Second Stage (WSAT/PI) Shortlist for IIM - S

The list of candidates shortlisted for the WSAT (Writing Skills Assessment Test) and PI (Personal Interview) has been released. Check your status at

Please direct your queries into this thread so that everyone can benefit from the questions you ask and the answers others provide.

do we have a choice to choice to choose one of the 2 slots mentioned?

did everyone got a choice of two slots?

Did anyone get shortlisted below 98.6 percentile ?

I only have 1 slot visible against my profile- 25th-31st March. Is it an error?

Are you guys able to upload the photograph?

guys please let me know Whether Venue for all is Kolkata only ? 

Last year there was only PI. This year also is it going to be the same? And weightages of different parameters in final selection?

What is the criteria for IIMS, 98.18 but did not clear 😞

Form me age zyada dikha rahe h, kya krna h?

wat is this application sequence number? 

OA - 99.28 and realised I hadn't checked the RGIIM Shillong PGP while filling CAT form. Am such an idiot 😞

In Section 3.2.1 Graduation Examination Details - if completed. Do we have to enter the marks of final semester only?

Hi all. I'll be creating a Facebook group so that we can share our essays,sources,preparation tips and discuss about issues. Interested people share your FB profiles so that I'll add you to the group. Also this group will be mainly for those who have a slot in Bnglr (i.e. in Feb 2nd week).

Mumbai any1?! Date?!

There are 2 interview slots visible on my page? What does it mean? Do i have to choose one of those or there are gonna be two rounds?

In the Form, 'Family Income' per month or per year?

Is this section missing in someone else's form as well ?

7. Essay 2 :: Mention any significant incident that you have faced in your life, and how you tackled the same. Examine and comment on your decision. (maximum 150 words)

Just checked from the HELP pop up window.

After 6. Essay the form directly jumps to 8. Employment.

Please do confirm.

Also has anyone tried to submit the form ? In my case the server was not processing after hitting submit.

In the graduation examination details-if completed section, the maximum marks and marks obtained are for the final semester only or for the whole degree? Talking about section 3.2.1.