SCIT Batch05-07

hey naow dis thread is for guys n gals who got fynal calls from scit n r joining it. :: …lets get 2 know ourselvs b4 joining…n ya any senriors can also come along to help us clear our queries… GRV

naow dis thread is for guys n gals who got fynal calls from scit n r joining it. ..lets get 2 know ourselvs b4 joining...n ya any senriors can also come along to help us clear our queries...


Congrats for getting into SCIT.. I'm doing my 3rd term in SCIT now.. feel free to ask any queries.. All the best..


hi this is man,
pls tell me how many waitlist got cleared last time for MBIT........



Congrats for getting into SCIT.. I'm doing my 3rd term in SCIT now.. feel free to ask any queries.. All the best..


hi krish
well its nice to hv a senior helping us out...just want 2 hv some insights on the following:
1. Personal Computers / Laptops bt when is d bttr time 2getit in d hostel...i.e now or when u get sme holidays so dat u can bring it den.(n wen do u get yer frst set of vacations so dat u can be bak at urhome)
2.hwzz life at scit...i've heard of scmhrd is it d same wid scit 2? like jaldi uthna sona yoga etc. ...nay dress code?
um'mean it wud b gr8 if u can tell us daily routine of a scitian ..
3.wot about d internet connection at hostel is it dere?
n hw hv been d placmnts dis yr. in ITBM corse.....


hi krish,

hoz the placement in scit......... mean if u had exp of another field not related to IT then what......... pls help me in getting true info


Congrats for getting into SCIT.. I'm doing my 3rd term in SCIT now.. feel free to ask any queries.. All the best..


Hi Krish,
What is the placement scenario in Network Technology.Can u please tell me about the highest & median salary package offered. Also tell wat kind of companies come in for this particular field.

naow krish uve yer job cut out many queries yaar ..anyways yaar apart from asking...guys giv yer intro as well if ya all joining scit ...mine is ITBM course.
so lets hope to know from u all as well.

Hi everybdy !!!
I m also joining SCIT in ITBM.. I have the same questions as grv as asked from krish...plzz clarify us the routine of an SCITian....and guyzz plzzz do give ur as to get acquainted wid each other b4 v meet there....

well guys i blv dat asking d same ol question of howzz d placmnt cannot naow change yer decision of joining scit wenonce uve decided of joining it..anyways 2 help krish wid dis...i wud like 2 say dat placmnts at SCIT for n/w tech itbm s/w dev hv been good wid avg of around 3.4 ...n wt i askd frrom krish regarding placmnt was juss a sort of formality as placmnt seezens are goin on...anyways till now juss a single person seems 2 hv responded dats megha whom i thnk wud my classmate..
n ya krish do teel us about life at dere n as a starter how
2 go about it ...anyways hope u don mnd in answrng our present and future queries ;)

hi guys!

I m joinin SCIT too. opted for systems. n my name is Neha. what else needs to be known??? lemme know fellas!

take care

hey megha!

r u frm kulachi hansraj by any chance??? do write bak.

hi guys
i am joining SCIT-Systems.
my name is gaurav arora and i am a BIT passout from KMC,DU.

Well seems im l8 posting here....actly dint check PG 4 quite sumtime....
hey Mr GRV..... thz 4 d thread.....i wz wondern if thr r any SCITian in PG....
....well u all wud hv seen me in ICFAI Hyd....but iv gvn back d seat n taken up SCIT-Systems...... hey NEHA hi!!!!! im back....
wel im frm Pune n vistd d campus... spoke 2 the Syllabus co=ordinator n a few seniors.....
....the life is sumwht hectic... bt wl knw it better wn Vl b there....
mnnnn i read sum1 askn bout the waitn list...its put up on the website i gues.....
chao till next reply

Oh my God! So many questions to me.. sorry for the late reply. i was busy, dint get time to check.. Well, about the placements, dont worry about it provide you do well in ur studies. Our senior's placement is over. We had companies like IBM, ORACLE, and so many. the avg pay is 3- 3.5. i'd sent a mail to GRV regarding this. GRV, plz forward it , so that every1 can see it. Companies are coming for our internship now and three forth of the batch is already placed..
I can say i'm quite happy here..
the life is cool out here....
See you all by sep..

Hi guys,
Anyone for Software??
About the studies at SCIT, you ll hv hectic classes for 1nd and 2nd term. even in the night till 9 it used to go sometimes.. 3rd term is pretty cool. we dint hv much classes this term. But u ll get assignment, projects, presentations, etc etc.. ITBM guys hv loads of presentations to make.U ll become master in Google search ;-))
Networking students hv separate lab called Proof of concept lab were people ll be busy with their experiments. I've not entered POC lab yet. 😉
About systems, u ll be the second batch. Systems specialisation started last yr.. But still u dnt worry about the placements. sabka ho jayega!!!
the entry time to campus is 10:30. and entry time to hostel is 12. So till then u can roam around the campus.
what else u want to know? i wont tell u much.. come here and experience the life..

well thnx man ...its nice to get all dese information n dat 2 +ve ones ...n ya dis was wot krish posted about laptops n hwzz lif over dere

Well, about ur Laptops, it's good if u get ur laptop. Since u r in ITBM, you ll be getting lot of presentations to make..
You ll be getting 10 days holiday in Nov during Diwali. after that 2 weeks holiday is in April. Dont expect any holiday here. but ofcourse u can take unofficial holidays at ur risk. SCIT is not so strict like SCMHRD. Well, you guys also need to go for Gym and Aerobics at 7 everyday. in 2nd yr, it's not cumpulsary..
About the placements, All our Seniors are placed in good companies with good package. the avg is 3-3.5Lakh per year.. U dont worry about ur placement if u do well in the college..
Eventhough every1 say that ITBM placements are bit difficult, in our intership, ITBM's are placed almost. very few remaining now.. About the companies, I dont remember the companies came for ITBM. Oracle placed 2 from ITBM with a very high package more than 4 i guess. then Sierra Atlantic was also took few
All the best!!! ...

now i guess evrythngz been answrd....COURTESY: KRISH.....n if more we cn alwyz ask krish 😉 ...ya i do hv one mo' 😛 ...any ATMs are dere? and u din tell anythng bout Internet n we hv net connections at hostel or not?... so dat v can getta bttr configration lptp or a kaam chalao;)...anywayss hi 2 revz , gaurav n neha ....keep posting

hey ppl!

hw's it goin guys? gud to see so many ppl goin to the same destination! hey revz! hw've u been. welcum bak to the forum. missed u ;)

n krish just wanted to ask u. do u know varun gusain there? in networking. he's in the placement committee. m sure u do.

gaurav. thnx for startin this thread yar. SCIT already feels like home now. CHEERS!

wil scoot off now

in the office

take care buddies


it would me nice if any1 of you can give the exact placements scene there in SCIT, like how many guys placed in which all companies and at what pay package ???????????? and please give the internship scene till date for the Systems ppl...................

Hi guys,

About the intenet connection, we can acces net from the lab. we dnt hv internet connection in the hostel. the lab ll be opened from 9 till 9 in the eve.Sunday is off. mail checking has separate timings.
We have HDFC ATM, OBC ATM, near to the college. They also started SBI ATM inside the campus recently.
Yea, i know Varun Gussain who is there in the Placement committe. who ever has doubts about placement catch the person who asked about Varun. Varun can help u better than me..
Well, about the system placement, i cant tell u anything now. I was told that Companies are looking for System students as their requirement matches with system course. .more than half of the System class got their interns many companies came for interns . In that 4 were real big companies which we had not expected. I'm sorry that i'm not supposed to say the names of the companies.. U ll come to know when u join our campus.
what else??