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Admission queries - (MBA Batch 2020-22) related to SIMS, Pune

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Dear Aspirants, this is the official group for SIMS 2020-22 batch. In case of any query, please reach out to us at [email protected], 020-25593345, 020-25593346 

Here is a video highlighting the accomplishments of SIMS student managers and their holistic development in all spheres of academic as well as extracurricular activities. 

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What is the duration of WAT for SIMS?

Any pro tips for WAT? What can be the best way to tackle WAT?

@connectwithsims Please enlighten me about the Group Exercise process of SIMS. Would there be a case study or do we have to discuss on certain topic ?

@connectwithsims please tell me about WAT process, how many essay we have during WAT and what kind of.

Day 1 of GEPIWAT 2020! #SIMSPune #admissions2020 #symbiosis #siu Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies

Glimpses from the 2nd Day of the GEPIWAT 2020!

#SIMSPune #admissions2020 #Gepiwat #simswayoflife #siu

 SIMS Pune brings to you the student experiences of a few candidates who appeared for the GEPIWAT at SIMS on 1st & 2nd Feb.
Wishing good luck to all the applicants who are to appear for GEPIWAT on 8th & 09th Feb, 2020.

Glimpses from the 3rd Day of the GEPIWAT 2020!

#SIMSPune #admissions2020 #Gepiwat #simswayoflife #siu

What were the total number of candidates who appeared for GEPIWAT 2020?

When will the result be declared regarding final selection?


Hope you had a nice experience in GE PIWAT. In case if you want to reach out to us for any further queries, you can call us at

Landline- 020 25593250

Mobile- 9763527195

I have been waitlisted and the number is 24. Do I have any chances to get through? I belong to open category.

Hello Team,

I have been selected and I am preparing the documents required for the admission. 

When will the domicile certificate be applicable ?

I have a passport. Will I require a domicile certificate ?

Thank you

Guys, please let me know if there is any .. group for those who are in the merit list. @connectwithsims

Hi I am on # 30 in waiting list (Open defence). Is it possible to get a call in 2nd list? And will there be any 2nd list as I got to hear that there was no 2nd list out last year.

Hi, I am waiting list #16 in non-defence category. Is it possible to get a convert?

Can anyone please suggest a good bank for taking a loan for fees? @connectwithsims Could you guys help regarding this? Thanks in advance.