SIMSREE (Sydenham) 2016-2018 Official Admission Helpdesk

This thread is for all those who have queries regarding admission to SIMSREE. Feel free to ask any doubt related to admission and we will definitely communicate all the relevant information as early as possible

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when is the last date to apply for sydenham college ?

hi is atma  score also considered for simsree??? as it is given on the site of atma please check and tell?? 

Is there any reservation for OBC category students? If yes, what was last year's CAT cut off for the same??

What cat score is being taken by simsree

What is the last date to apply to simsree

what is the seat distribution in SIMSREE ? seats other than maharashtra, and reservation for the same ?

what was the MAT cutoff for SIMSREE last year?

what was the CMAT cut off for sydenham PGDM last year?

does SIMSREE accept CAT scores?? if so then wat is the cat cutoff reqr for a call?

What is the admissoon procedure for pgdm admission at simsree???

Is simsree 2016-18 admission registration Going on??

Hello, how many seats out of total are for non maharashtra candidates?

if i score 90 percentile in gmat how it will be equated with other exams?  is total All india seats 27?

I was told by someone that MMS programme has quota system, but PGDM is open for all. How correct is this?

What is the cutoff through CAT for non maharashtra students for general category?And what is the no. of seats for non maharashtra students?

In the placement report, there's something called "Eligible Students". What is this eligibility? Is it the graduation percentage and all? Please reply @SIMSREE_Mumbai 

What is mat cut off for SIMSREE? 

Hi I am Maharashtra domicile NC-OBC student....graduated from Mumbai university and working in pune ..have work-ex of 18 months...what is last year cut off for same profile MMS as well as PGDM? and how much seats are there for OBC? and admission is direct without interview? plz help

CAT score 78.52%tile

W.E 18months

Should I apply to SIMSREE?