SIMS Interview and GD

Hi there, Is there anyone who is for IB in SIMS and has his/her GD and interview on 22nd feb at 12.00pm??? What are the kind of topics that are generally given for the GD and how is the interview there??? If anyone has any info please do po…

Hi there,
Is there anyone who is for IB in SIMS and has his/her GD and interview on 22nd feb at 12.00pm???

What are the kind of topics that are generally given for the GD and how is the interview there??? If anyone has any info please do post.



wow guys.....26 views and no-one has replied. It seems that there arent too many ppl from sims here.......well i still hope to find atleast one other person.... 😃

Hi Namita, ill reply 😃

My friend is going for the interview. Not a member of PG unfortunately. He is going on the 21. His stream is IT and Systems.. Ill pm you his email address. u can get in touch with him..

Btw.. last time another friend of mine had cleared the exam. The GD topic was some current issue at that time, dont quite remember it. The questions she was asked in the interview were..

1. career aspirations and other general stuff (like tell me about your self)
2. Why SIMS.
3. Since u are a girl you will not you will get married and your MBA will be of no use :shock: , so why do u want to do an MBA. They grilled her on the same point for half an hour. She was giving reasons and they kept contradicting her. It was more of a stress interview. She got selected though.

Funny thing is even i got a call form SIMS last year. couldnt get leave so did not go.

Best of luck for the 22nd. 😁

Hi Mansoor,
Thanks a ton for replying. Now i atleast somewhat know what to expect.

Thanks again and if u get some more info please do let me know.

Till next time.....ciao

If any one has any idea about what they ask in sims interview post here

i got a call and i hav einter view on 11 12 and 13 in delhi

scared about gd
what topics should i prepare
do they grill lots about army?? my knowledge about indian army is not that grand help any one?????????

Hi Iceguy,
well i had to undergo this interview last year. all i am going to tell u is that dont worry and just be relaxed and cool. No they dont grill you too much about army so u shouldnt worry about that as well.
jus know the basics abt your acads as they do ask those questions. as far as gd is concerned, last yr we had a case study given to us. again nothing to worry about.
so just chillax dude
all the best

hey namita!!
first person i've come across on PG who's had sims
did u get a final call?
how many people are on the interview panel..large numbers freak me out!

HI Namita ....
This is Ankur from Noida...
I've got a call on either of 11,12 or 13 of Jan 2005..but my stream is Telecom and IT . I've heard that they give case study in general or a business related topics...I m also searching for some to assist us so that we can be sure of our admission...
Plz could u tell bout the placements of SIMS and is our future secure in the safe hands?
bye take care...

Hi Namita,
Hey gr8 job of atleast creating a thread for SIMS cz i really didn't know where to post my queries reagarding atleast i will have some idea....
To all you guys who did get a call congrats....
even i got thru....and since i hv opted 4 the delhi center i will hv my GD/PI on the 11,12 or the 13th....the only prob is that i hve my IMI GD on the 13th so really hope that the SIMS one also doesn't fall on the same day...otherwise wldn't know wat to do....
does any1 has any idea incase there's any provision of changing the GD date in such cases...plzz lemme know cz i'm freaked out....
And hey namita,i really don't hv much idea abt the case study that u were talking abt...really will be a gr8 help to me and a lot others if you cld plzz describe a lil more clearly wat it is all abt and wat was the scenario in ur case....and also a few imp questions that they really stressed upon last yr.....
one thing that i got to know from ur posts was that it really isn't that big a deal and of i will try my best to chill but then its my 1st time so i'm a lil afraid.....
thnks a lot.....hoping to receive ur guidance soon.....

hi all

well very surprised to know so.. many ppl for sims.Well dis is gonna b my first gd and i am really scared.plz if ne1 cud lemme know how many are actually called for the gd and how many get rejected and wot is the gd/pi like.I have been shortlisted for it and telecom

thx namita for your input what kinda case study???
if nay one has any inputs on the topics for gd plz feel free to post
any idea where in delhi this interview will take place
Hey namita are u studying at SIMS
if yes then avergae placments????

thanks a lot

hi everybody,
who all finished wid the sims gd/pi?how was it and wht were d gd topics?wht did they ask in interview?i have it in another 4 days ie 19'th feb in pune,pls lemme know the topics and some other useful info....
thanx in advance.....:-)

Hey guys....

this is for those who are yet to have their GD and PI.. first of all.. just relax... its pretty cool...
tell u my experience.. had my GD/PI in bangalore.... they asked us to come by 9.00 but the actual fight started at 10.30... till then all formalities..

I round.. GD... given a case study.. pretty simple to understand and deliver... 5 min given for u to jot the points and then 20 min to speak... my group was excellent so went smoothly.. all were able to put their points... the last 5 min was for conclussion... which luckily i did...

II and III round interview... cool.. questions like - tell me about urself..why MBA? what are ur achievements... Your Values in life... where do u c urself in 5 years... which speacilization and why....

everything was cool... no drilling about GK or outside world... looked like they were not interested in it..

so guys just relax... think positively and give ur best.. i am sure u will be seeing urself in SIMS soon..

any way i am positive to get.... hope for u too..
all the best....

Had my SIMS GD/PI on 12th....a very light affair...first there was a GD...a case study infact...very non-discussable....U r a Teetotaler(No drinks and alcohol) and are offere a plum marketing jjob by Mc dowells or you take up the offer. This was followed by Two round of PI. The interviewers were cool and put one at ease. Simple questions like why MBA...Your work profile....they'll ask you to write an essay bout urself and ask question upon that..things like weaknesses, al.
So chill, its easy going.

Well has ne1 heard nething from SIMS yet, coz scmhrd's results r out! Wat abt SIMS, any news????

Any one has a genuine placement scenario (current ) ?

plz keep us informed !!!