SIBM Final Results are OUT

SIBM RESULTS are out… check this LINK… i’m not IN…total 77…

SIBM RESULTS are out...
check this LINK.....
i'm not 77....

me not thru... score 98

anyone getting admitted plz submit ur SCORES....

the link is working
i am out!
atb to all others

send ur ID....

hey guys me scored 95. not thru


TOTAL - 107 / 150


Me got thru!!!!

MBA Admissions : 06 - 07
MBAName :ARAVIND SUBRAMANIANSNAP No :559895Category :OPENGroup No :3YDTotal Marks : (Out of 150)124Congratulations! You are selected!! Welcome to SIBM...
For Selected Candidate :
The last date for payment of revised fees is 28th Feb 2006. In case you do not receive the selection letter by 20th Feb 2006, please contact the instiute for details
For Waiting List Candidate :
Please contact the institute on 2nd March 2006 for further details
Between : 11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Note: For details please log on to or email : [email protected]

Am HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me not in with a score of 99 in MBA(Marcom). Has anyone got the result as waiting list. If so please mention ur score.


im in da waitin list....
score 102

SNAP No :523682
Category :OPEN
Group No :3YI
Total Marks : (Out of 150)108
Congratulations! You are selected!! Welcome to SIBM...
me thru!!!
Congrats to all !!!
styleguy...did u make it???
im in da waitin list....
score 102

What does it say on the site when u on waiting list ???????????

Me not thru...score 99..........feeling a bit down as i thought i had done well...
but never it is I was not going to join even if I would have got thru........
Am gearing up for all my big interviews now !!!
Congrats to all who made it and for those who didn' sure there are better things in store for us....

Got Thru !!

Score : 106/150

guys ....m n the waiting list with a score of 104..
think i missed it by a mark or 2 😞
wat se junta?

ne1 havin ne idea bt this waitin list thing??
can ne f u throw sme light n the last years trend!!!!
it wud b very helpful..
thanx in advance


Not thru.. :(
score 97/150

i have 101 not thru what does it say when yr on the waiting list

what does it say if you r in the waiting list?

guys please post the result link please