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The take home tests are so easy. Are they at par with CAT ? I don't even find them at the level of SIMCAT. My scores and %iles are just rocketing !

What are your scores from simcat 101-105?

Which Aimcat take homes to take?


VA 60 (94.24)

LRDI 26 (87.97) :/

QA 53 (99.23)  (Pehli baar 99)

OA 139 (98.61)

Could someone who attempted a good no. of take home SIMCATs let us know which ones are at par with (or at least close to) the CAT level?


VA 55 (92.75)

LRDI 33 (88.23) :( 

QA 52 (99.60)  

OA 140 (98.28)


VA- 16A/9C    22 marks..........39%ile

LRDI- 20A/17C  50 marks.........88%ile

QA-10A/8C      22 marks.........79%ile

Total- 46A/34C  94 marks........74%ile

Wasn't able to comprehend passages. But how come even 50 marks in LRDI is less. 

Guys please give some suggestions to improve. I am stuck btwn 90-100 score irrespective of proctored or take home simcats. Quite depressing.



VARC- 29A/22C  62 99.97%

DILR- 17A/14C    39 97.94%  :/

QA- 21A/17C     48 99.62%

OA- 149              99.96%

simcat 12 link?

Simcat 104 (yeh itna asan kyu hai, cat aisa nhi aega pakka) varc - 69 dilr - 56 (it has gone bad recently) qa - 63 OA- 188 (99.97, how ?)

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while giving simcat 109 TH, i had stopped the test due to some urgency right after the va section but when i try to resume the test it is not showing any q of DILR.. this has happened for the first time, in earlier TH Simcats also i had stopped the test in between but this time it isn't opening. someone please help..

SIM 113

varc - 54 (it is stuck around this, what the hell will I do with this in CAT)

dilr - 62

qa - 49 (fluctuations, kuch bhi chal rha jeevan me)

OA - 165 (99.73)

SIM 120

VARC: 36(gone)

DILR:63 (seemed easy)

Quant:48 (need to increase attempts)

Overall: 147 (69A/16W) 99.66

BTW,How do they calculate percentile? There are not many giving these tests right?!

SIM 121

Gave yesterday

VARC: 55 (Lucky,I guess)

DILR: 50 

Quant: 46 ( Attempts kam hai kaafi)

Overall: 151 (68A/14W) 99.96


VARC- 48(92.22)





VARC -29(74.67)   :-( 




Hi guys, is there any page for SAMCATs of TIME like this one ? Plz do share the link in the comment. TIA. Hey please read and share my story on insideIIM