SCMHRD- GD/PI in Pune- Accomodation??

hi , anyone who is dated for gd in pune on 1st feb and not from pune…where r u plannin to stay :: :: ::

hi ,
anyone who is dated for gd in pune on 1st feb and not from pune....where r u plannin to stay

me too intrested to know.. is there any avilability of accomodation in SCMHRD campus near by area.. . and anyone from batch b4/4 in scmhrd plz let me know

called up scm ...they said no accmdn on campus

hey guys,
got my gd on the 1st ,
theres no accomodation near the scmhrd campus ive heard
so if u figure out some place pm me
n guys also post ur timings mine is 8 am

hey anyone got gd at scmhrd on 1 st feb batch y8/3 let me know

we can go together from mumbai

thanks u can call me at XXXXXXXXXXXX

I am prakash from scmhrd pgdm 1st year.
Just to inform all the aspirant students, there is a hotel near SCMHRD called Tamanna. I am sure ppl would be able to get accomodation out there.
Also some early birds could try to get accomodation in symbiosis campus guest room but i am not sure wheteer they would allow or not. That one has to find out once they come.
For coming to scmhrd, it is better to come by Bus from Mumbai expressway, get down at Vakad police chowk and then take a share rickshaw to symbiosis.
Al the best for GD/PIs
Prakash Mundhra

hi8 prakash
thanks for info ....could you let me know how many gd/pi's they had last year