Should I even try for an MBA?

I scored 90% in my 10th and 94% in my 12th exams. I got into a top college. I got placed in infosys. However, by this time (from my 2nd year) there were issues at home and I had to start a part time business to generate income while studying. As a…

I scored 90% in my 10th and 94% in my 12th exams. I got into a top college. I got placed in infosys. However, by this time (from my 2nd year) there were issues at home and I had to start a part time business to generate income while studying. As a result my marks suffered. I only got 69% (3rd to 8th sem) and 72% (1st to 8th sem) and had a history of arrhears. I could only completely all of them in my 9th semester.My major was in ECE.

I could not join Infosys. I decided to try something on my own. I tried out a business for 4.5 years. It did not work out as well as I had thought it would.
Now, I have no relevant work experience that is well documented. It is just my own small business which will not even be considered.
I am already 26 years old. I have a sister who has to be married (atleast she is working). My parents are getting old.

I was a topper in school and at the beginning of college. I was an all round awesome guy who everyone thought was destined to greatness.

Now, It seems that I have ruined my career and my life. All my friends have joined the top IT companies and are doing well (either onsite or promotions). Some have already graduated from MBA and are well placed. Some have graduated from MS and are working.

I am considering MBA as an option. If I score well in this (but my UG marks would hurt my chances), I might be able to redeem myself and start fresh.

But the problem is, I would have a loan of 10 lakhs and would start making money at 30 or something. Paying back my loans while starting out with a low salary (since i would be a fresher).

Then what about marriage expenses (me and sis), then my kids expenses and my parents.

It seems everything has gone out of hand for me and I have lost my career and ruined my life.

I want to know if I start preparing and get a high CAT or GMAT score, would I be able to get into a good college with a scholarship or even a possible (partial) fee waiver?

It could be merit based or need based.

Then, would I be able to get a decent job based on my profile?

You can try for a MBA from FMS.. Which has a very good Return On Investment.. Maximum 2.5 lakhs approx and you are done with MBA from a very good college and they just consider CAT Score for call.. In PI, you can defend yourself.. IIMs would not give that chance to you..

In the end, it's your call!


IIMs would not give me that chance?

you mean even if I prepare and score well in CAT I can't show my entrepreneurial experience at all? that won't be considered?

I am not telling you that you should not try.. But it just that i just don't want to give you false hope.. If you would not score 99.5, it ll be very difficult to get a call from Old IIMs as they are giving quite a weight to your academic performance.. But You never know when good luck awaits you and i dunn understand their system anyways.. So i will say "Go for it". Life must have some good plans for you :)

ALL The BEST for your future!
@dcdiablo But what about IIM B ? Don't they give more weightage to work experience for experienced candidates?

99.5% is for freshers right?

I have seen people with 94 or 95 in this forum who got calls from IIM B.

Or am I wrong?

Dude! Don't get me wrong.. Of course you can get a call from Older IIMs including IIM B.. Am just a Too Realistic guy.. So telling you to aim for Higher, So at least you ll have something better if not the best as per your expectation.. You need to try harder than any others as quite a lot depends on your career choices 😃

P.S. People having 92 percentile also get call from IIM B 😃 ;)

yup. dude.. there's always light at the end of the tunnel. even though you might feel hopeless right now but when i look at those marks in 10th and 12th i feel that you are a good student......... plus you might get a call from iim b,c,shillong,indore,lucknow kozhikode if you get 95+ percentile. add to that mdi and spjimr... if i were you i wouldnt waste a minute more and start preparing for cat2013 ...

Are you guys serious when you say that I might get a call from IIM C for 95? Never heard that.

@dcdiablo 92% wow. How come? reserved category?
@nachiketa23 Are you serious when you say that I might get a call from IIM C for 95? Never heard that.

Dude......I just want to say to you that life is all about struggle......I dont know what awaits you in near future....but one thing is for sure, if you lose hope and despair, you are going to achieve nothing......but if you will stand up and fight I can assure you, you will emerge as a Winner......YOU still have lot of option just you have to pick one.....If you choose MBA...there are many institute whose fees is not that high...........Few of them are..

1. FMS (DU).
2. MFC/MBE (DU).
and many more..............

General Category dude!

Nitie and IIFT also
@dcdiablo forget about NITIE and IIFT. If someone can get into IIM B with 92, then that is just awesome (in the general category). Wonder how they did it.

Btw...don't IIM B and C give financial aid to people whose income or family income is below 3-4L per annum?

@ibad786 I have already started the preparation. Just want to know if I would need something like 99.7 to get into the top IIMs?

I mean...since I have close to 5 years of experience, I thought I would not need that high of a score since my work experience would have more weightage.

Am I wrong?
@SMS87 bhai...u go for CAT 2013 and bell it. Don't worry that much whether u vl make it or nt to the IIMs. CAT is competitive and pretty random. You can just increase your chances for IIMs by preparing hard. But, one thing is sure, in case you get a good CAT percentile, you will get enough chances to make it to top B schools. With 4 years of entrepreneurship in spite of family issues (adversities), you may emerge as one of the top deserving candidates among your pool of applicants. ATB.
@Hkanwar You got 96.69 and only got a call from one of the IIMs? oh.

I have a question.

The calls depend on just the CAT score? Would they be able to see our years of experience and type of experience (along with the CAT score) and then send out the calls?

IMO you stand a good chnace at ISB... fee is high but they give scholarships....ISB looks at diversity factor and a entrepreneurial venture definitely gives u many extra points.....your 5 years of exp also is at par with ISB's age and experience bracket....u will need a high GMAT score through (preferably 700+).....