SCMHRD 2013-2015 shortlisted candidates GE/PI discussion thread !

SCMHRD GE-PI list is out…!! Percentile Cutoffs : General - 96.5 SC-80.2 ST-50.4 DA-51.2 Kashmir Mig-82.6 Congrats to all the call getters!!! :: Use this thread for practice,sharing,discussions…but first give your s…

SCMHRD GE-PI list is out...!!

Percentile Cutoffs :

General - 96.5
Kashmir Mig-82.6

Congrats to all the call getters!!!

Use this thread for practice,sharing,discussions...but first give your short intro in the format as below :

Name :
City :
SNAP score :
Date of GE/PI :

PS : Slot booking would start from 20th January 2013,9am

in at 96.846.....what are my chances for final convert????

Ranjitha Raghu
SNAP percentile: 97.77

Congrats to all call getters! Lets ace the ge/pi!

Here is the last year GE-PI discussion thread to get started...

name: Praful Garg

city: New Delhi
Snap: 96.846 percentile
date : yet to decide
@ranjitharaghu We both have exact same score... 😃
It seems to me that the scores have skyrocketed like an Agni intercontinental ballistic missile.
There is absolutely no correlation between last year's cut-offs in marks and this year's in %iles. This was not expected since the number of calls that go out each year are roughly the same and the difficulty level of the paper was quite similar to last year, if not more difficult!
The world has just turned upside down with the %ile cut-off system. Either this year's pool if applicants contains astounding number of Einsteins as compared to last year who shot up the cut-offs (in marks as well as %iles, since there is direct correlation between marks n %iles) or somebody is just yanking us!
Puys, u be the judge, which one is it?

make one thread only.

From last years thread,I could infer that GE/PI process consists of the following :

2.2 Group exercises

guys.. is there any 1 who is 4 SCMHRD-IM???

Name : Tanmay Mathur
City : Gurgaon
SNAP score : 99.35 %ile
Date of GE/PI : Later

Name : Mayank Shah
City : Mumbai
Snap Percentile : 99.13
Date of GE/PI : Later.. but preferably a weekend slot

@SCMHRD-Pune Can you please tell us exactly how many calls have been declared..?

One of the last year GE/PI experience..(Copied from one blog)

I reached the campus at around 12.30 and we were made to sit in an auditorium which also had the registration desk.
Here we were given our CV and the group number. 7 candidates per group. I was in the first group and at 1.15 my group was led into another room where the written assessment was conducted. Topic : when we think we can or we cant we are usually right.
After this on the same floor we were led into another room which had the GE panel..
GE 1: a case study where the group had to come to a consensus and the panel moderated whenever there was a fish market. It went on for 20 min
GE 2: again a case given but we were not asked to conclude anything. Every candidate had to first speak for 1 min and the group had to discuss.
PI: A waiting room with refreshments. Scmhrd students were there to interact with us. Document verification also took place in d same room.
The PI panel was really friendly. No stress qs. I was asked mostly about my extra curri and final year project.
Last step was to again go back to the reg desk and sign out.

@dhwanim11 : bro.. i've got a call in IM..
SNAP score : 91.93%
Got a call in MBA - IM...
I got call for MBA-IM , kindly throw some light on IM @ SCMHRD !!!!
How is it's placements ??? Are they par with other MBA streams like HR ,Finance etc...

Can anybody throw some light on this... what are the realistic chances to convert this call at the cutoff score??

Name : Sabijit Kumar

City : Mumbai
Snap Score : 96.681
Date of GE/PI : yet to decide....probably 8th feb