SIBM interview experience

hey evryone had GD/PI today for SIBM…2 rounds of GD…one general with topics like capital punishment, globalization etc and second was a case study…we got an ethcal sitn whr two employees are fighting and ur the manager… th…

hey evryone

had GD/PI today for SIBM.....2 rounds of general with topics like capital punishment, globalization etc and second was a case study....we got an ethcal sitn whr two employees are fighting and ur the manager......

then PI was chilled.......5 mins per person which includes 2 mins of extempore.....they give u the topic related to ur bac kgrond........ like kerala, education, valetitne's day etc.....

just chill out in GD...if u dont get a chance to speak ...dont worry.....after the gd they will ask ur opinion or might ask u to summarize.....

gud luck

PS: the topic for essay was ....

its nice to be imp but its more imp to be nice (20 lines)

i had my gdpi today too.. was quite ok

first was essay..... 'its nice to be important but more important to be nice'

then first gd.... do women make better manageers than men

second was some case study about a mining org

then interview began with extempore... is celebrating valentine day relevant in india today

they asked some questions about whether women are replacing men in the corporate world... then about what specialization i want to take... they tried stress techniques here.... then they asled again general stuff about myself... then asked wherther i was better at planning or implementing... i said both equally but they went on an on i guess they were tryng to psych me out.. kinda worked too...
that was it. took about 8-10 mins or so

hey guys

had my GD/PI was fun....went bout quite easily....2 topics for Gd---ie. one case study bout dat mining co. and the second one was a proper GD....topic ---" indian uth lacks discipline in evry sphere of activity" .... Pi was hardly for 5--7 mins....with ann extempore of 3 mins...topic----Youth is not a phase of life but it is a state of mind. comment....
so guys who r already thru with ur GD's, wot r ur chances???

Hi all!
Since there are not too many posts in this thread and that I have ample time, I will post my SIBM GD/PI in detail.

Before that, do you know that there are people who have not heard of PG forums. And was very happy to meet a PG(Paromita ), both of us shared some unknown sense of chemistry when both of us got to know that we are PG mates.... Rest of the guys, including the dumb asses who thought PG to be some crap site where people chat, make friends etc etc, were wondering whatz the big deal, why are these 2 people so happy being PG mates....Stupid "whatever"holes:-P

Shocked to know abt the night life in Pune, this place doesn't sleep, or rather wakes up late when it sleeps. Late in the light, at 11:00, I could araam se get a Xerox shop to xerox my certificates9the enjoyment of doing things in the last moment is something different).

At 7:am today, I could hardly find any shops around, open. Not even restaurants-so had to skip my breakfast. Thought all for good. With much difficulty got a ric from Deccan to SIBM. Reached there at 7:30. Hey, they said 8:am and they were letting people in, so early... whats this...

I was in batch H, they started off with a presentation on SIBM by some II year Stud(placed in Olam Singapore, yes the company that recruits from IIFT)...

After that all of us were asked to keep the xerox copies of certies ready.If u dun have the Xerox, they will get it done, chill buddy. Noi black pen, they will give u that. All nitty gritties taken care of.

Then, essay to be written with black pen(ha ha ha), Topic"Internet Etiquettes". I was thankful that they had the topic written on the sheet, had that not been the case, I am sure at least me would have goofed up the spelling of Etiquette(is that right?).

10 minutes of essay. Then to refreshment room. Some grps went for GD, some PI, some Case Study etc. Since mine was H, "refreshed" for some time. That old uppuma that I loathed like hell, showed its presence here also. Tea, Uppuma, and cake. I chose only tea as I thought better to avoid Uppuma(looked like that, or was that something sweet).

Then was called for GD, GD topic" Has the advent of TV Ads diminished the role of print ads". As in any GD, one ***tard is enf to screw the whole grp's happiness...
There was a guys, who did that. Nonsense talk, did not let anyone chip in...
Still I made a couple of entries into the grp.
Some of us(including me) were asked to summarize.

Then Case Study- An Indian handicraft company had to choose between 2 US companies as partner for their exports. Since it was the same grp and that ******* was there, noone wanted 2 risk. All spoke. CHAOTIC!!. The moderator and Physcologist there said that they have just one brain and if 6 of 8 speak together, there is no point doing this. After the study, we were asked to rate our grps performance, some one said 5/10. He said do not underestimate, then said, thank you for being frank.

I got a chance to summarize here too...
Poor Paromita, later complained to me that I was obstructing her view and herself... Sorry buddy, purely unintentional..


And finally was the interview. Went in sat. Panel: a Parsi lady, A handwriting ologist(whatever u call them), and one more guy.
I said, good afternoon, it was only 11:50. I was prepared to say GM, but slip of a tongue. He said "afternoon", I said, sorry GM.. She said thats okay.
They had my Essay sheet, SIBM online form printout in hand.
Gave me a writing pad and asked me to write my name and sign.
I did.
Then a topic for extempore came, "Values in Sport". As Sport happens to be smthg which I am very bad at, I had that oh gosh wave in my mind.

Scribbled smthg, spoke a sentence on Olympic, Pierre De Cubertin, Drugs, they said time up. I said 1 min so soon. They said yes!!!

Where r u from:
I said Triuvandrum, studied in Wranagal, wrking in Blore.
What is ur work:
I said Call Center....

Is that good for India?
Yes, employment generation etc etc....

"Are you getting married"
I said not soon.
How may girlfriends have u had in college...
I said no serious affair...

How are u with girls..?

I said comfortable , ....

Nikhil, get married soon why waste time.

U seem to be very creative..(My i has a circle instd of the usual dot, this makes a had writing analyst feel that u r creative.
But I will tell u the fact, a friend of mine(a girl) in school, used to put this. I chumma started it as a style, but now that has mislead them....)

why do a call center job..

Some crap answer, I gave...

Why MBA, said something ... specialization, I said Mktg. They dint ask why anymore...

What makes u interesting?

I said, I like to know more and let others know what I got to know. I said I blog(hope they dun check the number of posts that I have done on my blog)...

For example?

I said, I keep having questions and try to find ans for them. Now I am trying to find if AIRBUS A320 used by Air Deccan has a seating arrangement customized for them....

Oho!!! they said....

Wishing u all the best!!-they said...

Thankyou and I left....

Cons of SIBM: No campus area. Only6 bldg... Adjacent bldg is Arts , Commerce etc. Hsotel sux, so Paying Guest is the option...

Pros :-P
I had a feeling that Blore is nothing(fairer sex denstity)@ Symbi college next to SIBM...

Thanks are due to Shruti(I year) for all the help done and also to Aastha(II year).

hi fellas!,

thanx a million for those who posted their exp.:grin: (where are u wayne?! )al d dinosaurs in my stomach r put to rest now............
moi at home celebrating byw atchin

n ATB to al folks who have their gdpi still to is on 18th as ya hav told long time back.........

hey karishma.........hope to c ya soon in pune....early a sari

hey moonstruck

pune mein resturant nahi .....yaar senti kar diye mujhe tumne.....
aisa toh hoi hi nahi sakta.ncc canteen next to symbi......sirf naam ki canteen... better than any resturant...better crowd than any resturant.......bhandarkar road is close by and so is fc road ..i guess it has the highest density of resturants in india yaar.
any more qs regarding pune please contact me....i ll be more than happy to help all u sibm hopefuls
and yes i about sibm.thay have an extremely great set of alumni
that explains their phenomenal placements.otherwise the college is
thats all i know
teke care

Hiya Mik,

OK goes

GD/PI at SIBM was pretty cool throughout .

Reached Pune at 11and then had to wait for an hour and a half for proceedings to begin.....Put this time to good use by chatting up with the other guys who had their session at 1 p.m.

Now considering the popularity of PG.....It is expected that you will end up bumping into a Pgite at a GD/PI session......but believe me I was surprised by the sheer number of Pgites i met yesterday.

First bumped into V02(Vivek) who was a part of the 8 a.m batch. Next while I was waiting for proceedings to begin....happened to spot a familiar face..........Turned out to be Kautilya (Aditya) from Hyderabad whom I had met just once before at NASEOH .

From then on we were divided into our respective groups...........It's normally 12 people to a group...but in our group 4 had not made it so we ended up being 7 in the group.

Intially the process got started by the SIBM students introducing themselves as well as the group buddies . Followed by presentations on Life at SIBM.

Then was followed by a 10 Minute Essay ...Topic" It's Nice to be Important but More Important to be Nice"

From then on we went on to the GD/PI processes ....

GD 1----> General Topic "Capital Punishment should be abolished".......GD was fairly peaceful with everyone getting a chance to speak (helped that we were 7 to a group ) .Lacked a bit of content though .........but overall pretty decent.

GD 2---> Case Study- Basically a case on resolving conflicts between a secretary and a top sales guy in a company.......Again discussions were peaceful....Not much of Fireworks

Interview---> As the others have stated very very cool .......Panel of 3 .......Started off with some questions on Life in general

Then was given a topic for Extempore "Cricket as a means of building Harmony between Nations" ...........Was given no time to think .....Just told to walk to the podium (2 Seconds ) and start off immediately .....Managed to do that give or take one or two stutters

Extempore done with......again back to questions.......Looked through my profile and quizzed me on my work ex....What profile, why I like the job, What have i learnt, how an MBA will help etc etc.

That was it .

Entire Process took about 4.5 hours or so and we were free around 5.30.

After the process Realised that out of 7 group members 6 were Pgites ....including Ronak (Catabolist), Krishna Mohan (krishnalok) and Prince (droplets) . . Group members apart also managed to meet Talk2teenz and Kush (destinationsuccess)

Almost felt like a All India PG meet

@Mik......I presume you are coming to Mumbai first.

It's best to catch a Volvo from Dadar (East) Station.......Just get down at Dadar and ask anyone for the Volvo Bus stand for buses to Pune. Tickets are around 150/-

I believe all the Private service operators are the same........However look at getting a "Neeta" Volvo. Just a note of caution though...give yourself atleast a 2 hour cushion (i.e start by 7.30/8.00 a.m )..Private operators are notorious for time wasting waiting for additional passengers before finally setting off to Pune .



PS: Don't try the Veg. Club Sandwich at the SIBM Canteen ........Whatsay Kush and Puncham?

Edited to Add

(1)Happy Birthday Appy
(2) Don't assume that the group starts with a GD first..............There is no set rule.......You could even have the PI before the GDs or a GD-PI-GD or as in our case a GD-GD-PI

GD and group task went very well. I think I have got over my initial reservations in GD's. However my interview was so stressful. I do not know why only me in my group was targeted and that too for the most time.
It went like this:
Sir: Introduce yourself.
Sir: In What?
Santu: Physics
Sir: Physics!! Then why r u here? Why not research.
Santu: Sir...Blah Blah...Blah
Sir: Why did'nt you quit after 1 year of M.Sc and apply here?
Santu: Sir initially, I wanted to go into teaching line...blah,,,blah
Sir: OK go to that podium and explain in 2 minutes about why u r fit for MBA.
Santu: Blah blah blah
Sir: U overshot u'r time
Santu:Sorry Sir
Sir:So what specialisation r u lookin for? U physics people r supposed to be systematic
Santu: Sir: Finance and marketi ng.
Sir: Are ye finance kaa bhoot kya hai? U don't have any background in commerce. Who will teach u credit-debit?
Santu: Sir I am very aware of the challenges. But I wil put in my hard work and ...blah.blah
Sir: When did u think of finance?
Santu: Sir around 14 months back
Sir:Did u read any textbook on finance?
Santu: My priority was to clear the first hurdle. After this interview I have 3 more months ...I'll take coaching.
Sir:U sound systematic.But even if u get into SIBM u'll have 2 struggle. U have 2 write an exam and clear it to geta finance specialisation
Santu: Sirthjat is my aim and I'll do whatever to get it. Hard work..focus...
Sir: (ABRUPTLY) Enough...I think u can leave.

There were some more arguments like the above wwhich I don't clearly remember but I guess because I sounded confident from the beginning they tried their best to put me down.
Anyways..I'm hoping for the best.

hi all,
had my gd/pi at symbi today
1)started off with an essay --- how to be a good netizen
2)then had my interview -- there s a person on the interview panel who was actually analysing my hand writing!! during the interview they also give you a topic on which you need to speak for a minute
3)then was the GD -- the biggest problem faced by india is ....
4)then had the case study-- about some guy who died on his way to hospital and who was responsible for his death . had a list of events and had to rate the people in these events from most responsible to least responsible for the death ..

the students who are conducting the entire process are really cool... no airs ... just feel free with them.. they are really helpful ....

anyways moi will now just have to wait for the results... ATB to ppl who hav their GD/PI tom

Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in posting; just got back from Pune a couple of hours ago. Here's my field report --

The whole process is handled by current SIBM students(probably the reason why they weren't as hyper-efficient as ICFAI). We were all allotted name tags at the reception and asked to proceed to different rooms. Once there, a short presentation was run by the Student Council members. Don't remember much of that except the overpowering soundtrack. Hardly expected U2, you see! Had to consciously refrain myself from getting too "groovy".

Necessary photocopies were collected and we were given ten minutes to write a page on "It's nice to be important but more important to be nice". Total wishy-washy topic--luckily can't recall the crap I wrote!
Then, student coordinators were assigned to each group. My group was led to the GD Room #1. Two member panel--Smiling female and non-descript male. Yet another boring topic--"Women make better managers than men". Okay-ish discussion but repetitive at times. I was never allowed to speak more than one sentence (and as panel had forewarned us to be disciplined, and as I was nearest to the moderators, I didn't want to force an audience.) People who didn't speak much were asked to summarise in the end. Exit group.

Slight wait before GD #2. Two member panel again. Role reversal. Smiling Male(SM) and non-descript female. Case Study(Mining company on island. Hard year, staff promised bonuses. Expected profit $20b. Locals ask for $10b for regional development. Island under military control. Company has paid all taxes duly and has good relations with government. What should company do?) Pretty awful GD. Everyone starts off in 'negotiation mode'. I try to point out short term losses of negotiation. Wanted to talk about dilution of profit motive too but was cut off (again! ). Anyway, didn't want panel to think I was an outright capitalist alien to the concept of social responsibility. After GD is over, SM asks us to rate the GD out of 10. Candidate#2 says 4-5. My personal feeling is the same but I'm still aghast that she has said this out loud. SM also discusses some points that we all forgot to address. Anyway, group exits.

Another wait before interview. I scooted off to have some lunch but spilt something on my saree! :huh: Luckily, saree was orange; as was the sambar! I was the first person from my group to go for the PI. Three member panel--Sweet Lady(SL),Pseudo-Bad-Cop(PBC) and Irrelevant Guy(IG).Was given "Importance of fairness in a democracy" or some such topic to speak on for one minute. Given one minute to prepare of which 30 seconds were spent in writing my name, signature and name of topic on the sheet provided. I endlessly repeated that every vote should be counted. Sounded more like John Edwards! Actual Q&A; follows--
PBC: Your sign is so simpledon't you think anyone can copy it?
Me: I never thought of it that way, sir.
PBC: You should complicate it
Me: Sir, I am a simple person (small smile)
SL: No, no..don't change it, it's a very good sign.
Me: (Broad smile in her direction) Thank you, Ma'am.
PBC: Are you careless sometimes?
Me: Everyone is careless sometimes (small smile)
PBC: Are you more careless than others?
Me: Not at all, sir.
IG: Both your parents are government officers. Why don't you do the same thing?
Me: Some bla bla.
PBC: Can you do a 9 to 5 job?
Me: Yes and no. Depends on job bla bla.
IG: You studied at _______. What is special about this school?
Me: More bla bla.
PBC: What do you want to do after MBA?
Me: Lots of bla bla.
PBC: Okay, thank you, A.
Me: (getting up) It has been a pleasure to come to Pune( hardly! )

That's about it. Sorry about the LOOOOOOOOOONG post. Dunno what to expect on 28th. Don't think I'll make it. :huh: Good luck to everyone who still has a shot!:thumbsup:

Guess I'm the first bloke from the afternoon batch to post my experiences. Just arrived in Mumbai after a tiring journey home (but then I get tired easily) so here goes:

Arrived at Insti. at about 12:30m. Registration etc. was a breeze. I had all my documents of course, but even those who were without XAT ID Cards, Score Cards etc were accomodated somehow. It was the people without Caste Certis who had to face hassles so all you PGites who are in on that basis, don't forget your Certificate!!

They took us to a Waiting Room where the day's candidates were assembled. Ran into a few chaps from my batch immiediately. Only met one confirmed PGite though, Siddhu Warrier, whom I had arranged to meet anyway. Definitely calms one down to have someone there you've interacted with. He's a cool chap, defintely, with quite the sense of humour.

Anyhow, after a while they gave us the Essay Sheet (no word limit but stick to one side of the paper) on "How to be a Good Netizen". Bloke behind me, from Chandigarh furtively asked me "What's a Netizen". I told him, being one of those nice, benevolent people you hear so much bout.

Then they had a mercifully short presentation on SIBM which conveniently omitted to mention that they have a 14 hour workday, but was played with U2's Elevation in the background.

Some batches were sent for GD's, some for PI's and ours for refreshements. (10 people in our batch, BTW) I had the tea (no coffee, dammit) and the slice of cake. Shortly after off we went for the GD.
The topic was "Why does India lag behind China" (cliched ain't it?)
The GD was fairly decorous (as always there was one...let's call him an individual, though the word I'd rather use is quite different...from a certain place up North which I won't mention who nearly ruined it and one over-eager bloke from Mumbai who was no great shakes either) but not too bad. Got to speak about 4 times, hope I was heard. Ditto with Siddhu who was able to get in the intro. After about 12 minutes they got sick of us (they'd promised 20 minutes) Three of us were asked to conclude, including the individual.

After a break we went in for the Case Study. This was a bloody bumper. "You're shpwrecked in the Pacific and can carry only 5 things with you on the raft out of twelve given below (CannedTuna, Whiskey, blah blah) Choose"
Complete mess. Individual went ballistic. No one was getting a word in decently. Siddhu and I were the only ones advocating carrying Chocolate as a prime anti-depressant and energy booster (though p*ick managed to assert that Chocolate is an anxiety inducer). After a 10 minute fishmarket the bloke asked us to do him a favour and STFU. He then gave some gyaan on Tom Hanks' "Castaway", how we didn't define how long we'd be at sea and in general how we sucked big time (what do you expect from an IIM-A Alumni anyway). We were asked to rate ourselves. Individual said 8. Siddhu said 6.5 someone said 6. "6 is a failing mark" said Panelist Bloke. "In that case 7" said someone. "Would you like another topic to have a better discussion on" "Oh, yes please" "Are you nuts? Get out all of you and thanks for an..umm..err....interesting discussion" (OK not the exact words but you get the idea)

Then the interviews started. Chap before me had one that went on and on and on. Mine lasted about 7 minutes, all told. When I stepped in, the general impression I got was "Oh no, this chap. He's out, but we'll have to pretend we're interested I guess" No handwriting expert - one Bald Bloke who did all the talking. One Strong Silent Old Bloke. One Director who smiled all the while, probably thinking to himself "It's a wonder this idiot bothered turning up for the interview. He's clearly incompetent. Oughta have saved himself the bus fare"
Questions were based on "What have you done so far in acads" "What spec. are you looking for" and other stuff related to my field of study. Extempore, also, was on "Increasing Tranparency in the Accounts of Indian Companies". My answers were pathetic (my tendency to use the words "probably" and "preferably" sunk me no doubt) and the extempore - well, you wouldn't think it possible to get off track in a 3 minute speech but I managed.
Then more questions "What sorta job are you looking for?" etc

That was about it. The College is no great shakes to look at but the students were very pleasant. Genuinely helpful, no airs quite friendly. The process itself was very student friendly. Total time taken, about 4 hours.

Arjun & I were in the same batch.

@ SIBM everybody was helpful Our Group also was very good.

Both GD & Case Study went well with most of us. Everybody tried to accommodate each other.

PI was cool for all of us.

We heard the other PI panel was more demanding!

All the people for 2morrows GD & PI sessions, please do't b nervous. It's a great exp.


hi guys,

guess nobody frm today's batch has posted yet.The process was very smooth and efficient and waas over in 3hrs.some guys had PI before the GD but i had in the right order.
interestingly,5 guys didnt turn up in my grp.
there was an essay abt -The importance of being Solitude(sic)
ist gd was a case study abt a shipwreck in mid pacific and u being allowed to carry only 5 things frm a list of 12(tuna,fishing rod,candies,water,mosquito net,blah,bla,etc...)
everything was cool and we all agreed on atleast 4 of the 5 helps that we were only 5 ppl in the grp.all was well till the end when the bloke told us abt how the ship was a ferry and some other crap.anyway,i was pretty happy with my grp and am confident that i'll come out alive of any shipwreck if stuck with this cool bunch of guys.Thus, was confident of tackling next gd also but 'twas wishful thinking 'coz the co-ordinators bunched us with another grp of 5 guys(their 1st gd) which had some pretty obnoxious guys....sorry, one guy and gal.Guy was ballistic frm hour zero cutting into even the intro.Gal was being generally loud and obnoxius without really saying anything much of note.The mods triinged... us thrice.They hv a effective bell which cuts u short.I thought our original grp of 5 came out doing quite well frm this.
Next was PI which was really total chill-out.Extempore was on the work culture in my company(which is on the "best comps to work for list" by BT,though i cannot make out in my wildest dreams how)...i was walking to the podium when they told me to give the speech frm where i was and mentioned something abt the podium being a "red herring"
there was a chap who appeared like he was some handwriting expert and commented on the i's and the r's on my sign and gave expert opinion on how i was having a strained relationship with my parents:huh: :huh: :huh: .
Pi was all of 5 mins.Dont expect any of the regular PI crappy questions here.Nothing abt job,acads,why mba,etc..Lot of chitchat abt my handwriting though...
I think that this is one of the better managed processes.The students here are pretty active and involved.
Campus is no gr8 shakes.Single building surrounded by their law,commerce colleges.
Most students stay outside.I guess hostel sux but nobody was willing to say so explicitly.
they're saying the'll move to bigger campus nxt yr.

hey moonstruck

pune mein resturant nahi .....yaar senti kar diye mujhe tumne.....
aisa toh hoi hi nahi sakta.ncc canteen next to symbi......sirf naam ki canteen... better than any resturant...

Hey buddy
I dint mean that no restoraunts in Pune, jus ki none of them open at 7:30 in the morning. not even NCC Canteen, they were jus opening....


PS: Don't try the Veg. Club Sandwich at the SIBM Canteen ........Whatsay Kush and Puncham?

very true,the interview was fine,but more than that if somebodyn said in the interview that eat the sandwich then i wud have walked out,that wud have ben a stress interview:)
anyways,my gd grp had an idiot from calcutta who was very proud that he was from erudite(due respect to all who r from erudite exceptr this idiot)
i will call him idiot for whole of this post,so it happened that idiot was very aggressive during thecasestudy,the topic for case study was that u r a pricipal and have to do something aboput ur secretary and tacher who a not getting along,the case study was a complete fish market because that idiot wss not allowing anyone to speak.the moderator had to interrupt and asked us to calm down.i was so much irritated that i went to the idiot after the case study and asked him to keep his mouth shut and be lil bit less aggressive,in fact evryonme in my grp felt the same way.
neways the interview wa fine was asked to speak on a topic "what makes u an intersting person"
went fine,thopugh i made a mistake as i started with my weakness,but after that he asked normal questions like why mba?,what comes first family life or personal life,what wud u do if u are not able to mba at all,meaning of ur name.,why mba after enginering,why not before that is to say bba or something of that short interview was quite relaxing....fel good factor was evident....
here to the idiot was grilled badly,they asked him questions in marathi...may be they cud see tthat HE WAS NOT ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT BUT ACTUALLY WAS AN IDIOT

anyways the gd topic we got was SHUD HIGHER EDUCATION BE PRIVATISED.this was fine quite a good gd ,with the idiot keeping his mouth shut.....
overall i feel that sibm guys went steps ahead to make us feel comfortable.....
full credit and applause to them.....
was moreiover happy to meet wayne,catapolis and other pgites.....
i suggest that we shud start a PG ALUMNI MEET,where all those ppl who did mba after joining pg would be the alumni.....waddaya say ppl and wayne think about it,,,,i am serious.....
anyways right now in manipal for tapmi interview...let`s see what happens....
atb to rest....

also onemorething about the idiot,,he was of the opinion that fore is one of the worst coleges around......i didn`t say anything to that.....arguing with him was decide for him how big an idiot he must have been........

hey ppl...
do we have to stand while giving the extempore speech...or sit in frnt of the panel?

hey ppl...
do we have to stand while giving the extempore speech...or sit in frnt of the panel?

Yup you have to stand at a Podium while delivering the extempore .

Podium located directly in front of the panel


very true,the interview was fine,but more than that if somebodyn said in the interview that eat the sandwich then i wud have walked out,that wud have ben a stress interview:)

LOL................I have to agree

ATB for the TAPMI Interview :)