rounds with profile. many good students are let off becoz of this...high snap score of good marks play no role in getting u it really worth? i may have lost coz of one or 2 points... dont knw... bt frm next year plz all the ones in siom reading plz take notice.. i knw ppl who hv spend 5 6 k just for 30 min test and GD and 1 hr wait for rejection
No offense just my views...

Hi all,

I suggest not to indulge with SIOM.
only one building with average infrastructure and no plat ground.

i m have done my MBA from SIBM.


there is no need to spend more 6 lac rupees for MBA for such institute.

also city is NASHIK, very unglamorous, unlikely to live.

hi this is rakesh.
workin with L & T, mumbai.


Got confirmed call letter.

i am not going to admit in SIOM.

It ranked 67th at pagalguy rankings.

there is no meanings to spend 6.5 lac rupees in two year where there is no placement guarentee.

I met the 2nd year student at SIOM ,he told me that there is hardly 60 % placement figure that will come out this year.

ITS BETTER TO WORK HARD ONE ANOTHER YEAR , GOT MORE MARKS IN CAT & SNAP and simultaneously take away 3.8 lac from L & T in a year.

bye n tc.

wow!!!....hmm...the only thing which I could conclude from your post is your arrogance. First of all I really feel now that SIOM's selection procedure is faulty(as said by many) as how such a candidate got through the process!!!...congratulations mate.
Secondly, dude neither you are a student of the institute nor Mr. Arindam Chaudhury so no one has asked for your advise about "working hard for one year" or joining SIOM. If you do not feel like joining atleast don't discourage others.
Also , as you say that SIOM placements will be hardly around 60% this year , I can tell you the name of ten institutes which charge approx 8 lacs and are much more older and reputed than SIOM, but their placements are around 40% this year!!!!!

As you have mentioned your salary I can figure out that you must have been workin for max 3 years with L&T.; Now if you see the previous batch profile of the students you will find guys with 4 to 5 years work ex from much more reputed firms than L&T;, studying here in SIOM(for this year see (SIOM Final Merit List 2009-2011) ). I do not think they are fools when they made their decision to join SIOM.

At the end of the day maybe I will also not join SIOM if I get better opportunities but that does not mean I will criticise it like this. Also you have just three posts and all of them are about criticising SIOM!!!!( makes me think that maybe you are from a rival institute ). If not, then why start posting on PG on such a negative note dude.

I wish you all the best for your life ahead in L&T; and hope you succeed getting through a great college next year.

hello every one
i think its a good program as my father is in hindalco industries and my som relatives are also at good postion in some other industries ,they tell me that this is gud program to do at this time
but i want to know what they ask in interview and how is GD is taken

if some one know plz guied me

thnks bye