SIMC results Out

when are they coming out?any idea,as the site says 4th march…

when are they coming out?any idea,as the site says 4th march..

Hey guyz,
Seems like nobody is interested in SIMC results. Anyway, I called them up an they said it would be out tonight but nothing as yet. Let's hope for something tomorrow.

Lots of luck

Don Corleone

god knows when are the results?????
anxiously waiting......

hi all

will SIMC ever get things done on time
its already 5th and results aint out yet
me too waiting for the results eagerly

nways all the best to u all and fingers crossed.

called up the office.. will b on the site after 2pm.. hope they stick to what they say this time :grab:

called them up ..said will b released on website after 12 o clock on 5th march.wat the hell they r goin 2 teach management wen they nvr do things on time right frm shortlisting to gd's ,interview n now results.

hey gud
thanks for the news
m waiting till 2 else .............................
dunnow wat to say

guys please refrain from opening new threads even before the results are out.....

P.S. Do u think the Mods have less trouble already managing the forum


the results r out..but will take time to b uploaded on the site.. anyone interested can call them n find out by giving the snap id n specialization

yes, results are out. and I'm through
PGDMC (Journalism, Print & Broadcast)

yes, results are out. and I'm through
PGDMC (Journalism, Print & Broadcast)

Congrats .......Another treat's in the offing


Congrats .......Another treat's in the offing



Look who's talking Mr. He-Owes-me-two-Treats himself

I am thru as well
Rohit ....for Advertising...
Wooohooo Pune city here I come....that is if i dnt make it ot NID

Hey... I wanted to know about SIMC, how it is in terms of teaching and placements. Coz public opinion of ppl Ive spoken to seems to be that SIMC is just cashing in on the Symbiosis name. Too much gas, basically. Id like to know how true it is... I got through PR and I am quite interested in the course, but want to know if the price is worth it. Coz a Xaviers will giv it in about 1/4th the price.

Also... does anyone know what the placements/ avg pay packet are like at SIMC @ PR?

hey ppL,

i gt thru audio-visual at simc. it would soooooo great if some ex student
of simc could guide us at this crucial time...PUHLEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!!!

my queries are as follows: inspiring is the faculty, n how facilitating is the infrastructure??i heard frm some jerks that classes r hardly held at simc n that freaked me out cz the prospectus seemed quite interesting n watnot.

2 how diverse are the profiles of jobs offerred to simc pg channels like natgeo etc actually come fr placements...n plz tell me if i dop audio visual then wat r the different kinds of placements that i cn choose frm.

3. plz enlighten me on the field of mass communication.scope in the field .life style.things that i as a fresher dont kno.things that i would regret later.

4.also, if i specialize in audio visual...aill i forevr be stuck behind the camera or will i find an opening tocome infront of will simc help me there.also, if later on i want to write fr a mag zne say, then will the simc name help me to switch

5. obviously mas com dosent pay too much initially...but plz tell me wat pay packages does it offer..

6. how motivated are the batch mates at simc...wats the atmosphere like.

7.also, wer do pg s stay...?

i still have a lot to ask, but plz plz plz someone help....n reply...

thanks a TON in advance...

Dear guyz,

The second list is out and I'm in. I just wanted to know how many of you who got final admission are actually planning to join? How good is the institute? Please somebody reply. Most probably I'm taking final admission in SIMC so I'd like to know who my classmates are. Hey Ranjitha, are you planning to get in? Please reply.

Don Corleone

nope. I'm not taking it.

Dear Frenz,

It seems like there are no SIMC aspirants left here. In case there are, please reply on this thread so that we can discuss a few things like accomodation. Plus it'll be nice to my batchmates early on. Please reply or PM me.

Don Corleone