Share your story from nowhere to Bank Probationary Officer.... I mean from where you got motivated, what were the problems faced and one belief that made you achieve your goal.

Hi start Posting Guys…

Hi start Posting Guys...................

I started my journey almost 2 yrs back with my first paper of Bank of Baroda PO but failed in that than gave sbi associate PO in which i stood nowhere then planned to shift to private job and started doing it but at some place in my heart it was pinching me. Then while working I gave Ibps Po 1 I got 146 and passed the xam. i was rejoiced like anything but after waiting for one complete year didn't get anything. In PO2 I also got just 153 but interview was wonderful and eventually I GOT THE bANK After 2 years of my commitment.

One belief was that I can do it and I will do it.


Motivating factor is belief that Po 1 gave..

i got motivation when my girlfriend left me. wo sochti thi ki mai kuch nahi kar payunga. but tutions padhkar maine 2 year struggle kiya ang union bank of india. score 67 gen

I am software engg now... but when i started carrier in it i came to know that IT has so much instability ... I faced it in 2008 recession........ then if in company project is not there then dont no the future.....Due to family problems i had gap in my carrier ... starting back in IT again was not easy so i decided to give a strong base to Carrier and first time I gave IBPS PO/MT 2 and cleared . I am happy I got BOM.. and finally I became PO.

I am Naveen currently working in a pvt bank. I am very passionate abt banking from school days onwards. I don hav any idea where this "Banking" idea came to my mind. All my cousins are mostly in engineering field so i was also compelled to go for the same. But i wanted to do commerce n my papa inspired me a lot bcoz of which i had stick on with my decision. During my graduation days (i did with comp applications) i got an opportunity to be a part of an old gen pvt bank as a clerk. i ddnt go for it as i wanted to do MBA also. There also mental pressure from relatives for not joining the clerical job.

Finally i did MBA in Finance. i had been into the final selection round of few pvt banks n foreign banks during college days but couldnt click. I was so depressed at that stage as i was not gettn a job. Like adding fuel to the fire i had an arrear also. i was completely down then. My parents
and my girl friend supported n encouraged me a lot which help me to regain myself. After that i hav worked hard n completed my MBA. In between i had cleared written test of one new gen pvt bank and joined the bank in 2010 soon after my MBA as Asst. Manager.

The banking life was interesting at the early stages but later i found it tough to survive in that highly competitive environment where EVERYTHING except banking was encouraged. So i thought to shift to govt. sector (evnthough i had huge pressure frm family to leave banking). Luckily i hav got few seniors in my bank who advised me to acquire maximum professional quali. which ll help in my future career. So i did JAIIB n cleared (Doin CAIIB now).

My girl friend has enrolled my name in few bank tests came in that period but couldnt clear none. Then applied for PO1 , got 170+ but failed in one section by 1 mark. Then PO2 n cleared. By Gods grace and support from my family, girl friend n close friends i got into CANARA bank now. I am looking forward towards my banking career ahead.

All the best to my dear puys who hav been selected n also for those who are looking forward towards a banking career.

Hello Myself Kumar K Verma. Firstly I would Thank to the thread owner to give this platform.

My story starts from my First Failure, although being a bright student till my High School, I was not able to cope up with science subject in my intermediates, and in the same year it costed me, "I Flunked". That was the most heartbreaking and embarrassing moment ever i have went through. However My parents did not loose faith in me and asked me to have a new start, although not with flying colors but i passed my Intermediate.
I belong to Gorakhpur (A District in North East of U.P), the prevalent ideology among the people is "Service Sector" and Students with Engineering and Medical Background are only respected. Although i always wanted to pursue Bcom. and do C.A but eventually i felt in the hands of society and joined AAI-DU,Allahabad for Btech Biotech (In lieu of a Professional Course), as i lacked in guidance and which is most needed at that stage.
Being an average student and no interest in Bio as a subject i even lacked behind in the semesters, i found every semester difficult to cope, and every time the results were declared i was the last person to collect. But after 2nd year i decided not to cope rather fight with the subjects and then i declared a mechanism for myself i.e "Choose the Subject which you can create a passion for, excel in that, let the crowd recognize you and when you have enough confidence smash other subjects with same passion" 😃 That's not a Newtons fourth law neither its mentioned in any book, but yes it worked for me.
I was outstanding in Bio-Informatics and by the end of Graduation i had 3 research paper and 2 Industrial Projects. I passed my Graduation with 6.2 CGPA, ya! not too impressive:) but i was glad.
After my Graduation I was Offered a Job in Bioinformatics Sector, but i decided to take my career to a new height. I decided to Go for Civil Services. This was the biggest decision of my life and a very tough call to implement seriously.
With all Bags and Baggage's i came back to Gorakhpur, i decided not to invest currency in my preparation rather i decided to invest my energy and time (which obviously i was having enough than former 😛 ). The preparations Helped me a lot, although it was not absolute but yes, i cracked Central Police Force Exam in 2010 (i was rejected during my physicals), State PCS exam -2011(once i wrote mains but never cleared). These all Failures made me more adamant towards my goal for CSE, and i prepared it with all my effort and remained loyal towards my studies.
Meanwhile,There was a party thrown once by one of my senior who got selected for Bank PO, i was Invited and i joined that party. Apart from me and other CSE aspirants there were other selected PO's and some senior PO, I noticed a spark in their eyes, i noticed the way they presented themselves and their behavior, these all things attracted me towards the Profession. (I am a person who gets more attracted towards Economics and when somebody speaks of it in a eloquent manner i easily get impressed.)
This was the time i decided to opt for a career which is not less impressive than CSE and also an option if i lost the battle (as already the attempts of 2010-'11 were fatal). I went for IBPS PO-1 (TWS=149; No interview calls), and subsequently i lost my 3rd attempt too CSE-2012.
But with the Grace of Almighty and all my efforts along with the blessings and support of my Parents, their faith in me, brought my biggest score of life.
However I still survive for one more battle with UPSC, Respecting the Gift of God, i have decided to work with full potential and all my effort with "Indian Bank", and again appear for CSE 2014.
I Hope Success and pray for all those who struggle for one, May all get a life which they dream for.
To all new aspirants i would like to end with a quote by Abraham Lincoln "In the End it's not the years in your life that count, It's the life in your years". Study hard, Have Faith in Lord Almighty and Be Loyal towards yourself.


Once I completed my Graduation I thought doing MBA would be the best offer for me and can help me fetch the job of manager which is usually the mindset of all the mba aspirants and till that time P.O. was not at the hack of my mind. But once I completed my mba, reality was in front of me. I got no placement and even private companies were reluctant in giving me jobs. They were asking me to submit my original docs for a meagre rs 10000 job. I was depressed like hell. Finally i got a marketing job but the irony of heat,cold,rain,target,pressure,frustration,disrespect and uncertainity motivated me for this job. After struggling almost for 1 and half years, I have got it.

Congrats to all the selected aspirants.

Chill,relax and enjoy.............


I have read posts of people here ..and I feel really you guys have toiled very hard to get this job 😃 ....a big applause to all of you

This has prompted me to work hard and never loose hope in any situation..
This has changed my perception about problems that I faced in my prep..

Just want to add a thing here... Failing is not what you should fear...instead you should fear repeating the same failure..
So fail but quickly learn from your mistakes and turn that failure into a winning situation..

hi all, i completed my B.E from a reputed college with good percentage.In the last sem i got selected in campuss interview of TCS but due to some family problems was not able to join,and i really wanted to go as all my friends were joining and i had a good chance to kick start my instead i decided to go for,so started preparing for gate but failed (i got 1 marks less thn d cutt off).Got very disappointed and i started thinking that i made a big mistake by not joining tcs.But than also i cn't have done anything since my family needed me. than one of my friend told me about ibps po 2 exam, i filled the form few days before the closing date.I started preparing along with my friend.I also applied for different other exams but failed.But i got through this ibps po paper got selected, cleared interview with final score of 67.08 and got union bank as 1st preference and now i m really hoping that i get posting in my home city or some where close to my home so that i can work and take care of my family as well.. now i m glad that i dnt join that company and got a govt. job.

It was luck and hard work that i cleared bank exam in first attempt only,because competition is really tough today.You really need to be focused and work hard to make your future secure.
Friends, every one has to struggle no matter who he/she is.So work hard and never give up.

and thank u for this forum..

@vanikumar said:
i got motivation when my girlfriend left me. wo sochti thi ki mai kuch nahi kar payunga. but tutions padhkar maine 2 year struggle kiya ang union bank of india. score 67 gen
@Nboy said:
I belongs to a middle class family and a simple boy. i was meet a girl as a simple meet in 2009 later she will become my best friendAfter that i was applied for SBI Clerk but i dont got it only a few marks margin. After that i started my career as a trainer in Dec 2010 in Pvt Comp. after that i cleard IBPS po 1st with 158 but due to less marks in graduation i dint got a single call from any bank. Humm and then i appeared in IBPS Clerk and cleared the exam. and in April 2012 i was promoted as cluster coordinator after three months i was promoted as a Cluster manager and from Dec 13 i am working as a assistant manager and selected as PO in Corporation bank...Its all i hv done by one and only support its my best friend and i want to merry with joining as a PO will help me on this bcz her and mine families are so simple and specially they agree if i will become a govt employee with gud post. we want to merry (Love cum arrange marriage)hi guys please tell k itni achhi dost jo mere liye itni lucky hai jisne her wqt mujhe motivet kiya nd jiska saath hi meri taqt hai kya uska saath mil jayga kya my mom dad and her mom dad agreed with usplease dear friends need your pray for us ..Thanks & Regards
surely mil jayega my friend..whenever n wherever there is a 'true love' , there is always the way .. true love is like worship of God n worship of God never goes futile.... my well-wishes r wid both of u... all the best..
@AshwinAshu said:
i am frm nagpur..whn i was 6 yrs my mom n dad got separated.. dad married once again.. was leavin with dad bcoz of court order..still i used to meet childhood was miserable.. i cant even explain u all in words.. got raised under a stepmom which was father never bothered me..couldnt concentrate on studies becoz of ridiculos home environment during school... becoz of which i ve got very less marks in 10th n 12th..den left nagpur for engg.. went pune stubbornly..i met a girl in pune.. beautiful, kind enough.. adorable.. got engaged with her..after engg i was d 1st one to get a job though not dat gud job bt still was doing for my mom n my gf at aurangabad...den tried for mba bt din get gud coll..was stumbled lik hell bt den my mom inspires me n told me abt ibps po 2.. n told me to crack it any how.. den i left evrything was only after dis exam .. studying 8-10 hours daily for 2 months...i gave my paper..after exam on same evening my gf called me n told me i cant be with u becoz her mom was against our relationship n told her to choose any one.. so she choosed her mom.. am proud dat she choosed her mom.. but was in shock for many days as it was all of a sudden n our 4 n 1/2 yrs relationship broke jus lik dat..somehow i ve handled my emotions got up once again n started preparing for interview... now i ve got a call frm bank of baroda..happyness i gave to my mom.. bt still wish if my gf would be with me as she supported me lik anything..i 've told u abt me in very short way..thanks for dis forum.. i always wanted to share dis with smone.. never shared dis with advice: never ever give up no matter what happens in ur life.. u can always startover with new
Beautiful and Amazing story my friend....
hats off to u..
salute to your mother..
all the best for ur upcoming life...
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yaar swaad aa gaye badi sentimental stories hai yaar,,, chalo koi na... bas aiyo kehna chana haan ki


majority of people take swaad or entertain themslves with ur struggles description. these struggling incidents appears entertaining stories to them.Truth is, there is no one on this earth who doesn't struggle in life and those who struggle for nothing achieves nothing.You struggled and got a bank job but this is not the end itself, new situations will appear and you have to muddle through them.

Your feeling and emotions are very valuable.The point is, there are only few people around you who truely understands you and respect ur feelings and emotions, For rest of them its only entertainment.So, don't share ur feelings in public but express them in front of people who are intimate to u and who really cares about u.
@Hudda gal sun meri, gandhi de bhakt read my sentence carefully and dont misinterpret my words ..... so dont act like freakin journlist .... aaapa nu swaad aanda hai har cheez vich chaein ho struggle ho ya achievement, i am not trying to hurt any 1 sentiments...
so pls keep ur bhashan wid urslf

This side Neha singh. This is story of struggle of a woman in India.

First of all i am thankful to my brothers(both of them are near to GOD for me) and my parents they are GOD to me and nephew,niece and my bhabhi.

I have done MCA and i was very happy with my life and i was not very career oriented.

I got married in 2010 and i was very happy but after three months my husband used to say he married to me in force.He want to live alone.i could not understand ,i thought with time our relationship will be good.i am very optimistic person.i can not express my time during next 16 Months. My husband always used to say he wants divorce . i used to live with his parents.he was in another city.he used to come in home during festivals and he used to ignore me but i always used to follow him ,kaise wok hush ho jaje ,kya kru wo khush ho jaye.finally i told my parents after one year then my parents talked to him.then i thought now everything is good but again same thing after 2 months.he never used to talk any member of my family.he always wants divorce.finally my mother promote me for preparation of banks job.

I came to parents home this was time june 2011.under the guidance of my elder brother(who is branch manger in sbi) i could get 144 in ibps po1 but it was in vain.mai 3 mahine tk 2 kamre me rhi kahi bahar nhi gyi kyoki kisi ko btaya nhi gya tha ki mai yha rahti hu apne samaj me sadi shuda ladikiyo ka jyada din mayke me rhna sahi nhi mana jata and i am girl from small town. Then i got 180 in clerk 1 and i was fail in 6 interview(bob,boi,syndicate,ubi,canara).mere ghar me sb bahut tension me ,mujhe lgta tha kahi meri mother ko heart attack na aa jaye.i can not express that tima and tension.mai kisi k yha nhi jati thi na kisi se milti thi na phone pr bat krti thi.phir mera sbi clerk me written me hua but usme bhi interview me nhi hua.phir mera kashi gomati grameen bank me interview me nhi hua mai us din bahut royi thi.mujhe lga meri job nhi lagegi.meri shadi tut gyi hai and job main hi paugi.

Then mera ibps po2 me 170+ aaya and i was bit relaxed and i got 70+ in final ,now i am an officer ,i am very happy and i could get this with the help of family,god and hard work.

Since june 2011 neither my husband nor my in laws never tried to talk to me.

Now all of u tell me should i go to my husband or not.i want to go to him only for society.