Shiv Nadar University (MBA Queries)

For availing details regarding the MBA program at SNU.

At School of Management and Entrepreneurship, I have had a good learning experience. The teaching style has been really good supported with the case studies for every concept to understand better. The faculty here is prodigious with experience of teaching at renowned institutions and have got industrial experience as well. The most admired thing about the MBA has been the passion for driving innovations and encouraging entrepreneurs. This is proven with introduction of courses like ‘Design Thinking and Innovation’ which is a completely new thing in our country. The various student clubs here at Shiv Nadar University is very active and knowledgeable.

 The MBA Program designed at Shiv Nadar University is a perfect blend of getting trained by top industry professionals and renowned academicians. This makes our class discussions go beyond the cases and we try to gain knowledge from the experiences of the instructor, like Prof Pardeep Mehra talking about his journey in becoming a CEO to Dr. Paromita Goswami demonstrating the essential things that are required by the marketers to understand the consumer. 


School of management and entrepreneurship is located near Delhi and is a part of Shiv Nadar University. It is an excellent choice for perusing MBA degree. World class facilities are available at the finger tips. According to Wikipedia Shiv Nadar University is among the 18 institutions in the world which teach Design Thinking and innovation. We are taught to be entrepreneurs. 

Most of our faculty have taught in some foreign university or the other. They have chosen Shiv Nadar University as their workplace on returning to their homeland. This alone gives us a unique advantage over others as they foster an environment which prepares us to face the unique challenges which today’s global workplace brings us. Most of them also have extensive industry experience which allows them to guide and shape the curriculum to have the maximum effect. 

The Campus is residential and has an environment conducive to developing our careers. The Library is open till 12 at night with a reading room open 24x7. Security is taken very seriously with the entry and exit being controlled biometrically. The Hostel facilities are excellent with 24X7 hot water. With captive DG power plants in the university we get uninterrupted power. There are 3 canteens with excellent facilities with the option of regular food and an impressive Ala-carte menu which allows us never to be bored of the daily food. 

The campus would be a delight for anyone looking for Sports as extracurricular activities. With options stretching from Tennis badminton squash to rock-climbing all available in indoor and outdoor courts. One can even act as a team manager with multiple teams competing in multiple events.    

SNU has its own entrance examinations for admissions apart from CAT and other management examinations for admissions.

MBA at Shiv Nadar University has transformed me as an individual. My leadership qualities have evolved over the time while working on various projects, heading the Marketing Club, organizing different events during management fest. The university gives you the freedom to experiment , good research opportunities, and have fruitful discussions with the students that makes the whole environment innovative. The class room discussions with in house faculty as well as external faculty broadens your perspective. All these things have allowed me to develop a network of useful contacts, improved my confidence and helped develop my decision making skills.