Siib gd/pi callgetters

hi guys, am starting this thread so that we can help each other out to get through the gd/pi process in siib… BEST OF LUCK AND CONGRATULATIONS to all those who made it… P.S: Everybody would be highly grateful to p…

hi guys,

am starting this thread so that we can help each other out to get through the gd/pi process in siib.............

BEST OF LUCK AND CONGRATULATIONS to all those who made it........

P.S: Everybody would be highly grateful to people who already have some experience in this regard.............


input your ideas as well.........
as some of us do not have enough time to prepare on our own i think it would be a faster and a more efficient manner to build up our way of thinking......

Hi, Can anyone check my status. The site is blocked in my office.
SNAP ID: 1011372

no call at 64...
guyz jst post in ur scores along wid d result

Any idea what to expect for the GD/PI? I have mine on 31st. hardly any time left.
Everybody in the other forum seemed to be still discussing the cut-offs and all.

I Googled and found this:
SIIB CASE STUDY (Bangalore: Feb 2006) (There wont be any distinction between MBA-IB & MBA-ABM candidates. Seniors will present about SIIB just after the registration. Seniors asked us to make the GD not a fish market. Alas! My GD mates fought each other) (I vaguely remember the case. There were several typographical errors in the case presented) Tine given to read & think - 6 min Time for Discussion 17 min Batch strength 12 (10 IB + 2 ABM) A plant has a good reputation in the area in which it is located in. The plant deals with packaging food items and transporting them. The plant depends upon lithographic lines. The operations undergoing the packaging are expensive and cover 60% of selling price. The plant procures a product called laquer, a byproduct which is helpful for packing. A huge order is ready to get dispatched. The workers worked overtime and the order is now ready to get dispatched the next day. A worker came running to the plant manager. He said that laquer was not mixed in correct composition. As a result, by the time the product reaches the customer, the food inside gets contaminated. The plant manager calculates the loss incurred to the company. $10,000 is not a small amount. The error is a human made one.

The plant manager knows about the worker who mixes the laquer in right consumption. That worker is not working properly these days and has become lazy. The plant manager too did not take any action against him for several months even after noticing. WHAT SHOULD THE PLANT MANAGER DO INORDER THAT SUCH MISTAKES DO NOT HAPPEN IN FUTURE? COME UP WITH RECOMMONDATION.

GROUP TASK (GT) OF SIIB (THIS PHASE FOLLOWS THE GD. Unlike SCMHRD, these phases are not elimination rounds) We walked into a large room. A professor & a senior guided us. We were given plane A4 papers. A chest number (some code) will be given and you should put it on your shirt/sari/dress. They will give you a clip. Group Task (as announced by the moderator): Take A4 papers from my desk, if you have not received. Stand at that rectangular table in the order of your chest numbers. The task is Design an aero plane individually in 3 minutes using the papers. You can fold the paper as you have done it as a school student Pay attention to the instructions. 1.GT tests your soft skills 2.You must complete the task within the given time 3.Never look at me 4.Dont copy others designs Your time starts now.

Essay Writing There will be an essay writing for 10 min. In these 10 min., you have to fill your all details, think and write the essay. Be very fast. The essay was all about Ethics & Morals (difference between them according to me)

another blog i found:

Group process
We were broken into groups OF 4 and we were all taken into a room with tHe moderator welcoming us and telling us that we were gona play a game.however it reminded ME OF tHe grand master iN tHe movie SAW who puts people iN fatal games where there is no other way to win tHe game other than hurting oneself very badly.
This game was nothing like it though.we were given envelopes iN which 3 to 4 plastic pieces iN tHe form OF triangle and rectangles were there..we haD to circulate those pieces within ourselves and iN tHe end everyone haD to have a square and iN between all this there COULD not be any communication OF any sorts.onE would offer his pieces to tHe other and if COULD accept it or refuse it as he pleased.
IN tHe end we ended up with 3 squares and one guy couldnt make a square.well after that tHe moderator cAME and showed us how to make a square for all tHe people with tHe given pieces.

Group discussion
We waited a little bit after tHe group process for tHe oTher 4 members OF tHe group to finish their group process and then proceeded for tHe group discussions....
THe gd wAs gooD aLthoUgh there was onE guY who was very oBstinate but though that is expectEd iN a was a case study OF an advertising agency which is mEdium iN size and is having problems like decreasing customer base and is having stabLe haD 3 options tO look into sack people with respect to their seniority
B.pack ineffective people
C.identify dOrmant posts and eliminate them

hope it helps.
please put in your inputs as well.

well i think that the first thing for the manager to do would be to stop the consignment and explain the whole situation to the dealers.........
i know 10000$ is a huge amount but in the long run the honesty shown by the manager of the company will definitely pay up and even that id the food is contaminated the image of the company will be totally tarnished as happened in Chinese milk company last year........

the second thing that should be done is to suspend the concerned employee and if there are no union issues then the employee could even well be terminated............

now for the future the manager should make a habit to check on the working habits of the people or if he does not have the time to do that he could at least appoint some supervisors (supervisors dont even have union issues)......

even the incentives could be issued to people like the employee of the month.....

Here is the last years SIIB GD-PI experiences thread.. hope this will guide us... (Siib Gd/pi Experience 200

any body from delhi going to SIIB on 30th

please post ur number here

any body from delhi going to SIIB on 30th

please post ur number here

hey priya what is your timing for the process and could you post your score in snap??

an experience which i picked from last years thread.........

Group discussion.--

A guy(Raman or sth) he is an excellant individaul player.He has got excellant reviews also. But for a 'modular office design" project he is shifted to a team. he feels his ratings will go down as he is not at ll a team player
wat shud the management do?.are they breaking any rules?any ethical issues?

I could statrt the GD. Tried to give it a direction.BUt didnt work.
The group was of 10 people. and 8 could talk rally loud(I was one among them) also the moderator didnt brief us anything reg what s he expecting from us(vis a vis SCMHRD) so it was fishmarket.Managed to chip in some points.overall kinda nice discussion

Then came interview.Heard that the interview guy(one person) is from Manufacturing sector.MOi being a mechanical engineer i thouht i am screwed. He asked me to introduce myself.asked abt my family my college my job my salary..he then remarked that my salary is a little bit on the lesser side( I was telling to myself..Sirji why dnt u go and tell this to my PM)

he asked abt tech question wats the HP of M800.. i said 38hp sir..(is it correct?..i am not sure).. h asked me wat will happen if a 100 hp motoer is in maruti..i said speed will go up but mileage will be down also the design cant withstand this much speed...gears arent designed for these speed ratios and stuff....blah blah

then came tricky quastions..why mech engg and now in a software company?.
how is money imp to you
wat specilisation
why MBA?

some social questions-- like mention 3 things that u feel are the worst in india.I said corruption, unemployment,lack of social values/spirit.
He asked me why not population?
I was quite determined not to say population i said sth like how it can be an asset ..countries like CANADA AUS some european countries have negative pop growth popluation shud be trained to be effective manpower etc.

The he asked abt 'lack of social values'-- I said nuclear famly..always inside flat--no to elections blah blah and stuff

He then asked three qualities of a leader?..I said Leadership skills...he iterrupetd and siad i meant wat do you mean by leadership skills?..

i said ability to take good n quick decisions, always approcahable and sth else( i forgot) he asked one or two questions on that ..

as a parting remark he asked me my SNAP score.I said 90 sir. He said great.Ok then bye.
20 min interview...overall a nice experience.

Then there was an essay about "Is genetic engineering Man playing god?"


Flying in frm Delhi......5th Feb......

Group Process........6th Feb...........9:15am

Ny1 else??

How much time would the group process take??

raizada.amit Says
How much time would the group process take??

going by last year's tend it will take around 4-5 hours..........

puys any idea how many calls has SIIB given dis year.

Hey an1 having 1st feb,9,15 slot???
n haan hw much time n dist is the place frm railwy station?

Hey an1 having 1st feb,9,15 slot???
n haan hw much time n dist is the place frm railwy station?

quite far. In fact I doubt whether there is any direct bus to hinjewadi. takes arnd 1.5 hrs.

hey i read from previous years posts tat one of the person changed his GD-PI slot because he had SCMHRD slot clash.. initially they havent allowed it itseems.. but later he went to the institute personally and has put his case.. then they agreed itseems.. is there anything like this allowed this time also...

any body from delhi going to SIIB on 30th

please post ur number here

hi i am from chandigarh.i also have interview on 30th..will be going by train from delhi itself .not yet decided about train?? :(....

check ur pm