SCMHRD 2006-2008 - Batchmates

Hi Guys & Gals, :: This thread is for people who got final calls from SCMHRD and are planning to join it and also for the waiting list ppl who hopefully make it…: :: This thread would also cover admission updates, fees details, etc…

Hi Guys & Gals,

This thread is for people who got final calls from SCMHRD and are planning to join it and also for the waiting list ppl who hopefully make it..:

This thread would also cover admission updates, fees details, etc etc....

I would like to thank 'Shankx' for his excellent efforts in answering our queries... Kudos to you... Shankar..

Also, put in your profile so that we try to get the abstract logic for SCMHRD selection.

My Profile:

X/ XII / Engg: 83/92/83

Decent Extra-curr

Good GD

Excellent PI

SNAP Score: 110

Exp: 32 Months (IT Industry)

I hope this would turn out to be the most rockin' thread on PG!!


hey i got thru scmhrd..plz let me know what is its fees structure n what amt we have to pay now...whats the last date...n what rank it possess in b-school...hey cmmon guys make this thread a happening place...n get us updated..


You would be getting all the details thru snail mail by 28th Feb...

Just to give an approx estimate:

1st Installment: 1.19 Lacs
Date: 3/4th week of march

Every institute has got its own ranking, merits & demerits we cannot draw a line as such.

In my opinion SCMHRD is one of the best schools and would be a good launchpad...

Hope I answered your question....


Hi all ,

Congratulations to my buddies :-)

Well first about my profile :

X - 85.6 ( 100/100 in science) , XII - 87, Btech(IIT-R) - 7.30(CGPA)
CAT score - 98.2 overall.
32 months experience in IT industry.
Decent extracurriculars.

secondly :

1.19 lac roughly is the first installment . After payment , let say If somebody wants to cancel his admission , how much will be refunded ?

- - - - -

hey thanks arvind...can u plz highlight on the avg salary...n r we required to come personally to give fees ??

hi people.. im through scmhrd also. my profile -

SNAP Score - 97.5
xth - 90.33 %
xii th - 87.8 %
engg (in my last sem now) - 90.3 %
ECAs - quite ok
work ex - NONE !!!

i have also got an offer from TCS (through placements last year). i am now very confused as to what i should do.. join SCMHRD or TCS? any suggestions or adivce is welcome.

hey dude same the case with placed in tcs n now got scmhrd...whats ur take on this..m confused myself..

Mee too in at
SNAP - 91.5
Xth - 82.26%
XIIth - 78.5%

2 yrs work-ex as a management trainee with a blue chip company

excellent xtra currecs
and excellent GD/ PI/ Essay

njoy and congrats to all those who got thru

Hi this for you who got a Tech job call / college call .

a piece of advice to you ( I consider my self as an advisor as I have 32 months experience , working at IBM and I will join SCMHRD).

See as far as my case is concern , I donot like software developer job / profile so I am opting out for a career that will push me up in the ladder of the corporate world.

If you have a charm of software development and you really want to grow technically then you should go for TCS.

If you are thinking that you would gain work ex and prepare for exams again , let me tell you one thing that in job it becomes very tough to take out time for studies. Schedule goes like 7 am you start getting ready and you reach back minimum at around 7 pm . now as you will be living away from your family you would arrange for dinner and stuff .. cut short one more hr . just calculate the time left also the energy left in you But when there is a will , there is a away.
If you think you are confident enough to work hard and slog good , also if you are determined that you wont stop year after year , then you may think to join TCS.

One more myth:

People say that in technical line after 5 yr you would become manager or your profile will be managerial .... let me tell you , this is a myth now . people who are managers right now by growth in technical field are those who started their career 5-6 yrs back when total strength of theor company were 200. Now companies have strengths in 2000s and 3000s. All cant be managers . think about it.

Well take it all as an advice , rest you are the judge.

sourabhno01 Says
hey dude same the case with placed in tcs n now got scmhrd...whats ur take on this..m confused myself..

im not dude... dudette rather. lol.. well.. right now i just dont know what i should do. my parents want me to join TCS and give the gmat. with work ex and a good gmat score i will have a chance of getting through some american university. but i think scmhrd is too good to give up. but TCS is also inviting. god.. im so confused. someone help !!

u from delhi?look jobs u can get anytime n thats a mba is for life time and will help u to get a good job and help u in ure progression n thats a fact.....everywhere at gud posts they want an mba....

Hi all,
I am also in ........
n here is my profile:

Xth : 83
Xth : 87
Engg : 69
ECA : I consider them good enough
Work ex : 32 months ( 29 in FMCG, 3 months in IPR )
Snap score :118.5

as far as choosing mba in SCMHRD goes i believe a fresher should give one more try to CAT bcoz, firstly IIMs are no doubt better brands + they offer good career opprtunities to a fresher.

Now for people like me , i am not at a stage where i am starting my career , i already have a platform and would be joining somewhat at a middle management level , so its about taking my life to a next level.....But i still believe a successful career needs a good launching platform which can be missing as compared to IIMs.....Now if one can gets through a good B school then i believe its just a matter of the day...some times luck is with u some times its guys and gals.....never say die ...if u have aspirations get some inspiration and give urself one more chance...................

sorry for the gyan...........main thing is NJOY.......

sourabhno01 Says
hey thanks arvind...can u plz highlight on the avg salary...n r we required to come personally to give fees ??

Follow the link..its there in the news on the first page of tooo...

helo people
congrats on ur calll
those who r going to choose scmhrd finally
please post other calls also
so that i woud be helpful for other to know
which calls u guys r leaving
thank you

Hey all aspirants, I'm Swaroop, a Puneite
Me in too

X - 83
XII - 76
BE - 73 - Pune University rank 2
PI - Thought I was grilled by the IIMA guy, but kept my cool

Looking forward to see you all in Pune.

Hey Guys,

I see some freshers basically in a dilemma to join SCMHRD>..

My opinion would be:

1) Know clearly as to what your career goals are?. If you have no commitments/constraints as such and do have the passion and determination give CAT, give it a good try next year.

2) Freshers and Experienced guys would not be given same preference for sure. They definitely have an edge over freshers atleast for placements.

3) SCMHRD is defnly a good school. An A+ institute obviously has an advantage,but understand one thing even if you go to IIMs the thing that matters most is what you get out of it and how well you perform.

and regarding the placements:

Just do a clear analysis of your situation, jot down the priorities and then decide.

All above said are my personal opinions only...




This is Rajarshi.

Xth - 82.8 (CBSE)
XIIth - 87.6 (CBSE)
BE (Electronics & Comm) - 67
Extra Currics - Decent
Work exp - 31 months with Patni Computers, Mumbai
SNAP score - 101.5
GD/Case study - Decent
Interview - Decent (Mostly on work ex)

Had calls from only SIBM and SCMHRD and with SIBM showing the boot, SCMHRD was my last hope.

looking forward to meet u ppl.
Can we have a meet kind of thing for Mumbai ppl once all the call results r out and ppl have finally made up thr mind to join..probably sometime in late March or April.

Now a little gyan for those who r stuck in the dilemma between TCS and SCMHRD.
As somebody pointed out, preparing with an IT job is a real pain. The workload is unpredictable meaning u may be on bench for 2 months and then suddenly get a proj where u have to slog 18hrs a day. But as a fresher u can take a chance. If u r confident enuf for IIMs, XLRI, MDI, SP jain next yr, then don't take up symbi. Firstly u will have the advantage of work ex which u can leverage but I m not sure how good is a work ex Its a call u have to make considering ur strengths and weaknesses and things at stake.there's no 'yes' or 'no' ans to this ques. According to me, if u r a fresher u shud take another chance for IIMs.

Good Luck,


I m also in.

My profile :

X : 83.4
XII : 92.2
B.E Electronics from NIT : 74.4
CAt score :98.2
Snap score : 124.75

Work-ex : 7 mnths in COgnizant ( rite nxt to SCM bldg )

Its jolly time for all of us, after all the hard work we've put in dint go in vain.

Lets rock

Hi Guys

I have also made it thru SCMHRD. I have 20 months of work exp in Cognizant. I am a passout from NIT Trichy (ECE). I also have a few other calls. I also have a few other interview calls

They are

2 IIT Kharagpur (VGSOM)

Can anybody give me an unbiased comparison of these institutes. I know I will have to pay the SCMHRD fees by the 3rd week of March but the other results will come out only by April first week

Guys Please advise as to why I should do